What is amber addison's real name?

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her name is Addison.
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What does the name Amber mean?

"Amber" as a person's name is taken directly from the substance ofthat name that's often used for making elegant jewelry.

How do you get Addison's Disease?

The most popular cause of addison's disease is tuberculosis, but in my case I do not really know what the reason was. It is not hereditary, it is caused when the autoimmune system attacks the adrenalin glands, to this day 14 years after having been diagnosed with Addisons I do not know what caused t (MORE)

Was Amber Billows a real person?

No, Amber Billows is not a real person. She was the fictional narrator of the book Early Sunday Morning , part of the Dear America series of historical fiction. The books in the series present perspective, in the form of a diary, of a young girl living during various periods of American history. (MORE)

What is the meaning of the name Amber?

The meaning of the name Amber is ... Darkish yellow color , its a kind of punk sent used to light fireworks, and its also a English name semiprecious gem made from fossilized tree resin. It also describes the gems golden color.

What is Addison's desease?

Addision's disease is increased pigmentation in skin and mucous membrane varying from light to dark brown in colour.The pigmentation is due to increased pituitary MSH and ACTH secretions.At first there is tanning noticed following sun exposure.Afterwards,there is increased pigmentation at pressure p (MORE)

What is a amber?

Amber is a hard, translucent fossil resin, which is used for makingjewelry and other ornamental objects. I know about this from"Drfinejewels.com", which is a good site by providing differenttypes and colors of amber stone. I had bought some stones fromthere and then I made a bracelet using these. wh (MORE)

How popular is the name Amber?

Amber is a VERY popular name....It may be common for people but it has a pretty meaning....the name amber dawn Haley all has a meaning and is a very beautiful name for a beautiful girl to have...Amber-a pretty color...Dawn-is the dawn of the day which is a beautiful sunset... Haley-a college for hig (MORE)

What is ambers last name in Hannah Montana?

Since Amber doesn't have a big role in Hannah Montana (in fact, they do not talk about Amber or Ashley in the newest Hannah Montanas), the script writers did not create a last name for Amber. Or a middle. And by the way, this is a dumb question. Yeah why would you want to know that? I can't believ (MORE)

What does the name Amber mean in the Indian language?

The early Germans called amber by the name of 'Bernstein', due to the sweet smell it emitted when burnt.. The Greeks called it 'Elektron' due to its properties of developing static electricity when rubbed.. Amber is known as 'Kerba' in the local markets in India. It means "protector from evil eye (MORE)

What is the origin name of amber?

The name's origin: Amber derives its name from Middle English ambre, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin ambra, from Arabic anbar ambergris. Description: Amber is a fossilized tree resin of now-extinct conifer trees and ancient pine trees. It is an amorphous hydrocarbon and may contain part (MORE)

Where did the name Amber Alert come from?

The first AMBER Alert trial was run in 1996 at KRLD Radio Studio at the Ball Park in Arlington, TX. Those in attendance were Rick Roberts, Richard Hagerman and Bruce Seybert. Seybert worked with Amber's parents from day one, calling for what was later named the AMBER Alert, based on what Mark Klaas (MORE)

Where did the name amber come from?

The name Amber comes from the American name, meaning "Precious stone". The substance amber gets its name from the old Arabic word "Anbargris" and refers to an oily substance secreted by the sperm whale.

How do you test for real amber?

(Test 1) HARDNESS. Amber has hardness on Moh's scale in the region of 2 - 3. Using appropriate scratch sticks it should be reasonably straightforward to test the sample under question. (Test 2) HOT NEEDLE. Heat a needlepoint in a flame until glowing red and then push the point into the sample for t (MORE)

Who was the amber alert named after?

The amber alert was named after Amber Hagerman. She was a nine year old girl who was taken off her bike into a black truck while her younger brother had just left for home. The mother had issued the bill for the amber alert and was signed into act. They never found the killer but many children have (MORE)

From where do you get Amber?

Kakashka!!! also, the dominican republic, on the islands of Hispanola!!! or in the Baltic Sea area (Lithuania and Poland) (lith oo ania

Is amber a common name?

kinda. my bestfriends names amber, and i know about 3 more ambers. but it is a little common. it not usually a given name.

Did Garrett hedlund date amber heard in real life?

Nope. Rumor, sorry to disappoint! There is a common misconception that Hedlund and Heard's characters in Friday Night Lights were an item, however this is proved to be false as Billingsley (Hedlund) tells his father that Maria (Heard) is Melissa.

What is the meaning for the name Amber?

i think the name amber is for white girls srry dnt take it worng but most girls ik tht have the name amber r white but i gess its still a good name so thts just wat i think srry aging

What is the name of the actress who played amber in hairspray?

The Cast of Charlottetown Festival's Hairspray will includes Stephanie Pitsiladis as Tracy Turnblad, Annaleigh Ashford as Amber Von Tussle, Erica Peck as Penny Pingleton, Alana Bridgewater as Motormouth Maybelle, Billy Murphy as Link Larkin, Kate Shindle as Prudy Pingleton/Gym Teacher/Matron, Ruth (MORE)

Why is the gel colour called bastard amber so named?

Supposedly a gel maker was making an amber gel, and the color came out wrong. Some director or techie found the bad batch, and found it was just what was needed to warm up skin tones. The maker subsequently referred to the "bastard amber" when asked for it later.

What is amber?

Amber can be the name of a girl. It is also the term for a specific gem. Amber is a French word, borrowed from the Arabs.

Does the name Amber mean Beauty?

The name Amber does mean your baeutiful on the inside and out. Its a Precious stone that is very bright and so its saying you resembles it! My name is also Amber.

What is amber and Ashley from Hannah montanss real name?

Amber is played Shanica Knowles(she played Shauna in theDisney Channel movie Jump In! with Corbin Bleu), and Ashley is played by Anna Maria Perez de Taglé(she had largish role in Camp Rock as Ella in 2008, and is also in the sequel coming out in late 2010, as well as a larger role in the recent f (MORE)

How many people named amber?

well nobody accually knows but i think according to facebook there are 3 other girls named amber, but that's just facebook

Can a Muslim have a non Muslim name like the name Amber?

Well it isn't recommended for them to do so, because Muslims belive that a persons name is a very important aspect in the faith. You might have noticed all Muslim names have a deep and nice meaning, which when naming Muslims look into also. so really the answer is no, but the good news is Amber is (MORE)

How can Addison's disease be diagnosed?

Once suspected, a number of blood tests can lead to the diagnosis of Addison's disease. It is not sufficient to demonstrate low blood cortisol levels, as normal levels of cortisol vary quite widely

What does treatment of Addison's disease involve?

involves replacing the missing or low levels of cortisol. In the case of Addisonian crisis, this will be achieved by injecting a potent form of steroid preparation through a needle placed in a vein (intravenous or IV).

Is amber a girls name or a boys name?

It depends on whether it's given to a boy or a girl. However, names that are precious stones (Ruby, Pearl, Beryl) are usually given to girls, so amber is more likely to be a girl's name.

How do you say my name is Amber in Elizabethan English?

"My name is Amber". Elizabethan English is just like modern English with some dialectical twists. For example, in All's Well That Ends Well, we find "My name, my good lord, is Parolles." In Antony and Cleopatra, "My name is Thyreus." and "My name is Proculeius." In Comedy of Errors we find "my name (MORE)