What is the longest video game title?

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The video game with the longest name ever released in English is probably "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two," at 66 characters, not including spaces. The longest name for a video game in any language is "Simple DS Series Vol.14: The Jidousha Kyoushuujo DS: Gendoukitsuki Jidousha, Futsuu Jidou Nirin, Oogata Jidou Nirin, Futsuu Jidousha, Fusuu Jidousha Nishuu, Chuugata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha Nishuu, Oogata Tokuchuu Jidousha, Kenbiki," at a whopping 219 characters (when written in Romaji, at least).
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What is the longest video game?

"Pong" is officially known as the longest video game in history. Scientists did tests on it and concluded that with the game's intense action and enhanced graphics, and it's a

Do you quote the titles of video games?

No you do not quote the titles of video games just like you would not quote the title of videos. Although you are supposed to quote the titles of poems, short stories, and new

What is the worlds longest video game?

It would probably be one of the Pokemon games, most likely Leafgreen or Ruby, because even after you complete your main goal, the game keeps going.

What is a standalone title in video games?

A standalone title is a game that completes its own story in the same volume that it started in. It is also described as a game without any prequels or sequels.

Do you italicize video game titles?

No, you usually underline them because they're titles. Edit: Actually, italicizing larger works is considered the same as underlining them. Book and film titles, for example

What is the world's longest video game?

the longest game is the elder scrolls series like morrowind and the newest addition of oblivian. there are also some others like the fall out series too.

What video game has the longest password ever?

Definitely the password in the Golden Sun 2.. Although you cantransfer files from Golden Sun to Golden Sun 2 , the password is amore direct approach and the Golden Password co

What is the longest running video game series?

Mario, it started with the first Nintendo then is now on the wii and the ds and has never been sold to another company. _____________________________________________________