What is iTunes error 4280 and 4450?

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Error 4450, which it seems thousands of you fellow Windows users seem to come across, is basically just a small glitch in your system registry file that's associated with one of iTunes' file burn associations, and as thus, when you try to burn anything, your computer says "hang on this files screwed! then the dreaded error 4450 appears telling you the burn process has unfortunately failed, leaving you with a handful of tea coasters! The only problem with this, is that there isn't any FREE registry cleaners that can pick up the iTunes glitch, so if you are wanting it fixed, its probably best trying to borrow some software off of someone you know that works in the IT profession or take your computer to a Professional PC techie'.
In other cases (very rare tho) it can be caused by a failing DVD/CD burning device, in which will over time need replacing!
Hope this information has been any use to anyone!
Is a good idea to get this checked out though if your unsure of what it could be!
As with anything technical these days, if its not working properly, don't try fix it yourself, take it to someone who works with these issues day-in, day-out and reduce the risk of making the issues worse!
I found that by turning off the text preferences when burning a disc solves the 4280 error problem.

A: Whilst I don't disagree with the above. I've had both these irritatiing error messages. I have found a solution which I haven't seen on any other forum. Initially I had the itunes 4280 burn error message, which mean't that the burn process was cancelled and the CD-r was turned into a useless 'coaster' (It had the playlist but no actual tracks). I tried ALL the various solutions across all forums: 1. Uninstall drivers for my Matshita (In Sony Vaio laptop) CD/DVD drive and replace them. Eventually found out that these drivers are native to windows and its best for them to be installed by the OS on boot up. So uninstalled, and rebooted - no success still had 4028 error. 2. Tried all the various methods of reducing burn speed, switching off CD text etc etc and there were a lot of etc's - no success. 3. I ignored trying different brand of blank CD-r as discussed by many people, sorry but that is just plain daft, besides i was using TDK as i always have for 10 years without any problems. 4. I even tried the 'fix' that came from itunes about altering the file in itunes - what a long winded piece of crap and bloody hard to do and guess what no success 5. I personally tried unistalling my Sony Vaio power management because this deactivates the CD/DVD drive when the battery is low - I knew i was clutching at straws with this one but tried it - again no success. At this point I should point out that I don't burn CD's often, but have never had problems having always used itunes for CD burning, after all my music resides there and i found it so easy to burn. I though at this point though that I'd try other software and see what happened, so i tried burning with WMP, realplayer, and Nero. All provided errors. It was at this point that i started to believe all those people on forums who have said that this error means your drive is failing. However I realised that my drive plays all CD's and DVD's fine and that it burned data discs fine with Alcohol 120%. For some reason I knew that a faulty drive was no the case. So, I tried unistalling all software that might affect the CD/DVD drive, so out went Alcohol 120% and Nero 8. This did seem to have an affect! Out went the 4028 errors hurrah, but in came the 4050 error, ugh what is this new one. After much research I found out that again everyone had a million reasons similar to the 4028 but none worked. So at this point I have wasted 10 CD-rs but wasn't ready to give up. Right the big moment where I tell you MY FIX and fingers crossed it works for you. The only thing left I could think of was the fact I was using Windows 7, for me its been fine so far, but hey could it be the compatibility between the OS and Itunes (something that should not be the case considering the wealth of these 2 companies - i know stop laughing). Anyway here it is, in Windows 7 and Vista there is a compatibility mode, right click on the .exe icon of the program you want to run, in this case the itunes icon on my desktop and select properties > then > compatibility > and then you can select which older OS you want the software to be compatible with, I chose 'Windows XP (service pack 2)'. Then i ran itunes, it came up with a quick message about this compatibility change and how i should switch it back (lol). But here is the big RESULT, from that moment on i can burn at 24x like i used to. BRILLIANT, so far 12 audio cds fine at 24x (my drives maximum setting), even playlists over multiple CD's. So there you have it my solution. I hope it works for you, i have noted that some people even on XP have this problem, sorry for them it probably won't work. I should point out that at this point it may have been something else that caused the fix, because I'm sure that like many of you reading this i was trying everything. Of course i could deactivate compatibility mode to find out, but sorry i cant be bothered lol because at the moment there is no more 4028 and 4050. So I dearly hope this works for you.
UPDATE: Found another forum where a user called 'tytus' seems to have found a fix that works for many people and highlights my notes. His solution which is here
involves resetting the burn rights of Nero. Check user 'sietzsounds' message further down for how to do this. If correct this matches with the extreme measure that i did of unistalling Nero. This makes sense as Nero was installed after all the other software on my machine. I will put Nero back on and see if it causes repeat of errors, and then if it does I'll try tytus' fix. I'll update later

AA: To fix the burning error 4450, listen: this is not an itunes, Nero, or whatever issue. this is an issue with windows, and its drivers. Go to the control panel, and go to system. Click on the hardware tab, open the device manager, and go to the IDE/ ATA ATAPI controllers. You should see some stuff there that says primary, secondary, and maybe standard channels. Those are the ONLY things that should be there. Delete what doesn't belong, then let your computer restart itself. Windows will put its own drivers into place. If you go back into the control panel after, the other stuff might have reappeared. Don't worry about it, they are in place now. Happy burning :]
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