What is New Brunswick famous for?

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New Brunswick was known for their fishing. also new brunswick was know for their lumbering and their wood.
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New brunswick famous people?

The man who created the movie company MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayor), Louis B. Mayor, was born and raised in New Brunswick.

Where is New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is at Canada and the location is the longitude and latitude of new brunswick is 67N and 47W.

Which time zone is New-Brunswick in?

The time in New Brunswick, Canada is Atlantic Daylight Saving Time (UTC - 3 hours) from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November and Atlantic Standard Time (UTC -
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When did new brunswick become new brunswick?

Way back in Aug 16 1784. Fun Fact: Manitoba and New Brunswick are Canada's only bilingual provinces. BUT Manitoba's history as a Colony of Canada excludes it from being consi