What is the best way to sneak into a rated r movie?

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haha wow normally you should'nt but i guess if you really need to just but a ticket to a pg13 pg movie then when the rated r moive starts just pretend your going to the bathroom and walk into the rated r movie like your old enough and your supposed to be in there. Then sit in the back or middle. you have to be sneaky. dont get caught if you do lets put it this way.......your screwed. Good Luck.
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Can you get a ticket for sneaking into an R rated movie?

No. However, ratings are set in place for a reason; if you are notcomfortable asking a parent for movie tickets for the specificmovie, you probably shouldn't watch it. You can

What might a kid do to sneak into an r rated movie?

Sit where people are clumped together. Act like your supposed to be there. Avoid the security. From personal experience, even if they catch you you will be cheered away by th
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