What is the root of an SD card and how do you get there?

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The root is the main directory. If your SD card has the drive letter E, then the root directory would be "E:"

"E:\foldername" would not be the root.
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What is SD card?

SD Card is an acronym for Secure Digital. They come in 3 sizes - Micro, Mini, and SD. Your phone most likely has a micro SD. Your camera most likely has an SD.

What is an SD card?

An SD card is a flash-memory card, and it's name derives from thecompany that first produced it: SanDisk. They are small and thin and Ideal for use in portable devices. From a

What is the root of a micro sd card?

its the actual microSD card as in you click on the 'removable disk' from my computer or whatever and that's the root of the micro sd card. you don't go into any other folders

How do you get an SD card?

SD memory cards are sold in places that sell digital cameras and camera equipment, such as major drugstore chains, Wal-Mart, and Radio Shack. Prices have recently dropped subs

What is the sd card?

it takes normal SD you can buy a 2gb for about 5 or 6 pounds off memorybits.co.uk for the us .com

What does an SD card do?

It can be used for a Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo ds i, Nintendo ds i XL and wii..................

How do you download something on the root of the sd card?

Download the file to your computer and then transfer it to your sd card, or download to your phone and transfer it. In order for it to be on the root and not the sd card itsel

Where can you get a sd card?

it depends what you want it for. For a phone= at your phone compony store. they can also give you a converter that lets you put it in your computer. for a camera= any place

Where do you get an SD card from?

this is a weird answer, but trust me it'll work... If you have a camera, its your lucky day!!. -which works and it must be a digital camera . 1) Look, for the SD card slot

Where can you get an SD card?

i bought one in orland park mall gamestop they are memory sd cards hope this helped:) EBay and Amazon.com sell them if you want to buy Online as do most Electronic and gamin

What are sd card and micro sd card?

Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format developed by the SD Card Association (SDA) for use in portable devices. Micro SD is a physically smaller version.
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How do you transfer from SD card to SD card?

You would have to place the card into a computer and move the files into a folder in the computer. Then, take the new card and put it into the computer. Move the files from th