What is the duration of Legend of a Fighter?

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The duration of Legend of a Fighter is 1.48 hours.
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Who is the best fighter?

There are many really good fighters around the world, and who is "best" is a matter of opinion. Keep in mind that the truly great masters, and most skilled fighters are likely those you have never met, and don't know because they do not seek fame.

What is duration?

The word "duration" indicates the time period over which an event occurs, or the amount of time an object, structure or situation exists (i.e. the duration of a war, or of a pyramid).. In music, duration is the time interval over which a tone is sustained.

What is a foo fighter?

An unexplained aerial phenomenon first reported during WWII that consisted of small lights or fire balls that seemed to dance around aircraft over Europe. They were thought to be some form of German secret weapon and remain unclassified or unidentified (UFO's).

What is legend?

A legend is a narrative that people tell as a true story. Sometimes the details are difficult to confirm, but usually the story names people and identifies locations.

What is the best fighter?

F-15, at long range either single seat or twin seat depending on how you are engaging F16 in a visual range guns or sidewinder engagement

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What is Street Fighter?

Street fighter is very similar to Mortal Combat so if you've played that think of it as it with more of anime characters (Chun Li's a personal favorite).

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The kamikaze were suicide pilots used by Japan in World War II.They would intentionally crash their plane strategically to destroyenemy ships while killing themselves in the process.

Who is best fighter?

dude, people are just going to give you their opinion. KK But i think theres no such thing as the best fighter there will always be someone who can beat you.

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What rhymes with fighter?

blighter, biter, brighter, lighter, mitre, tighter, whiter, writer, ex-fighter, film writer, folk writer, hack writer, sports writer, letter writer, overnighter, cigarette lighter

Who were the kamikazee fighters?

Pilots who flew their bomb carrying airplanes into enemy warships. Just dropping the bombs during a conventional bombing run could be a miss (a wasted bomb), and the plane could still be shot down either before or after the bomb run. So...diving the bomb laden plane into the enemy warship nearly en (MORE)

Who are romes' fighters?

You would have to specify your idea of fighters. Ancient Rome's fighters could be their army, the gladiarots or even a husband and wife in a domestic rift.

Where is fighter fish from?

"Siamese fighting fish" (Betta splendens) originated in the paddy fields, puddles and slow water ways in the tropical rainforests of what used to be called "Siam" now known as "Thailand".

Where do you get legends?

You get legends by trying to explain something that cannot be explained. These were exceptionally popular when we didn't have the technology we do today. Some popular ones are the Greek and Roman gods.

Who is a Spirit Fighter?

A Spirit Fighter is a person, man or woman, who stands up for truth, justice, and does their best to corrupt the airways and destroy bad spirits.

Who are the Spirit Fighters?

Back in 2009, an extreme vocalist and purist in the realm of songwriting, Jeremy, and a talented musician with the ability to literally make any instrument bend to his will, Michael, sat down and started creating beautiful music. As the two created music, spirits of the underworld came forth from (MORE)

How do you get the fighter torso?

Barbarian assault minigame, you can get there with a games necklace, you need 200 points in all roles..i suggest reading a how-to-play guide for that minigame since it is not at all straight forward, and you will be yelled at if you screw up..i got a torso before, then i died and lost it..too lazy t (MORE)

How do you get a fossil fighter?

(This is off the top of my mind.)When your on the boat, the captain will ask you questions, answer them honestly. Then your at the island. The two girls at the dock will welcome you. Then you see Mr.Diggins. After his wondering scene, go to his office. If you don't see him go (1)explore and come bac (MORE)

Are shamans fighters?

Shamans typically "fight" with or wrestle the evil spirits of the underworld on behalf of patients who are troubled by them. There is little real world fighting.

What is are fighter rays?

The galaxy police force, which is charged with protecting humankind, patrols the galaxy in fighter rays. Fighter rays are equipped with lasers and electromagnetic shields, these slick vehicles travel at four times the speed of sound.

What did freedom fighters do?

While the obvious answer is "they fight for freedom," this is actually a complicated question. Depending on what side you are on, a person might consider you a freedom fighter, or if they oppose you, they might consider you a traitor or a terrorist. "Freedom fighter" is thus a very controversial ter (MORE)

What is the movie 'The Fighter' about?

The Fighter, is a about boxer "Irish" Micky Ward's unlikely road to the world light welterweight title. His Rocky-like rise was helped by half-brother Dicky, a boxer-turned-trainer, who rebounded in life after nearly being knocked out by drugs and crime.

Who stars in the fighter?

The movie The Fighter (2010) stars Mark Wahlberg as boxing legend "Irish" Micky Ward and Christian Bale as the brother who helps train him. Co-stars include Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and Jack McGee. Both Bale and Leo received 'Best Performance in a Supporting Role' Oscars at the 2011 Academy Awards.

Should you get the legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 3d or Super Street Fighter iv 3d edition on the 3ds?

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What is a Snub fighter?

A snub fighter, if you're talking about its use in Star Wars (only place I've ever heard it mentioned) is a small, typically one-man fighter, such as an X-wing or TIE-fighter. According to starwars.wikia.com, they are "more versatile than their larger cousins, gunships." So, there's the distinction. (MORE)

What is the Fighters Generation?

The Fighter's Generation is a website geared toward video games of fights and fighting. The website declares itself "The Ultimate Fighting Game Resource".

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How do you get senior fighters on chaos fighters?

The easist way i think to get them is to buy them with vouchers.every day you can earn 5 vouchers by loging in and you can getvouchers by betting on the world tour every weekend. Im on server16 my username is rikali if you have any more questions.btw myguild is Vsop. Good luck:)

What is the flee fighter?

The flee fighter is a type of turret which fires a high speed bullet at anything faster than 7mph. It is deadly accurate and always hits.

What are the release dates for Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li - 2009?

Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li - 2009 was released on: Japan: 12 February 2009 (Tokyo) (premiere) Philippines: 25 February 2009 Malaysia: 26 February 2009 Thailand: 26 February 2009 Canada: 27 February 2009 Kazakhstan: 27 February 2009 USA: 27 February 2009 Japan: 28 February (MORE)