What material is an electric guitar made of?

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alder , or mahogany to basswood for the body
maple for the neck , if not mahogany again for the neck
ebony , maple or rosewood for the fretboard

nickel for the frets , stainless steel being the expensive option
steel for the tuners I can imagine
various kinds of alnico or ceramic for the pickup magnet
copper to silver to wind the pickups
plastic for the bobbin (cover)
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What is the Electric Guitar made out of?

its pretty much made from wood. Fenders are usually alder or ash. gibsons are generally mahogany. the lighter the wood the brighter the sound. fretboards are also made form ma

What materials are guitars made of?

Mostly wood, tone wood for sound, top grade figured wood for looks on many, various types of plastic for trim, Ivory and pearl for markings, names, etc., and the metal parts,

What materials is a classical guitar made out of?

a Classical guitar is sometimes made out of a type of spanish rubber product from the ancient tyroba tree. The bark of the tree is peeled off revealing faint yet traceable gra

What materials are used for electric guitars?

Electric wise woods that can/are include: Body Mahogany, alder, ash, basswood, NATO, poplar, maple Cap (if any) Maple (flamed, quilted, popeye, burl, spalted, plain,

Was the electric guitar made for a company?

made by a company who saw a market, guitars even the really large acoustics aren't very loud , how else could a rock band lets say play such a thin guitar and its making the p

Who made the electric guitar solo?

That'll be as hard to answer as who invented the first ever acoustic guitars or who sang on the first ever record. This is one question that'll be extremely hard for anyone to

What is the electric guitar usually made of?

the most stereotypical choices are neck maple - fender stratocasters to bc rich , jackson and ibanez guitars mahogany - Gibson les paul , Dean guitars and so forth b
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How are electric guitar pickups made?

single coils are made by winding wires round poles, the more winds the higher the output, humbuckers are made by placing two single coils together with reverse polarity whi
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How does the electric guitar compare to when it was made?

Well the electric guitar has come a far way from when it was invented. Compared to the 60's electric today's electric guitar has a better pick-ups, thinner body, cleaner tone,
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What material can a guitar pick be made from?

There are various materials that a guitar pick can be made from. These materials can be: plastics, metals, wood, glass, agate, carbon fiber, felt, new tortis, and PHD.