What is Jim and Cheryl's last name on According to Jim?

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They apparently decided to avoid giving them one. When Dana married Ryan Gibson, it was said she was the first of the main characters on the show to get a surname.
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What type of television program is According to Jim?

It's an American sitcom starring Jim Belushi. It started in 2003 and (as of October 2008) is still airing new episodes (or is slated to release them.) Here's the synopsis (via Wikipedia:). Jim is an abrasive but lovable suburban father. Much like his real life counterpart, Jim's character is noted (MORE)

What is the origin of the name Jim crow?

Jim is just a vague one-size-fits-all name like Joe or John, and crows were black and the slaves were black. . But - . Jim Crow in the original song was not a slave, but a slave master. See related question.. Another possibility: derived phonetically from the French phrase, "gens des corbeaux" (MORE)

How did the Jim Crow laws get their name?

Jim Crow was an antebellum minstrel show character created by Thomas Dartmouth Rice in the early 1830s. "Daddy Rice" was a white actor who blackened his face with burnt cork and performed a song-and-dance act said to have been inspired by an elderly black man from the South. Rice's tattered costume (MORE)

Why was Jim Crow name that?

It was named Jim Crow after a song/dance that riticuled African Americans. It was called "Jump, Jim Crow".

What network aired according to Jim?

If you're talking about the "Britney Spears fall From Grace" than it was E! Entertainment Television. If not, I don't know.. It originally aired on ABC.

Is there any songs with the name Jim in them?

You Don't Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce . Are You Jimmy Ray - by Jimmy Ray . Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne by The Looking Glass . Go Jimmy Go by Jimmy Clanton . Jimmy Mack by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas . I Wanna Love Him So Bad by The Jelly Beans.... . Contains the line "I know his name, his na (MORE)

Where did the name Jim Crow Originate?

THE ORIGIN OF "JIM CROW" Jim Crow laws were named for an ante-bellum mistral show character. The minstrel show is one of the first indigenous forms of American entertainment. The tradition began in February 1843 when a group of four white men from Virginia, billed as the "Virginia Minstrels", (MORE)

What was Jim Nabor's sons name?

James "Jim" J. Nabors, born December 1836 in Shelby County Alabama. On 22 September 1852 he was married to Jane Starrs. They had no children.

I have the same last name as Amy Jim has the same last name as Amy except backwards Steve has the same last name as Jim except 'son' is at the end Steve's last name is Blubson What is your last na?

stupid question. SHUP UP it is NOT a stupied question your stupied . Haha, it's not stupid considering you didn't answer it. Jim's last name is Blub, so therefore Amy's and your last name is Bulb. Derr. . My last name is not bulb and i didn't write this question Derr.So there we go back to you be (MORE)

What' the name of Jim Benton's kids?

Jim Benton has 9 kids. Named- Bertha Becky Bernard Bernie Bella Bruno Bill Billy Fred (except he hates him) His wife is named Barafon Bunbun Benton. He also has a pet llama named Jack. His llama drools a lot. Lastly, he has a pet bird named Punkin.

What is the meaning of the name Jim?

Jim is short for James. The Hebrew word/name translated as James means supplanter; substitute.. For etymology and variants/alternatives, see Related links below this box.

How do you use a slim Jim on a 1999 Honda accord?

I had to do this in the first month I owned my V6 coupe. (It was my first car. Go figure.) If you happen to have a crowbar, you can pry the door open juuuuust enough to stick a wire coat hanger in with the end looped, lasso the door lock and pull it. If you locked the key inside, grab it quickly so (MORE)

Is Jim a weird name?

no, not really. it is quite a comon name for older people but isn't generaly that popular for younger people.

What is Michelle and Jim bob's full names?

Jim Bob Duggar's full name is James Robert Duggar as you might have guessed by his nickname "Jim Bob". Michelle Duggar's full name is Michelle Annette Duggar. Her maiden name was Ruark.

What famous people have the first name Jim?

· James Bowie (popular hero who helped Texas become a state) · James Buchanan (U.S. President) · James Cagney (actor) · James Dean (actor) · James Doolittle (aviator) · James Garfield (U.S. President) · James "Catfish" Hunter (baseball) · James Madison (U.S. (MORE)

Is Jim Bob a good name?

James Robert is fine & if the person let's himself be called that instead, it's his business. I think its a Fantastic name if you like names starting with J!!

Where does the name Jim originate?

Jim is medieval for James. James comes from the Latin name of 'Iacomus'. This was in turn derived from Iakobos, the Greek name of Jacob.

What is the Danish name for Jim?

Danish people can be called Jim too - there is no Danish version ofthe word. According to Danmarks Statistik, there's 1480 people in Denmarknamed Jim as of 2018.

Am I a Jim?

Only if you have been chosen by the father of the Jims. You may also be selected or call yourself The Jim so much that eventually people accept it. e.g. Scott Chambers is now a Jim.