What is commercial software?

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Commercial software, or seldom payware, is computer software that is produced for sale or that serves commercial purposes.
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What is the difference between open source software and commercial software?

commercial software is made for profit. it is maintained by a company, and it's code is a trade secret, hidden, "closed source", because you can't see it (and therefore steal

What are the advantages and disadvantages of commercial software?

As you know, there three types of software: 1) Open-source 2) Shareware 3) Commercial Advantages of Commercial Software: - All program`s features are included; - N

Can you use Linux software is commercial?

Yes, you can use Linux software commercially, depending on thelicence issued by the software developer. A lot is free entirely,some are free for home (non-commercial) use only
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Where can one download commercial software?

Depending of what software one seeks to download one can start looking at the manufacturers website. One can also try to search on CNET Download or similar sites.