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Where is Beyonce from?

home town( Houston,Tx ) beyonce Knowles whom is my role model is from Houston Texas but nowlives in California. Beyonce is from Houston,Texas.

Who is Beyonce?

The most commonly referred-to person by that name alone is a R&B singer originally from Houston, Texas, and was a member of Destiny's Child before releasing many successful solo albums. Beyonce is a singer, dancer and actress. She even has her own clothing line. Her birthday is September 4, 1981.

What is cause and effect?

Cause is applied to an action taking place from anything that results with an effect that will leave evidence of an occurrence that took place by anything on this planet."Their football manager was sacked because of the poor results isteam posted" is an example of cause and effect sentence.

What is the greenhouse effect caused by?

It is caused by humans emitting harmful gases and chemicals into our Earth's atmosphere.. Further information: Earth has both a "natural" greenhouse effect and a "man-made" greenhouse effect. The natural greenhouse effect is caused mostly by water vapour, and to a much smaller degree, to carbon (MORE)

Cause and effect of Mexican war?

Mexico, angered over the annexation of Texas, attacked Texassettlers in what was by now a US State. As a result, Polk was ableto persuade Congress to declare war. After a decisive victory, theUnited States gained 500,000 square miles of territory includingPacific regions that are now modern day San (MORE)

What effects did the french revolution cause?

The French revolution A revolution is an event or a period of time when great and rapid changes take place. The causes of a revolution could be that the people want: a change of government, more power, better living conditions, overall changes... The french revolution started because Louise the (MORE)

What are causes and effects of kidney failure?

There are several different diseases and other causes that lead tokidney failure. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two of theleading causes of kidney failure. Some of the effects of kidneyfailure include fatigue, loss of appetite, confusion, nausea,vomiting, weakness, and difficulty concentratin (MORE)

What is the cause and effect of a blizzard?

Causes Blizzards occur for different reasons which even vary by location. But most frequently, a blizzard (which by definition features strong winds and often heavy snow) requires strengthening low pressure system with large sources of energy and moisture. The moisture often comes from a large bo (MORE)

What are the Causes and effects of landscape?

By looking at a landscape, we examine the composition of theelements present and how these elements are arranged. For example,in an agricultural landscape forests occur along stream and onsteep ridges. While cropland occupies upland areas of gentlerslope.

What is cause and effect in a writing sentence?

Cause and effect are an action and its results. The primary concept is that the effect comes about due to the specific activity (the cause) and not just happening afterward. For example, a flood might damage a town, but the lower population of the town afterwards may not be entirely an effect of th (MORE)

What does Beyonce do?

She was a part of the girl group destiny child. She now is solo andis amazing. She is married to Jay Z and has a daughter name BlueCarter Ivy

How do you be Beyonce?

Listen you cannot "Be Beyonce." You can borrow some of her style, but it is always best to be yourself.

What did Beyonce do?

Beyonce was in the American Girl Band Destiny's Child. They split up in 2006 to pursue solo careers. Beyonce is currently one of the most famous RnB singer around.

Can you be Beyonce?

Of course you can't be Beyonce. It is not possible, you may imitate someone else but you cannot be that person.

What are the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect on earth?

There are two greenhouse effects. There is the long-term natural greenhouse effect that has kept the earth warm for millions of years. Causes of this natural greenhouse effect: The way the planet Earth is heated and cooled is, the Earth is heated by visible light from the sun during the day, (MORE)

What was the cause and effect of Shay's Rebellion?

Farmers: Farmers were unable to pay the debts and taxes on their farms and they were being taken away by the congress. Daniel Shays reasoned that his farm could not be taken away by the court if there was no court. He raised a militia and led an uprising. They started burning down the courts in We (MORE)

What are the causes and effects of marijunna?

Marijunna can cause many things such as;tiredness,increased appetite, sudden bursts of energy,slowed reaction time and rarely nausea.There hasn't been any deaths caused by marijunna....although some say it can effect your respitory system...many do not believe it though

Can a single cause have several effects?

In almost all areas of life, single causes do have several or multiple effects. For example, a woman gets pregnant. At first it might cause her great stress and worry. She decides to have her baby but has complications. The pregnancy complications prevent her from continuing to work. Because she ca (MORE)

What gases cause the greenhouse effect?

Any gas which has at least three atoms can be a greenhouse gas. Only they can absorb infrared radiation. The following are the main greenhouse gases. The number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to carbon dioxide (the principal man-made greenhouse gas): Wa (MORE)

What are the causes and effects of stress?

First of all stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. The situations and pressures that cause stress are known as stressors . We usually think of stressors as being negative, such as an exhausting work schedule or a rocky relati (MORE)

Example of cause and effect?

Some examples of cause and effect are: I knew i should have done my homework after school because my mom was really mad me and my family were going to the water park but, since it was raining, we stayed at home

What is the substance that causes the greenhouse effect?

There are several substances that cause the greenhouse effect andthey are called greenhouse gases. The main greenhouse gases are: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) N2O (Nitrous Oxide) O3 (Ozone) CH4 (Methane) CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) H2O (Water Vapor) A: There are four primary greenhouse gases. They are carbon (MORE)

What are the causes and effects of deforestation?

Some natural and unnatural causes of deforestation include: . urban sprawl . to clear land for crop growing . for resources . for fuel . forest fires . drought . volcanic eruptions Some effects: . habitat loss (can lead to endangered or extinct species) . climate change . flooding a (MORE)

Topic the effect caused by smokers?

the most comman thing teenagers do is drink and smoke when they drink the become drunk and very vilint and when they smoke they cough and weez and all this and that so i bet this is not much help cause im doind a project and im only 11 but who cares? no me

What is the cause and effect of unemployment on a person?

Stress. Other than that, some point it in terms of their salary, time and opportunity given within their work environment. In other aspects, people who are unemployed are those who could be either of the following: 1. Not enough training and skills for a certain job 2. Discriminated during t (MORE)

Cause and effect relationships?

It is in this format: As increases/ decreases/ remain the same, increases/ decreases/ remain the same. The is the changed variable of the experiment, whereas the is the result, otherwise known as the measured variable.

Can the number of causes or effects vary in a cause and effect situation?

You can have any number of causes and/or effects. Just think of asimple one: you didn't do your assignment, but tried to get someoneelse to answer your question instead. That's the cause. The effectscould be nothing (nobody ever finds out you tried to cheat), afeeling of guilt or shame, and even a b (MORE)

Effects and causes of ozone layer?

Ozone is a tri oxygen molecule. It is formed in a natural processby the action of UV light on oxygen molecule.Ozone is present inthe stratosphere of the earth's atmosphere. It protects us from theharmful UV light of the sun.

What effects can a vacuum leak cause?

There can be a host of problems caused by a vacuum leak, depending on which side of the venturi it is located on and what system the vacuum operates. Some of these can be: . ECM / Check Engine light (codes) . No Idle, Rough Idle, High Idle . Too Rich / Lean . Non-functioning accessories; heate (MORE)

What are the causes and effects of starvation?

Causes:- not eating and over exercising. Effects:- could lead to bulimia/anorexia. dizziness, hair loss, health implications such as if you're dangerously underweight it can lead to a heart attack. bones can wear down. fainting, depression there are so many different effects off starvation.

What are the causes and effects of the Trojan war?

In Greek mythology, there was a party held, and someone threw out a golden apple labeled "To the Fairest Maiden". All of the maidens were fighting and trying to decide amongst themselves. There was a Trojan prince, Paris, who was decided as the judge of who should receive this prize. Well, it was na (MORE)

What is the cause and effect of Townshend Acts?

Effects . D ue to the Townshend Acts eventually caused the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea party. . Samuel Adams and John Dickenson ( Boston Patriot) led the resisting people against the townshend acts. . After the Boston massacre most of the newest taxes were taken back, but the tea tax w (MORE)

What effect did Mount Vesuvius cause?

When it erupted, it killed everything around it, eg: Pompii bysuffocation (ash). There was little lava but the lava did burntrees and fields etc.

What can Beyonce do?

Beyonce has a mezzo soprano vocal range. She is also known to be a very accomplished: dancer, fashion designer, songwriter, actress, record producer and a model.

What are the causes and effect of social darwinism?

Social Darwinism is a theory that competition between all individuals, groups, nations or ideas drives social evolution in human societies. The term is an extension of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, where competition between individual organisms drives biological evolutionary change (speciati (MORE)

What are the cause and effect on Philippine economic?

,I wanna answer this question but I am not sure if this answer is superbly right just wanna share my question. I am a Filipino too and I think because of our government but as I said I think this question is not superbly right. Thanks.

What did Beyonce have?

Beyonce died in 1544 of a massive hearattack at the wieght of 600 pounds she was a person who know one gived a crap about

What is the cause effect and solution of the greenhouse effect?

Normal greenhouse effect: . The cause of the normal greenhouse effect is the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that capture the sun's heat as it radiates back out from the earth. . The effect of the normal greenhouse effect is to keep the earth warm enough for life. . We do not need a sol (MORE)

What is cause an effect?

If I punch you on the nose (God forbid!) your nose will bleed. Mypunch is the cause, your bleeding is the effect (the word effectmeaning result). A nicer example (because I am nice really) is ifyou stroke a cat it will purr! The stroke is the cause ... thepurring is the effect.

What are cause and effect?

cause is a certain event that shows how that certain results or wecall an "effect" ex. the mouse was eaten by the cat because he ran very slow