What is the duration of Length of War?

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The duration of Length of War is 2.37 hours.
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How does the length of the Vietnam war compare to other wars with US involvement?

Answer . Again this may be dependent on where yoi place the beginning of the war in Vietnam. Some place it in the days of President Truman with the gift of a few aircraft to the French, others credit President Eisenhower with large equipment grants, CIA pilots and the first military advisors to (MORE)

What is duration?

The word "duration" indicates the time period over which an event occurs, or the amount of time an object, structure or situation exists (i.e. the duration of a war, or of a pyramid).. In music, duration is the time interval over which a tone is sustained.

What is length?

Mathematics uses the term lenght to name the measure ofone-dimensional objects the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longestdimension of something that is fixed in place; "the length of thetable was 5 feet" ]

What was the length of the Western Front in World War 1?

Answer . The length of the trenches put up by both the Allies and the German forces on the Western Front in late 1914 ran from the Swiss border in the south all the way up to the French& Belgian coast in the north, making a zig-zag pattern .

What Effect did the World War 1 Trenches have on the length of the war?

soldiers had to live in the trenches in all weather. in summer the weather could be blistering hot whilst in winter it could be freezing and the ground rock solid.British trenches were in the worst condition as they were in trenches that were only a few feet above sea level. often the trenches wou (MORE)

What is the length of boundary?

To answer this question I would need more details. Being that thisis classified under plate tectonics I would need to know if you aretalking about divergent, convergent or transform boundaries.

What was the length of time the US was in the Vietnam war?

Some historians start the time when advisers and techicians made their presence known during the late 1950's, some begin when the Special Forces (Green Beret) arrived in the early 1960's, still other historians like to begin when President Johnson sent in regular combat troops in 1965. Where ever yo (MORE)

The length of the Trojan war?

What was called the Trojan War was in all probability a coordinated series of piratical raids by people from the Greek mainland, targeted on all along the coast of Asia Minor, apparently in the 12th Century BCE.. From the tenuous record of the legendary Iliad, there was an initial failed attack on (MORE)

Length of war?

Guerrilla war restricted to RVN (Republic of South Vietnam) 1955-1964. Open warfare between the US & North Vietnam 1964-1975.

Length of war of 1812?

The length of the war of 1812 was two years and eight months. Itstarted on June 18, 1812 and ended on February 18, 1815.

What was the length of the eastern front in world war 2?

During World War II, the length of the Eastern Front, where Germanyand its allies waged direct war against the Soviet Union from 1941to 1945, varied greatly at each stage of the war. Initially, thefront line stretched from the edge of the Baltic Sea in EastPrussia to the Black Sea, approximately 700 (MORE)

Length of Trojan war?

According to the only known source, the Iliad by Homer, the Trojan War lasted for ten years.

Length of the gulf war?

1. Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988. 2. Operation Desert Storm January to February 1991 (less than 60 days). 3. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-

What is the length of a Man o' War jellyfish?

\nThe Portugese man of war jellyfish is actally quite small, about three inches or so with a sail like arrangement that allows it to be blown in the direction of the wind which is often toward the shore in large numbers, where they can inflict a very painful sting. In South Africa they are called B (MORE)

How did trench warfare affect the length of World War 1?

trench warfare made the war longer, because at times soldiers could be 100metres underground making it harder for enemies to kill them. this also made advancement slower because of the fact that countries can never know if the bunkers are empty of soldiers unless the go in. this caused the war to in (MORE)

What was the tour of duty length during the Vietnam war for volunteers?

Other branches may have been different. The US Army original tour was 12 months (drafted or volunteer/US or RA). Extensions in Vietnam were in 6 month increments after that original tour. Example: for a US Army serviceman; three tours would be only 2 years (12 months plus 6 months, plus 6 months aga (MORE)

What is the length of Aladdin?

The running time of the Disney Film Aladdin is 90 minutes long. However, if you are referring to the length of the character Aladdin, I would have to estimate at about 5'11. :)

What was the length of enlistment during Vietnam War?

USAF, USN, USCG, normally wanted 3 o 4 yrs out of a man; the USMC & USA settled for a minimum of a 2 yr enlistment. Draftees did 2 yrs; USA or USMC. Men sent to Vietnam did 12 months...their trng was roughly 6 months, thus they did 18 months out of 24 months with a very good chance of an early out ( (MORE)

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union throughout the duration of World War II?

Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union was the leader of Russia, and he did get much out of Roosevelt during conferences. He soon learned the basics of building an atomic bomb as Roosevelt was a bit loose with the subject. That lead to the Cold War in which there were enough atomic and nucl (MORE)

What is the difference between length and duration?

Length is used to define distance or size whereas duration measures time period. Actually length IS also used to define time period, as in: how long have you been waiting? So, while length may be used for either, duration is not used for distance.

Does a length times a length equal a length?

No, it equals a square length, which is usually the area. For example, if you have a rectangle with one lenght being 3 feet and the other length being 4 feet, the area is 3 feet X 4 feet = 12 feet^2 (12 square feet).

Did top Nazi officers ever visit death camps in the duration of World War 2 and if so for what purpose?

Yes. Primarily for the inspection of the industrial war production. The facist concept was a blend of government, business and military. The war on Jews was for economic exploitation. The concentration camps were bank financed ( Allianz-Dresdner Bank.) They were insured by Allianz Insurance Co. Alli (MORE)

What was the length of the 100 Years War?

The hundred years war was 116 years. It did not last the entire time as there were times of relativepeace between Britain and France although the conflict over controlof the French throne still existed. This is also proof that the French DID win a war.

Could a nuclear war change the length of day on Earth or could it slightly alter the orbit Earth to make the year longer if it was powerful enough?

Theoretically, a large enough detonation could alter the axis andspin of the Earth. How large that actually is would be anyone'sguess. What we know is that slightly more than 50 megatons is not enough:the Soviets detonated Kuz'kina Mat' on 30 October 1961. The bombhad a dialed down yield of 50-60 m (MORE)

Can a nuclear war alter the length of day or year and how?

A nuclear war can alter the amount of daylight received during the day, but not the rotation of the Earth. The term "nuclear winter" refers to this effect. The theory goes that, just as with volcanic eruptions, if a large number of nuclear bombs were detonated, the fallout sent into the atmosphere w (MORE)

What factors led to the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War the wars prolonged length and its conclusion?

Athens led the anti-Persian league of a couple of hundred Greekcity-states - the Delian League - levying financial contributionsto maintain the fleet it provided as its core. After peace wasarranged with the Persian Empire, Athens continued the levy, byforce if necessary, and spent the money on itse (MORE)