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All of the Big Time Rush songs they have so far are;
Any Kind Of Guy
Halfway There
The City Is Ours
Shot In The Dark
This Is Our Someday
Till I Forget About You
Big Night
Counting On You (ft.Jordin Sparks)
Boyfriend (ft.Snoop Dog)
Oh Yeah
Nothing Even Matters
All I Want For Christmas Is You (ft.Miranda Cosgrove)
Beautiful Christmas
Lets Stay In Our PJs (ft.Snoop Dog)
Music Sounds Better With You
Dance Dance Dance
If I Ruled The World
Super Star
All Over Again
Cover Girl
Love Me Love Me
I Know You Know
Moms Song
Blow Your Speakers Out
No Idea
And Time Of Our Life

I Hope That Helped:)
Oh and if you wanted to know the episodes, in order they are:

Season 1
1.Big Time Audition
2.Big Time School of Rocque
3.Big Time Crib
4.Big Time Bad Boy
5.Big Time Love Song
6.Big Time Mansion
7.Big Time Photo Shoot
8.Big Time Break
9.Big Time Demos
10.Big Time Party
11.Big Time Jobs
12.Big Time Blogger
13.Big Time Terror
14.Big Time Dance
15.Big Time Sparks
16.Big Time Fever
17.Big Time Video
18.Big Time Concert

Season 2
1.Welcome Back Big Time- The band arrives back at the Palm Woods after their tour, but has Jo (Kendall's girlfriend) moved on? James and Carlos try to impress the new kids at the Palm Woods, but they think that Big Time Rush are the new guys, since they have been there while Big Time Rush have been on tour. When they get back, Miss Collins (their teacher) dumps 6 weeks worth of homework on the boys, she tells them that it all has to be due the next day, if not, they can't preform at Rock-Tober Fest. Will Logan be able to get the homework done with at least a C+ average?
Songs in this episode: Till I forget about you.
2.Big Time Fans- Carlos invites an old friend from Minnesota (Jenny) to LA to help her get famous. One of James' fans comes to the Palm Woods and tries to take James' place in the band, Katie has to find James and save him. Logan is called to Rocque records to help Gustavo fix the fan leaving Kendall and Carlos with Jenny.
3.Big Time Girlfriends- When James is helping Camille with her roll they accidentally kiss. Will Logan forgive James? Meanwhile Gustavo has hired an actress so Carlos will fall in love with her, then she'll break his heart so he can sing the break-up song better. Kendall and Jo's relationship has been brought to the pressure of Hollywood. Jo's really busy with her show, Kendall's really busy with his music, but will they be able to stay together? Or will the fame tear them apart?
Songs in this episode: I know you know and Boyfriend.
4.Big Time Live- The boys are invited to go on AM LA, but they are cut short from the show. They must find a way to change the director's mind and get on the show. Rocque Records is getting tested by Griffin.
Songs in this episode: Till I forget about you.
5.Big Time Halloween- A Halloween special. Logan (Zombie), Kendall (Werewolf), Carlos (Frankenstein) and James (Vampire) are Halloween monsters, but Griffin wants a hot, normal boy-band to perform at his party. Gustavo has to make a machine to make them all "hot normals".
Songs in this episode: Big Night.
6.Big Time Sneakers- Logan and James order a pair of limited edition sneakers so they can sell them when they run out of stock, thus getting rich. Kendall and Jo's relationship may be over when Jett tells the media that him and Jo are together. Bitters raises the prices of the Fruit Smackers, Carlos and Katie have to help the Palm Woods kids by getting Bitters to drop the prices.
7.Big Time Pranks- The boys are battling to win the crown they made in middle school. But the girls want to join in, and it turns out to be a huge prank war. Meanwhile, Gustavo and Kelly are trying the "role-reversal" method.
8.Big Time Christmas- A Christmas special. The boys are getting ready to head home for the holidays, but Griffin wants to release a Christmas EP, and 2 of them must be sung with celebrities. Will the boys be able to record the three songs and get back home in time for the holidays? Guest starring Miranda Cosgrove and Snoop Dogg.
Songs in this episode: All I want for Christmas is you (ft Miranda Cosgrove), Lets stay in our PJ's (ft Snoop Dogg) and Beautiful Christmas.
9.Big Time Guru- Gustavo is really stressed out with the boys, but when Budabob makes him feel calm, Gustavo wants to give up songwriting to sit around meditating. Carlos starts to take advice from a talking bird, until it tells him he only has 24 hours to live. Logan tries to get swagger, but it in doing so, he takes James' away, this makes James weak and Camille has to help James get his swagger back. Will Kendall and Kelly be able to snap Gustavo out of his trance?
Songs in this episode: Nothing Even Matters.
10.Big Time Crush- Kendall and Jo try to help Carlos get a girlfriend. Katie has a crush on the new kid, and James tries to help her go out with him, yet he becomes like an overprotective brother, and tries to stop them going to see Kiss and Tell, the hottest movie in LA. Logan has a crush on the new girl, but is he ready to move on from Camille?
11.Big Time Beach Party- The boys get a number one record (in Kerplankistan) and Griffin lets them take over his beach house for a day. Jo can't make it to the beach as she's shooting 2 Winter scenes for her show. Kendall has to get rid of a crazed fan girl, James thinks he's in love with a mermaid (Anne), Carlos and Logan are hunting for treasure with Patchy the Pirate, and Katie is trying to be Russel Brand's new manager. Guest starring Patchy the Pirate, Russel Brand and Gage Golightly (Anne).
Songs in this episode: Dance, Dance, Dance and Boyfriend
12.Big Time Songwriters- The boys try to be more involved behind the scenes by writing a bonus track for their deluxe album.
Songs in this episode: Oh Yeah.
13.Big Time Reality- Griffin orders a reality show about the guys' lives, complete with the audience voting to eliminate one member of BTR. To stay interesting for the cameras, Carlos and James resort to non-stop fist fighting, Logan fakes a melodramatic romance with Camille, while Kendall tries to unplug the cameras once and for all.
15. Big Time Girl Group- When Gustavo begins working with a female pop group called the Kat's Crew, the boys of Big Time Rush get some jealousy when their new single "I Know You Know" is taken by the Kat's Crew. They start a war between each side (Big Time Rush & Kat's Crew), believing that Gustavo will forget about them and cancel Big Time Rush. The guys turn to "Boys in the Attic", Gustavo's first boy band, for some advice: they were also destroyed by a female group named "Angel Angels". In the end Gustavo decides to keep the guys and stop working with the Kat's Crew, but before the girls leave Rocque Records forever, Big Time Rush makes a song and a video with them.

16.Green Time Rush- For a green week school project, Kendall is partnered with his enemy, Jett, Logan is teamed up with a bully and James and Carlos let cows loose.
17.Big Time Moms
18.Big Time Break-up
19.Big Time Wedding
20.Big Time Prom King
21.Big Time Contest
22.Big Time Rocker
23.Big Time Strike
24.Big Time Single

7 Secrets with Big Time Rush
Live from Times Square
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How many songs does Big Time Rush have?

Big Time (Big Time Audition), Any Kind of Guy (Big Time Love Song) , Halfway There (Big Time Demos), Famous (Big Time Mansion), The City is Ours (Big Time Video and Big Time Bad Boy), Till I Forget About You (Welcome Back, Big Time) , A Shot in the Dark (Big Time Terror), BoyFriend (Big Time GirlFri (MORE)

What are all the Big Time Rush songs?

Big Time Rush, Famous, Any Kind of Guy, Halfway There, The City is Ours, Stuck, A Shot in the Dark, Countin' on You (which features Jordin Sparks), Someday, Big Night, and Til I Forget About You are all of them I believe. :)

On Big Time Rush on the song Halfway There will that ever be made as a longer song?

Ok, since Halfway There by Big Time Rush is a totally, amazing awesome song, I would hope they would have a longer version in store for us! But, as nobody really knows, none of us really know the exact answer to whether that awesome song is going to ever be on iTunes, or be made into a better, n (MORE)

How many songs do Big Time Rush have?

About 40 or more songs. 1st album: B.T.R 1. Til I Forget About You 2. Boyfriend 3. City Is Ours 4. Nothing Even Matters 5. Worldwide 6. Halfway There 7. Big Night 8. Oh Yeah 9. Count On You (ft. Jordin Sparks) 10. I Know You Know (ft. Cymphonique) 11. Big Time Rush (Theme) (MORE)

What was Big Time Rush first song?

Famous was the first song on Big Time Rush. It was playing when the boys were in the limo going to Rocque Records in Big Time Audition (very first episode). However, the first song they sing on the show and record is Big Time Rush.

What are all Big Time Rushs songs?

Well there's Boyfriend,If I Ruled The World,Paralyzed,Till I Forget About You,The City Is Ours,Worldwide,Any Kind Of Guy,Halfway There,Famous,Stuck,Big Time,Big Night,Oh Yeah,Shot In The Dark,Counting On You,and that's all I know. Please Improve my answer if I'm wrong. Thanks! :)

Does Big Time Rush sing their own songs or lip sync to someone else?

Well, it works like this. Big Time Rush of course records themselves in a studio (previously to where you see them sing it in the show, or 'live'.) They then have their voices autotuned and edited - if you know anything about audio you can pick this out in an instant. They are not singing to anyone (MORE)

Does Big Time Rush write their own songs?

i have no proof that they don't write their own songs but i think they don't. if they wrote their own songs then the director or writer of the show woudl have to make up a whole episode of a song they jsut wrote when it's easier to just make an episode and then make a song about it

What songs are on the Big Time Rush album?

The songs on the album are . 'Til I Forget About You . Boyfriend . City Is Ours . Nothing Even Matters . Worldwide . Halfway There . Big Night . Oh Yeah . Count On You (ft. Jordin Sparks) . I Know You Know (ft. Cymphonique) . Big Time Rush . Stuck . This Is Our Someday There you g (MORE)

What songs are going to be on the big time rush album?

Track 1. Till I Forget About You 2. Boyfriend 3. The City Is Ours 4. Nothing Even Matters 5. Worldwide 6. Halfway There 7. Big Night 8. Oh Yeah 9. Count On You feat. Jordin Sparks 10. I Know You Know feat. Cymphonique 11. Big Time Rush (theme)

What are all the songs on the Big Time Rush album?

1.halfway there 2.worldwide 3.boyfreind[feat.snoopdogg] 4.big time rush[theme song] 5.i know you know [feat.cymphonique] 6.big night 7.city is ours 8.ti'll i forget about you 9.nothing even matters 10.oh'yeah 11.count on you[feat.jordan sparks]

What songs will be on the Big Time Rush album?

Till I forget about you, boyfriend, city is ours, nothing even matters, worldwide, halfway there, big night, oh yeah, count on you ft. jordin sparks, I know you know ft. cymphonique, and Big time rush :)

Where can you hear the Big Time Rush song paralyzed?

They haven't released it yet but it might be on the album coming out on November 15th 2011 . There is also a chance they might release it as a single before that. On Youtube, you can watch a video Carlos made of them making the music video but you can't hear the music.

What is the lyrics to the theme song of Big Time Rush?

rollin' past graffiti walls every one of us on a mission got a whole crew by my side cars beep beep as they pass us by are you ready to get down to business we roll up open the doors all the girls scream there they are_____ backed up from wall to wall and everybody is callin feel the (MORE)

What Big Time Rush album songs are there?

'Til I Forget About You . Boyfriend . City Is Ours . Nothing Even Matters . Worldwide . Halfway There . Big Night . Oh Yeah . Count On You (ft. Jordin Sparks) . I Know You Know (ft. Cymphonique) . Big Time Rush . Stuck . This Is Our Someday

What Big Time Rush songs have music videos?

Big Night Any Kind of Guy Halfway There City Is Ours Big Time Rush (sort of...) 'Til I forget About You Boyfriend Boyfriend (feat. Snoop Dogg) All I Want For Christmas (If you count the one with Miranda Cosgrove) Beautiful Christmas Count On You (feat. Jordin Sparks) Stuck And... A music video for (MORE)

What songs are on Big Time Rush album?

Til I forget about you,Boyfriend,City is ours,Nothing even matters,worldwide,halfway there,big night,oh yeah,count on you,i know you know,and big time rush (theme song) and their 2nd album didnt come out yet..Ill tell you when it does.

How does the Big Time Rush boyfriend song goes?

These are the lyrics for the song "Boyfriend" by Big Time Rush. Your boy boy b-b-b-b-b-boy friend Your boy boy b-b-b-b-b-boy friend Your boy boy b-b-b-b-b-boy friend Your boy boy b-b-b-b-b-boy friend have you ever had the feeling your drawn to someone? [Yeahh] and there isn't anythin (MORE)

What are some new big time rush songs?

yes. they are: Show Me Music Sounds Better With You ft Mann All Over Again No Idea Cover Girl Love Me Love Me If I Ruled The World ft Iyaz Invisible Time Of Our Life Superstar Your Not Alone Elevate Epic and Blow Your Speakers

What are the lyrics for Big Time Rush song i know you know?

Maybe this could be the line That starts the whole story Maybe you could be the one The one who's meant for me I know that I should wait But what if you're my soulmate? Slow down Then you say Slow down 'Cause we can We can Party like the weekend You got me thinking We cou (MORE)

What song of Big Time Rush?

Well, here are all the ones released so far or have been on the show: Til I Forget About You Boyfriend City Is Ours Nothing Even Matters Worldwide Halfway There Big Night Oh Yeah Count On You (feat. Jordin Sparks) I Know You Know (feat. Cymphonique) Big Time Rush (theme) Thi (MORE)

Is Big Time Rush one of there songs?

Well the song is actually called live it big time and yes it is one of their songs. And it's also the theme song for the show on nickelodeon as well.

What are the lyrics of Big Time Rush theme song?

Make it count, play it straight Don't look back, don't hesitate When you go big time What you want, what you feel Never quit, and make it real When you roll big time Hey, hey, listen to your heart now Hey, hey, don't you feel the rush? Hey, hey, better take your shot now Oh, oh, (MORE)

What is the rap lyrics to the song i know you know by big time rush and katz crew?

Maybe this could be the line That starts the whole story Maybe you could be the one The one who's meant for me I know that I should wait But what if you're my soul mate? I'll slow down when you say, slow down We can We can party like the weekend You got me thinkin', we could be a (MORE)

What are all of the songs that big time rush sing?

Any kind of guy, big time rush, til i forget about you, boyfriend, nothing even matters, worldwide, big night, oh yeah, count on you, i know you know, city is ours, music sounds better with you, show me, all over again, no idea, cover girl, love love me,if i ruled the world, invisible, time of our l (MORE)

What is the oldest to newest songs from Big Time Rush?

The first album is BTR. But the guys first single was Any Kind of Guy. They also had singles like Famous from the show along with Halfway There, Forget About You, Count On You. There second album is titled Elevate and the singles off that album are If I ruled the World, Superstar, and Music Sounds b (MORE)

What songs are on CD elevate by Big Time Rush?

1. Music sounds better with you 2. Show me 3. All over again 4. No idea 5.Cover Girl 6. Love me Love me 7. If I ruled the world 8.Invisible 9.Time of our life 10.Superstar 11.You're not alone 12.Elevate 13.Blow your speakers :)