What is mark making in art?

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Mark-making is the process of applying pencil to paper.
I would broaden this to include applying anything to anything! (scratching marks in plaster, using pen and ink, paint on canvas, anything that leaves a mark on the page could be considered mark making that's what is so nice about it:o)
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Why do they call some things art when its just scribbles and marks and some other stuff that's kinda dumb Then they sell it for a million dollars or something It makes no sense?

I completely agree, but neither of us would be considered to be appreciative of fine art. Answer I agree with you as well, but 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Over 20 years ago two young men played a joke (not thinking it would go anywhere in the art world) and got chickens, dipped their feet in paint and let them run across the canvas. They framed the canvas and lo and behold it ended up in an art museum and that's when these two young men dropped the bomb! It was an embarrassment to the art world. It's an individuals choice to decide what they feel art is. Although they may look at modern art and see this and that in the painting that's half the fun. 10 people in one room could get different vibes off the painting. Then there are the so-called art lovers who feel if it's weird it's got to be great. I had a friend that had a painting that had 4 lines, a couple of dots on it and it was suppose to represent the universe. Excuse me! LOL Of course I didn't tell my friend what I thought of their art and that I felt they had been royally shafted paying some $45,000 for this mess. Another answer: What art I enjoy is importatnt only to me. What you enjoy is up to you. When you say (in your question) 'they sell it for...'. They can't sell it if nobody enjoys it. The person who buys a piece of art has found something in it which is worth the price. If you do not like it is of no consequence.

How do you get a good mark in GCSE art?

Work hard. Also What you write is key, and gives you good marks. I did not add writing to one of my peices and got a B-, after I added writing I got an A+ Also, you can fullfill the checkpoints for example, taking photo. I find that I'm losing marks because I need to draw things i see first hand.

What makes literature an art?

Like other arts, literature/creative writing of all sorts (poetry and songwriting included) is a creative and inspired endeavor. Why would it be called anything BUT an art form?

Do marks alone make a mark?

I fancy that an etymology will generate this from Mar - a minor defect or blemish. And hence the wide body of actions that may flow from this. (Borders, branding, in sports etc.)

Why do you make art?

art is usually made to express inner feelings...its not much at this current moment. i know there is more to that..

What did the egyptians use to make art?

Most ancient Egyptian art were stone carvings. For these carvings they used copper chisels and stone hammers. To paint them, they mixed pigments from berries, animal fat, ash and various minerals, depending on the color they wished to create. This is because in those times they didn't have all the materials that we have now. I'm guessing they didn't even invent a pencil in those times!

What makes art museums important?

Art muesums are important because they show the history of arts and the many styles they used compared to the things we paint or draw today. Also art muesums for some, give ideas or inspiration as for some is a source of entertainment.

Why did Egyptians make art?

Most of Egyptian art was for funerary purposes, such as the elaborately decorated tombs and pyramids which the pharaoh's were placed in.

What did the mayans use to make art?

The Mayans used wood and stone. They used their paint and theirbrushes, as far as the art on the walls of their temples wereplaced, as well as they carved in stone, and made sculptures ofstone.

Why did they make ancient art?

Because "they" were bored.. At the time, it wasn't ancient. So it was just art. a better question to ask is "why do they make art?"

What kind of art did the Aztecs Make?

They did art of what they saw and what they did. If someone is being sacrificed to there god they would draw it. They drew all this so we can see what there lives were like and what they did.

How do you make pop art?

you splat on poo u spray some wee and rub your bum on the art then taste it and peel some spots off your face and body and get a pin and pop them to create pop art thank you for doing this

What does mark making mean when used in art?

when you use a pencil, pen or a crayon (anything) and make some sort of small compacted dashes or some sort of shape to show colouring in a better styled way and direction can be used to show the hairs around an animals face for example. The effect is amazing!

What is the art for body markings under the ucmj?

In case a tatoo makes a service member not able to perform duty, an Nonjudicial punishment may be given. Nonjudicial punishment refers to certain limited punishments which can be awarded for minor disciplinary offenses. In the Navy and Coast Guard, nonjudicial punishment proceedings are referred to as "captain's mast" or simply "mast." In the Marine Corps, the process is called "office hours," and in the Army and Air Force, it is referred to as "Article 15."

What makes a piece of art Art?

Art is when you put what you feel on a canvas or just a peice of paper its something that describes you and who you are and its true, you dont have to like it

How you make a cell out of arts and crafts?

You can use styrofoam to make the cell body. Pipe cleaners and yarn both work well for the cell walls/membranes and the endoplasmic reticulum. Uncooked pasta can be used to make mitochondria or other small parts in the cell. Playdoh also works well for making things.

What makes an art good or bad?

What makes art good or bad? is effort. Something else that makes art good or bad is coloring technique, and how good the picture is that you drew. Some coloring techniques are side to side or going from darker to lighter depending on the background. Another technique in drawing is to draw things bigger in the front of the page and smaller in the back of the background.

Can you make some keyboard art?

( " `--/ " ).___..--"`-._ `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`) (_y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-' _..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,' (((' (((-((('' ((((

How do you make a modulo art?

To make a modulo art use a sketch pad and a graphite pencil. Drawlarge and small loops over the paper. In each section, drawdifferent doodles, consisting of leaves, circles, arcs, lines, orscallops. Make each section different, and fill in every section.When you are finished, it will have a tied-together look.

Who did Michelangelo make art for?

Whoever paid him. Like all gifted artists who had developed a reputation, Michaelangelo created art for the people who commissioned him to create art - usually at a hefty fee.

What makes art true art?

It is something creative made with care, if you are talking general. Like a five year old finger painting that is creative and they think it was made carefully is true art to some people, but not to others. Others say that it must be an amazing piece of work that is museum capable.

What makes the art Gothic art?

Gothic art was started around 1140CE in the french province known as L'Ile-de-France (Paris and vicinity) and grew to influence the rest of norther Europe. The most influential period in Gothic art was from 1150-1250 in a period known as the Age of the Great Cathedrals. Gothic style is characterized by luminosity and the filtration of light through stained glass in cathedrals as well as elaborate sculptural decorations on facades and transept portals. Gothic sculpture mean to represent scenes from the Old and New testament as well as catholic customs and traditions. During the influence of the Gothic style we see a rise in the Cult of the Virgin throughout northeastern European cathedrals. In gothic architecture we see a growing emphasis on a light almost skeletal construction of walls pierced by hundreds of brightly coloured stained glass windows. We see an emphasized verticality and the use of clerestory levels, quadripartite vaults, and flying buttresses. Examples of Early French Gothic cathedrals are: The Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, France Notre-Dame, Chartres, France Notre-Dame, Laon, France Notre-Dame, Paris, France Notre-Dame, Amiens, France Notre-Dame, Reims, France Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France Saint-Urbain, Troyes, Belgium

How do you make paintball art?

WeLl, first you need to get a paintball gun, then you need to fill it with paint, then you can just start painting with it. Like shoot it at what you want to paint on and use it as a target. I really hope this helped. God bless and have a good life. :)

What makes political an art?

One definition of art is : Skill acquired by experience, study or observation. The practice of Politics is an art, in that one must acquire all three of the skills listed, and must learn how and when to apply them while interacting with the people who vote.

How can a person make latte art?

There are a wide variety of online sites that offer step by step instructions for making latte art. YouTube, for example, contains a number of videos which cover this topic.

What are some of the reasons for making art?

• seek personal enjoyment and satisfaction. • express personal thoughts and feelings • communicate with others. • create a more favorable environment. • make others see more clearly. • provide us with new visual experiences. • record a time, place, person, or object. • commemorate important people or events. • reinforce cultural ties and traditions. • seek to affect social change. • tell stories. • heal the sick. • adorn themselves. • explain the unknown. • worship. • create an illusion or magic. • predict the future or remember the past. • earn a livelihood. • do something no one else can (or has yet done). • amuse themselves (or make us laugh). • make the ordinary extraordinary. • increase our global understanding

Can we make Sword Art Online?

Virtual reality gaming has barely been touched at the moment,however in a decade or two the idea of creating something like SAOwould be possible.