What is the Star Wars Jedi knoght Jedi academy cheats?

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you just really use SHIFT and type in give all
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How do you play siege on star wars Jedi knight Jedi academy?

These are the basic rules for "siege". First, it's a team multiplayer. The offensive side has to complete certain goals in order to win. The defense is obviously trying to s

Will there be another game after Star Wars jedi knight jedi academy?

Sorry, but it isn't THAT likely. I mean, the reason they made a Jedi Knight game where you didn't play as Kyle Katarn was because it would be impossible for it to make sens

In Star Wars jedi academy do you get a jetpack?

Not in single player, but in multi player On Lugurmod servers you must be profession merc - the command is /profession 2 On JA+ or base servers the command is /jetpack ty

How do you open doors in Star Wars Jedi knight Jedi academy?

Some doors open simply by you walking up to them. Some doors can be opened by pressing the "use" button (default is "e"). Some doors require you to find a key to open them, an
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How do you kill a Jedi in star wars Jedi knight academy?

you must first have weapon or melee and you also must be in multiplayer if not you will get a mission failed. you can shot , saber, grip, push, lightening ect.. there is also