What kind of Jedi was yoda?

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Jedi Master Yoda was the leading Jedi on the Jedi Council. His homeworld is unknown as is his species.
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Is Yoda the most powerful jedi?

yes and no. as an old republic he was but since he died his power can not be measured against Kyle Katarn who has alot of votes as being the most powerful jedi to ever exist b

Is master yoda the most powerful jedi?

no. Luke Skywalker is. although he was taught by Yoda and Obi-wan... he was able to learn more about the force than the two had ever dreamed about when they were alive. he the

Was yoda the first jedi?

No, there had been many Jedi before him. Yoda was born 896 years before the battle of Yavin (Star Wars IV), and a quick example of earlier Jedi can be found in various Knights
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Is yoda the best Jedi?

There are several debates about who is the best Jedi. But Yoda is one of the best since he is a grand master and he taught several famous Jedi such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke