What is the tomahawk chop?

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It's a hand gesture (slowly moving the hand up and down as if chopping with an axe) generally accompanied by a wordless "war chant." Sometimes done with a foam "tomahawk" (small war axe used by some Native American tribes) in hand. Used by fans of the Atlanta Braves to cheer on the team. Similar gestures and chants have been used by fans of other "Indian"-themed teams. It's been criticized by some for perpetuating a racist stereotype, but not everyone agrees that it does or even that it holds meaning outside the game.
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What is chop?

Cattle feed that is comprised of chopped grain, consisting of corn, oats or barley that was harvested when at the hard dough stage in the feilds before being stored until time

What is a tomahawk?

A light ax formerly used as a tool or weapon by certain NativeAmerican people. It is also a long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile. This tomahawk axe is from North

Construction of a tomahawk how do you make a tomahawk?

Answer. There were functional tomahawks and tomahawks that were smoked. And there are probably many ways to make one, some methods are authentic to how they were originally m

When did Florida State fans first use the tomahawk chop?

Florida State University started the tomahawk chop in 1984 in a game against Auburn. Thereafter it became the signature of FSU games. Atlanta "borrowed" the chop when Dieon Sa

What is a tomahawk made of?

Materials vary. Traditional tomahawks were stone (various types) with wood shafts. Modern versions are steel or an alloy with wood, metal, or composite handles.

What year did the braves start the tomahawk chop?

The Tomahawk Chop is derived from a gesture popularized by fans of the Florida State Seminoles. Supposedly, Deion Sanders, a Florida State product, taught it to Atlanta Braves
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When was the tomahawk created?

Before the 17th Century there were tomahawks. Although the tomahawks they used aren't the same we have around today.

Why did the Atlanta Braves start the tomahawk chop?

As it is well known, the Florida State Seminoles were the creatorsof the famous Tomahawk Chop. When Deion Sanders became a 2-SportAthlete (Atlanta Falcons & Atlanta Braves) is

Are tomahawks edible?

No. Whether you are referring to the native american battleaxe orthe U.S. military missle, neither one is particularly appetizing oredible.