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Vienna is the capitol of Austria where composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, etc. lived and worked.
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What was the Congress of Vienna?

It was a conference held in Austria to settle political and territorial questions arising from the Napoleonic Wars and to restore a balance of power in Europe.

What to see in Vienna?

See: stephansdom, schloss schoenbrunn, Hofburg, Innenstadt, Prater, wienerwald, donaupark, Stadtpark, donauinsel, UNO City, Rathaus, etc

Vienna is the capital of?

Vienna is the capitol city of Austria. There are an estimated 1,7million residents in this city and it has an area of 160 squaremiles.

What country is Vienna?

It is the Capital city of Austria, a small country in central Europe. Also known as Wien in german, the language spoken in Austria.

When was the Congress of Vienna?

this is straight from my textbook: Sept., 1814-June, 1815, one of the most important international conferences in European history, called to remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon I.

What is in Vienna sausage?

Vienna sausages are made from pig leftovers. What ever they don't use from a pig goes in the Vienna sausage: intestines, pig butt wholes, and etc.. and I've heard beef tongue! Pretty nasty huh...

What is Vienna rectifier?

The Vienna Rectifier is a unidirectional three-phase AC/DC converter of boost-type with sinusoidal input currents and controlled output voltage. It only employs three power switches which makes the Vienna Rectifier immune against short-circuit of the DC-link, cost-effective and reduces the blocking voltage of all its semiconductors by a factor two. It was invented by Prof. Kolar, ETH Zurich. Find more information on www.ipes.ethz.ch.

What is Vienna famous for?

It was the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven// For single linecomments /* Sorry, Beethoven was NOT born in Vienna, but in theGerman city Bonn *

Is Vienna In Italy?

No. Vienna is in Austria. A city in Italy with a similar sounding name is Venice.

What is the capitol for Vienna?

Vienna is a capitol itself. It's the capitol city of Austria, Europe. Because the Republic of Austria is a federation and Vienna on of its states, too, Vienna is also its own capitol.

What counry is Vienna in?

Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria and is also one of the 9 states of Austria. It is an extraordinary city you everyone should visit. The opera there is simply amazing. If you want to book tickets for the opera in Vienna, please visit this website for the lowest rates: http://www.65-ferie.dk/

Where was the Congress of Vienna?

The Congress of Vienna was an international conference that was called in order to remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon I.

Is Vienna nice?

Austria's capital Vienna hosts many international organizations. Many museums and palaces are located in the region. If you want the world trip, a must-see place in Vienna. Because Vienna is a CULTURE.

What is good about Vienna?

I've been 2 Vienna and I think it's a gr8 place!! Nothing that special about it though. Salzburg is better!! Vienna is steeped in history with incredible architecture especially with its water-way streets which are reportedly now suffering as the water is rising year on year

Who was the leading figure of the congress of Vienna?

The leading figure in the Congress of Vienna in 1814 was Klemens von Metternich who represented Austria. His goals were: Balance of power through out Europe, and expansion of Austrian empire. [Source]- AP European History, 4th block :)

What is Vienna Maine famous for?

They have a town hall which dates back into the 1900's and theyalso have numerous swimming lakes, but most importantly, they havea cemetery on Tower road near stream road.In this cemetery there isa witch names Gloria Umpton who studied black magic in the late1800's. If you enter at night alone, she sometimes shows herself toyou and she is known to sprint from side to side in the graveyard.

Does Vienna use euro?

Yes. Vienna is the capital of Austria and Austria is one of thecountries that uses the euro.

What is dear Vienna by owl city about?

Dear Vienna by Owl City is about a young girl (5-7 *NOT QUITE SURE*) named 'Vienna' who had a bone disease, so she couldn't move. She was also blind and deaf, but she read lips. About a year after this song was made, she died from that bone disease. It is sad, yes. I believe Adam was deeply affected by this, because after the death of the small child, he didn't make music (well, I'm sure he did, but he didn't release any.) for about 1/2 - 1 year or more. Hope this helped! ~Tiffany

Who did Beethoven study with in Vienna?

he wen there to study Mozart At the age of seventeen, Beethoven traveled to Vienna, in hopes of studying with Mozart. However, it is unknown whether they ever actually met. He returned to Bonn after two weeks. At the age of twenty-two, Beethoven again traveled to Vienna, where he studied under Joseph Haydn for about two years. He received specialized instruction from other teachers in Vienna, as well.

Where are lippizzaners trained in Vienna?

Lipizzaners are trained at the Spanish Riding School, located in Vienna in the Palace of the Hapsburg Dynasty - The Hofburg. They have been trained there since 1580, being the oldest school of Classical Dressage in the world.

Driving time from Vienna to krakow?

The actual time may vary according to the traffic and weather. Theapproximate driving time between these two places is 4 hours 45minutes.

Did the siege of Vienna fail in 1683?

Yes, the siege of Vienna failed in 1683. This was because of the Turkic army leader Kara Mustafa, who was not educated in this position, as he had lost a lot of previous battles. He lacked the right heavy artillery to attack the great protecting moat, walls and bastions of Vienna. His troops were frightened by the sudden appearance of the relieving army led by Jan III Sobieski, the Polish king of that time. Nevertheless, the relieving army was not only made of the poles, but also consisted of Germans and other Austrians. Kara Mustafa had underestimated the power of the relieving forces, and spent too much time focusing on his mining plans. He therefore fled to his safety, failing his siege of Vienna and leaving behind the wounded and the dead, as well as great booty for the Viennese folk.

What are Vienna Sausages and are they really from Vienna?

Vienna sausages are those tiny little cocktail wieners that are packaged in a can with a pull top lid. They come in several varieties, or flavors (Regular, Lite, BBQ, Hot 'n Spicy, Smoked Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Cajun, Regular, and Chicken). They are salty, and mushy, and by the opinion of every overseas soldier I ever knew, The Food OF The Gods! No, they did not come from Vienna nor are they based, even loosely, on any sausage ever sent out the door of a Wien metzgerei. But, they are fabulous. Not having been on the marketing team of Armour Meats at the time of product development, I can only guess that the name is a derivation of the term wiener that is sometimes used for American hot dogs. The wiener (a sausage or wurst variety specifically originating in Vienna) has a long history in Europe, especially Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Wieners, the European variety, are similar to hot dogs in appearance, but little else. They have a natural casing, are longer, and thinner. They are served with bread or Brot , but not on a bun. Typically, the only condiment eaten with wieners is mustard. The word wiener is literally translated from Wien ( Vienna auf Deutsch). The love affair between Vienna Sausages and US soldiers goes back to the birth of the Armour canned meat product. Finding themselves thousands of miles from home and the tastes of home, and surrounded by the foods of strange lands, US soldiers looked for a reminder, something to keep them connected. They also kept an eye to ease of transport, being ever on the move, and convenience in delivery, again being ever on the move. Hence, the Vienna Sausage. Vienna Sausages are packed in a small, easily stored container, a pull top can. For many hungry grunts, it is as simple as pulling a tab, and dumping the contents down the throat. Vienna Sausage servings are small enough to eat in nearly one gulp, and contain an entire day's recommended supply of sodium (another plus for the GI on the march). Their seasoning goes well with John Wayne biscuits (C-Rat crackers for those who never experienced them), and in a pinch were easily converted to currency for those emergency in-the-field transactions (John Wayne bars--C-Rat chocolate--or cigarettes). Yes, Vienna Sausages are as inseparable from the American GI as the combat boot, the M16, and letters home. And, they're tasty and nutritious. They just did not come from Vienna

What is a Vienna roll?

The Kaiser roll , also called a Vienna roll or a hard roll (original name: Semmel or Kaisersemmel ; if made by hand also: Handsemmel ), is a kind of bread roll, supposedly invented in Vienna, and thought to have been named to honor Emperor Franz Joseph. It is a typically crusty round roll made from flour,barm, malt, water and salt, with the top side usually divided in a rotationally symmetric pattern of five segments, separated by curved superficial cuts radiating from the centre outwards. Kaiser rolls are often produced by machine, as well as by hand. from Wikipedia

How do you get to Vienna airport from downtown Vienna?

You can take the underground line U3 (direction Simmering) and get to the Landstraße/Wien Mitte station. You can follow the green CAT signs with a small plane on it. The CAT (city airport train) will take you to Vienna airport in a few minutes.

What museums are in Vienna?

Vienna is home to many museums, including the Beethoven Museum, theVienna Museum, and the Chimney Sweep Museum. For a more completelist of Vienna's museums, please visit the related links.

Why was Vienna named Vienna?

Long long time ago, when the ancient Romans were on the territory of the modern Vienna, the place was called Vindobona. And this name was changed in time. It took ages before they started to call their city Wien or Vienna.