What is blue and has part of an animals name in it?

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Names of animals that are killed for body parts?

One of the animals is theMammoth caveman in the early days used to use Mammoth for alot of different reasons . Mammoth had very good fur they would kill the Mammoth use the fu

What is the name of the blue cat on animal crossing wild world?

I don't think it has a name, but, if you ever use your phone in the upstairs bedroom where your players are when you're not using them then if you ask about downloads, it will

Name the inventions inspired by animal such as blue whale?

Gecko Tape - Tape that has tiny hairs on there fingers like the geckos do to make them capable of walking up walls, etc Shark Skin Athletic Clothing - Shark skin has the leas
In Flag of the United States

What is the name for the blue part on the American flag?

The blue part of the flag of the United States of America is called the "canton" or the "union" and is located in the upper left corner of the flag closest to the pole or "hoi