What is a good special effect program that you can download for free Things like lightning out of fingertips like in Star Wars Help?

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There are a lot of good tutorials on youtube for this, but I recomend getting a free trial of Adobe After Effects
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Is there a program like musicshake but then free?

Musicshake is a free application, but charges a 0.99$ fee for a personal download. The only way to get good software for free is to download it in torrent form, but in some co

Why do people like free things?

Because you don't have to pay for them and they don't cost any money.. Because the best things in life are free.

What is a good special effects program?

I recommend Adobe After Effects. It is very costly at 1,000 dollars and only works on 64 bit computers if you are wanting to get CS5. Another one would be Sony Vegas Platinum