What to know what always sisters dolls by kenner doll company look like?

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There were 12 dolls in the series, oldest, middle and youngest, in blonde, brunette, redhead and African-American. What you will see are links to my photos. If the links don't work, you can try copying and pasting. All the photos and dolls are mine. In the late 80s, I bought 11 of the 12 dolls, but have since resold Lauren and Meredith. The middle sisters had the fewest made. Blonde, oldest to youngest: Lauren, Meredith, Abby. Brunette, oldest to youngest: Blair, Mallory, Kaitlin Redhead, oldest to youngest: Brittany, ?, Darci Black, oldest to youngest: Vanessa, Gina, Kara There were also separate outfits sold for the oldest sisters, and these were made in very limited quantities. The last link is for a picture of the stretch pants outfit. Note that the shirt matches Blair's belt. Always Sisters blonde http://www1.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=185768962/PictureID=41791917015/a=7908976_7908976 Always Sisters brunette http://www1.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=185768962/PictureID=41791920015//a=7908976_7908976 Always Sisters redhead http://www1.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=185768962/PictureID=41791922015//a=7908976_7908976 Always Sisters African American http://www1.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=185768962/PictureID=41791927015//a=7908976_7908976 Always Sisters stretch pants outfit http://www.epier.com/biddingform.asp?1937542 P.S. I have the middle redhead sister's name written down somewhere but it's not at my fingertips. When I locate it, I will add her name.
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