What kind of watch does Jon Gosselin wear?

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Over the years, Jon has worn a number of different watch brands. Most recently, Jon Gosselin wears an Ed Hardy watch.
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How old are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon Gosselin is 40 years old (born April 1, 1977) Kate Gosselin is 42 years old (born March 28, 1975) They got married at the age of [Kate] 24, and [Jon] 22. They filed for divorce June 22, 2009. When the divorce was finalized Kate was 34 and Jon was 32.

What does Jon Gosselin do for a living?

After an extended job search, reality star Jon Gosselin is swapping reality TV stardom for a 9 to 5 job. According to some sources, Gosselin is working for Global Green Property Services. Global Green Property Services helps which properties become more environmentally friendly. Allegedly, he is (MORE)

What kinds of tattoos do Jon and Kate Gosselin have?

Kate Gosselin has two tattoos: Pooh on her ankle and half a rose on her tummy. The Rose tattoo was partially removed when Kate had a tummy tuck in 2006.. See related links for a photo of Kate Gosselin's Winnie the Pooh tattoo on her left ankle.. Jon Gosselin has several tattoos representing his Ko (MORE)

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin married?

No, Jon and Kate Gosselin's marriage ended in divorce. Kate Gosselin filed for divorce on June 22, 2009 - and the divorce was finalized in late 2009. Although they were separated most of 2009, their divorce was not official until December.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin grandparents?

No. Jon and Kate Gosselin are not grandparents. Their children are all under the age of 12, so it should be a few years before their children start getting into serious romantic relationships and having children of their own.

Where did Jon and Kate Gosselin get married?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were married June 12, 1999, in a friend's back yard in Wyomissing, Berks County, Pennsylvania. In 2008, Jon and Kate renewed their wedding vows in Hawaii, on the grounds of the grounds of the Grand Wailea Resort, Maui.

Where is Jon Gosselin from?

See Related Questions One Opinion He was born in Hawaii, but his mother is Korean and his dad was Welsh and French, so Jon Gosselin is a half Korean, a quarter Welsh, and a quarter French as well.

What kind of cars do Jon and Kate Gosselin drive?

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been seen driving: 2012 Mercedes Black Bus - a replacement for the Dodge Sprinter which was passed along to Jon Gosselin for transporting the children. 2003 (confirmed) Mazda MPV (White Minivan) 2009 OR 2010 (confirmed) Toyota Land Cruiser (Black SUV) 2004 (confirme (MORE)

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin in love?

Well, at the beginning of the show's apperance, they were. But now in 2009, they are getting a divorce. They have recently filed divorce papers on June 22, 2009.

Who helps Jon and Kate Gosselin?

There are many people who help Jon and Kate.. Jon and Kate Gosselin sometimes get help from family and friends when needed. On their show, you'll frequently see people such as: Aunt Jodi, Beth Carson, Jenny, Carla, Carla's daughter, and other family, friends, and neighbors. However, there are rumor (MORE)

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin have favorites?

Opinions . No, they don't. They love all their children equally. . Yes they do. It's quite obvious. Kate's favorite is Hannah and Jon's favorite is Joel. Kate never hugs Aaden either. . Seriously Kate doesn't like Aaden at all. I feel bad for the kid. Also, Kate is always holding Hannah in her la (MORE)

What kind van do Jon and Kate Gosselin have?

Jon and Kate Gosselin have a 2003 Mazda MPV and a 2004 Dodge Sprinter. Since the divorce, it appears Kate keeps both the vans, and Jon uses the Sprinter as needed to transport their children.

Where are Jon Gosselins parents from?

His mom is from Hawaii (but is of Korean descent).. Not sure where his dad is from, but he is of Scotch Welsh heritage.. See related questions for information about Jon Gosselins ethnic heritage.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin rich?

Opinions from Various Wikianswerers . I do not think so. The Gosselins do the show and get some money from that. I heard they are living in a 1.5 million dollar house. . Yes, the Gosselins are pretty rich. They allegedly make up to $75,000 per episode. Their show it in its 5th season.

Did Jon Gosselin have plastic surgery?

Jon Gosselin never had plastic surgury but he did get a hair transplant because he had bald spots. The episode is in Season 3 and is called Jon's Hair Raising Experience.

Does Jon Gosselin have a girlfriend?

Yes. He is dating Liz Janetta a 27 year old mother of three children. See related links for a May 2012 interview with an Inside Edition reporter.

Is Jon Gosselin partying?

Jon Gosselin's latest venture involves DJing for parties and socialevents, so yes he is "partying" in that sense. However his partyingdays are behind him as he has settled into a private life, workingand spending time with his children as much as is allowed by theschedule with his ex-wife Kate Gosse (MORE)

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin Christians?

Opinions from various WikiAnswerers . I believe that Jon and Kate may have professed that they are Christians in their book, Multiple Blessings. From the content of the book and on their official website, one could assume that they are Christians, or at least have knowledge of Scripture. . Yes, J (MORE)

What kind of pets do Jon and Kate Gosselin have?

The Gosselins own a pair of German Shepherd puppies.. The dogs, Shoka and Nala, have been returned to the breeder. There is no information on whether the Gosselins plan on keeping the dogs, or if they will be adopted by another family.

Did Jon Gosselin get a hair transplant?

Yes, Jon Gosselin has had hair transplant surgery.. Jon Gosselin had his surgery at New Hair Institute in Los Angeles, California.. A link to the New Hair Institute is under Related Links , and includes a description of Jon's procedure as well as before and after photos.

Does Jon Gosselin drink alcohol?

Yes, Jon Gosselin drinks alcohol. You can see him having wine or cocktails on several episodes. Look at his birthday evening when Kate tells him they are going to Key West, Florida.

Did Kate Gosselin cheat on Jon?

According to Kate, no. According to Jon, yes.. Unsubstantiated Rumors . Stories that Kate Gosselin cheated on Jon, that they are separated, or getting a divorce, are unsubstantiated rumors .. Opinions from contributors Yes, Kate Gosselin is cheating on Jon with her bodyguard they did have an (MORE)

Where does Jon Gosselin live?

Jon Gosselin divides his time between the Gosselin home in central Pennsylvania and an apartment. There are rumors that he has purchased an apartment in the Arcadian in New York City, and others that he has an apartment close to the Gosselin home.. If Jon follows the plan that he and Kate have outl (MORE)

Why are Jon and Kate Gosselin fightings?

Jon and Kate are going through a rough patch because of the stress of being in the spotlight, and the ongoing demands of raising 8 happy, healthy children.. Allegedly, Jon was caught out with another woman. Jon admits he was out at night with a friend, but denies an impropriety.

How did Jon Gosselins dad die?

Jon Gosselin's dad died of a heart attack when sextuplets were about 5 months old. He was the most involved grandparent, and was very close to the twins

What is the truth about Jon and Kate Gosselin?

That is a good question I like how you added TRUTH but anyways I just think that they are going through some tough times you know no one really knows anything because it is all gossip. Kate did not turn into a mom from monster as one of the headlines claimed. She is a good and loyal mom like she sai (MORE)

What kind job did Jon Gosselin do?

Jon Gosselin is a team supervisor for a company that sells green energy solutions (like solar panels.) In the past he worked as an IT analyst for the State of Pennsylvania.

What did Jon gosselin do?

Until last year when Jon left his job to devote full time to the children and the show; he had been an IT analyst. After a period of unemployment, Gosselin found a job working on green energy solutions like solar panels.

Will Kate Gosselin divorce Jon Gosselin?

Yes. Kate Gosselin filed for divorce June 22, 2009 and the divorce was finalized in December of the same year. In the final days of her family reality show 'Kate Plus 8" - Kate continued to tweet and talk about her failed marriage. Citing lack of respect, and many things that she and the kids had t (MORE)

Did Jon or Kate Gosselin get the house?

In the episode announcing their divorce, Kate stated that the house would remain "The Kids' House". But, I think that Kate is more or less the owner because she has primary custody of the kids.

What is Jon Gosselin doing?

Jon Gosselin is living close to his children, looking for a job, and making his best effort to normalize things for his kids. As Kate said, post-divorce is a "new normal" for the kids. Jon has publicly apologized for his previous actions, and made several public statements regarding his commitment t (MORE)

Does Jon Gosselin love Mady Gosselin?

Yes He Does . Mady And Jon Are Moring people . Mady Keeps her Feelings to Her self . Jon is very proud of Madys Skating Swimming And Hockey skills Jon Loves Her Sometimes He is hard on Cara When She is Bratty And Not Mady Jon Favirotes Is Mady and Cara Jon Loved The colors on Madys Braces

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate Gosselin?

This depends on what you mean by the meaning I think your talking about is cheating - that is a subject of great speculation.. Jon has maintained that he never cheated on kate Gosselin, and in emails with one of Jon's girlfriends Kate Gosselin has admitted the two were never involved until a year a (MORE)