What is the duration of Latcho Drom?

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The duration of Latcho Drom is 1.72 hours.
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What is the duration of a woman's period?

Answer . That depends on the woman. Some women have three-day periods, some five-day and some seven and some have other durations. There's no one set duration.. another answer*. It also depends on how long you've had your periods. I got mine when I had just turned 12, and they were really irregu (MORE)

What is duration?

The word "duration" indicates the time period over which an event occurs, or the amount of time an object, structure or situation exists (i.e. the duration of a war, or of a pyramid).. In music, duration is the time interval over which a tone is sustained.

What does duration mean?

Duration is a period of time in which something exists or persists. It is also a way to refer to something from the time it begins up until it's completion. Used in a sentence.... The teacher said, "There will be no more talking for the duration of this test.". Duration is how long or how sho (MORE)

What is duration of existence?

Well, time is short considering it never slows down. Everything is the past or soon to be the past. If everything will become the past thin it truly is. Compare the duration of life to falling asleep. As youre asleep you do not pay any attention to how fast time goes by. Being awake is the same way (MORE)

Flight duration from England to Italy?

A flight from Heathrow International Airport to Capodichino Airportin Napoli, Italy, would take 4 hours and 5 minutes. This is adistance of 1,630 km.

How do you calculate duration?

-- Read your watch at the beginning, and write down the time. -- Read your watch at the end, and write down the time. -- Subtract the earlier time from the later time. The difference is the duration.

Duration of pregnancy?

40 weeks from the date of your last expected period - NOT 40 weeks from the time of conception!

What is duration in music?

\nRhythm and Tempo.\n. \nRhythm is the incidence in time. The smallest, coherent unit of rhythm is a beat. Meter is a regular, reoccurring pattern of beats over time. \n. \nTempo is the speed of beats over time.

What is duration of intercourse?

That depends, it could take 5 minutes, it could take 2 hours. That all depends on what your preference is. But do try to take your time with it. A 'quicky' can be fun from time to time but don't rush it all the time. Intercourse can be such a beautiful and intense experience for you and your partner (MORE)

Sentences for duration?

The duration of something is how long it lasts. An example sentencewould be: The duration of the call was very long.

Duration of basketball?

In depends on what league your referring to. In the NBA it's 4 twelve minute quarters which is 48 minutes. In FIBA Basketball all quarters are ten minutes which is 40 minutes. In the NCAA there are two twenty minute halves which is also 40 minutes.

Duration of a tornado?

10 minutes is the average, but it can stretch out to around about 3 hours at mos. Some tornadoes only last a few seconds.

What is a holiday duration?

"Duration" means length. A holiday duration means the length of time set aside for celebrating that holiday, which usually includes not having to go to school or do work. Many holidays in the US are only one-day holidays, but have been fixed to fall on a Friday or a Monday, so that people have what' (MORE)

What is an adverb of duration?

Adverbs of Duration tell how long the action has being done. Theyare adverbs of time. They include such adverbs as long (time), briefly, temporarily, andforever.

What is cam duration?

The cam duration is the degrees of crankshaft rotation that the valve is lifted of it's seat. Most accurate way to compare cams is with duration at .050 inch lift. How many degrees from when the valve is .050 off opening to when the valve is off the seat .050 during closing.

What is the duration of nursing?

There are three options to become a registered nurse as follows. . diploma program (typically three years, not recommended for individuals who do not have an already existing degree) . associate degree (two years as a full-time student once the student starts the professional phase of the progra (MORE)

What is the duration of an instant?

"Instant" may either refer to a point in time - as such, it will have NO duration. Or, it may refer to a very short time, but in this case, its duration is not precisely defined.

How long drom fertilization to baby chicks?

The egg Takes 25 hours to travel through the oviduct and to be laid by the bird. Once incubation starts either machine or from the hen, it takes 21 days for the egg to hatch. Ducks and Turkeys are 28 days

What is the duration of copyright?

Duration varies slightly from country to country, but all members of the World Trade Organization must have these terms at a minimum: . generally, the life of the author and fifty years after his death . for films, countries may protect the work for fifty years after it has been made available (MORE)

What is the duration of Rickets?

Rickets will sometimes disappear on it's own, most of the time though you will need some sort of treatment to make the deformities go away.

The duration of a solar eclipse?

The entire solar eclipse can take several hours, and the path of totality can go a quarter of the way around the world. But if you're standing still in one spot on the Earth, the period of totality will never be longer than about 8 minutes 30 seconds.

What is the duration of smallpox?

The duration of small pox is about 1 day or longer... please go to the doctor quickly so he could tell you how long... i suggest to get packet of chips and lollies and all the stuff that your child wants, if not you are no good to the child... GOOD BYE

What is duration on eBay?

Duration in general is how long something lasts for. I think on Ebay it means how long a certain item will sell for- how long until you cannot bid

What is the duration of timeout?

In basketball, a timeout is one minute. There's two types of timeouts: you have one minute, timeout and a twenty second time out. Coaches only have one twenty second timeout, so it's best to use that one in the 4th quarter, with like 20 seconds left in the game.

What is the duration of salmonella?

In most people, infection will last 4 to 7 days before resolving itself. During that time a person should rest and try to remain hydrated..

What was the duration of WWII?

In Europe, it lasted from 1939 to 1945. However, the Second Sino-Japanese War, in which Japan invaded China, and became connected with World War II when Japan allied itself with Italy and Nazi Germany, and when the US declared war on Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, lasted from 1938 to 1945. (MORE)

What is the adverb for duration?

The noun duration has an adjective form, durational, but not anadverb form. --- Adverbs of duration are adverbs of time, including briefly,constantly, incessantly, and continuously.

What do you use duration for?

A period of time during which something is happening - the duration of the experiment. - we sheltered under a tree for the duration of the storm.

What is the duration in Thunderstorms?

It depends on how many clouds, what direction the wind is blowing and many other physical abiotic factors that influence the duration of a thunderstorm.

What is definition of duration?

Duration is a time concept, meaning the time something lasts from beginning to end. We can measure duration by comparing it to the duration of other events, particularly the motions of celestial bodies. Years (the duration of the earth's circumnavigation of the sun), months (the duration of the moon (MORE)

What is the duration of a time out?

In sports, a time out will nominally be 1 minute or 30 seconds. In parenting a "time out" will vary in duration by the age of thechild and the severity of the infraction. Most young children willcalm down in two or three minutes, and longer times may beexcessive.

How are Ponyboy hobbies differents drom other greasers?

Ponyboy likes to read books, watch movies, and watch sunsets. Pony is quite differtent than the other greasers, for example: -Dally's hobby is to try to break laws and get into fights. -Two-Bit makes a joke out of anything. -Darry is just too busy with his jobs. -Sodapop and Steve weren't still enou (MORE)

What is the duration of asthma?

It's variable, depending on many factors. Type of allergenic source, age, sex, other health problems... The more intense the crisis is, the more is the duration, if not controlled rapidly.

What is the duration of a coporation?

A corporation cannot be incorporated for a limited amount of time. It exists forever until it is dissolved by (for example) court, shareholders or law.