What is Cher's genealogy?

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Her father was Armenian, and her mother is of French descent.

One time years ago she said her father was turkish. Also during an interview with Barbara Walters she said her father was not close to her and that he had serious drug related issues; that she stopped seeing him when she found out that a photo of her and Chastity she had given to him as a token of love and reconciliation had been sold or pounded for money? somewhere.. and of course that did hurt her very much.
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What is Odysseus' genealogy?

Genealogy of Odysseus . Generation 0 Telemachus\nGeneration 1 Odysseus married to Penelope, dau of Icarius (sister of Iphthime m Eumelus)\nGeneration 2 Odysseus (and his sister Ctimene) was the son of Laertes and Anticleia\nGeneration 3 Laertes son of Arcesius; Anitcleia dau of Autolycus and Amph (MORE)

What is the genealogy of Arthur?

Answer . Unknown King Arthur Stories are mainly myth and fantasy ! we dont even know if he existed let alone his parentage . However popular story tells us that his Father was Uther Pendragon who decieved the lady Igraine, with Merlins help, by taking on the form of her husband in order to li (MORE)

What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study and documentation of the ancestry anddescendants of specific people, often with added reference to theirlives, accomplishments and lifestyles. It is also the study of thehistory of one or more families, who need not have been prominentin any way. . This distinguishes it from (MORE)

What is Cher's last name?

cher does't have a last name now because she went and had it changed but before it was Cherilyn Sarkisian

What is the definition of genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of ones ancestors and related people. It is often called Family History and differs from more conventional History in that Genealogy need not focus on prominent or influential people or on broad or important sociopolitical trends. It does focus on the names, activities and l (MORE)

What is the genealogy of Adam?

You can see the geneology of Adam in Mathew chapter 1.. Also in Genesis 5. Make a list and compare it with Matthew 1 .

What does genealogy mean?

The study of ancestry or pedigrees. For people, genealogy often involves constructing what is called a"family tree" showing the births, marriages, and descendants forearlier and current generations of a family.

What is Cher's net worth?

By 2002, Cher's wealth was estimated to be over $600 million. And that was before she embarked herself on the Farewell Tour, which grossed over $250 million in the US alone. And after all her publicity she's gotten and her new Las Vegas Caesar's Palace contract for $160 million, she must be, by now, (MORE)

What is Cher's address?

Cher's official fan mail address is: Cher Official Cher fan Club . PO Box 2425 Milford, CT 06460

How do you get information about your genealogy?

I am very meticulous, so I prefer to use a family tree program. The one I use is called Family Tree Maker and I have been using it for about 13 years and find it easy to use. Then, combine that with a membership to ancestry.com and you will be lost for hours finding relatives.. You can also store y (MORE)

What is Cher's first movie?

Other than television appearances, her first film is "Chastity" (1969). She plays a runaway searching for love. It was written by Sonny Bono.

What is Cher's disability?

Chers disability is dyslexia. Yes Dyslexia, but she also has Dyscalcula. In her home she has a huge phone with giant one foot block numbers so she can process the numbers easier to call friends and family. She is a sweetheart of a soul!

Was does genealogy mean?

Genealogy is "the study of one's ancestors--parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on back through history."

What is Cher's maiden name?

Cher's full birth name and maiden name was Cherilyn Sarkisian. Cheris a singer and actress. She has been married twice and has twochildren.

What is Cher's favorite food?

Once on Oprah she said that every once in a while she likes tohave a good hamburger.. but I guess her mom always hadhealthy food around the house like nuts and salads when she and her sister were growing up.

How do you organize genealogy?

There are three ways: Paper, internet storage, or software. Storage on paper has a long and successful history, albeit an archaic practice. Paper documentation requires far too much attention to detail to keep up and organize beyond a few generations. Large family trees, beyond two or three gener (MORE)

How popular is genealogy?

Genealogy is more popular than it has ever been. It has become a mainstream hobby since it's now easier to access information through multiple free and fee websites, and it's easier to contact others who may have family information you're seeking. There are also references being made to genealogy in (MORE)

Who invented genealogy?

Genealogy was probably invented by many different people, but so long ago that none of them are remembered. Genealogy started as the recording of the ancestors of kings and other important people, to show how they are descended from gods and mythic heroes and thus deserving of their power and the p (MORE)

What is the Jewish genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of the history of particular families, who may or may not have had prominent members.. Jewish genealogy is the study of the history of families who were Jewish, or are descended at least in part form Jewish families. Because Jews were kept separated from the mainstream of soc (MORE)

Are both of Cher's children gay?

Neither of her children are gay: Her son, Elijah Blue Allman, has been reported on dating ParisHilton, Nicole Ritchie, Kate Hudson. . Her son, Chaz Bono, is a FTM transgendered man, who is attractedto women.

Is Cher's daughter a lesbian?

yes she is she was always a lesbian! Update: No, Former Chastity Bono has undergone gender reassignment and now lives as a straight male.

What is Cher's sister name?

Georganne LaPiere, who played Heather Grant Webber on General Hospital before Robyn Matson took over the role.

What is Cher's genre?

Throughout her long career, Cher has covered pop, rock, disco, country, folk, new wave rock, and some jazzy torch music. But mainly pop and rock.

Who is Cher's agent?

Liz Rosemberg You know that that the Brain hide the unnecessarly thing like the second "that" that I write before

How did genealogy start?

Genealogy is a record of direct descent from ancestors. The practice of documenting lineage is lost in our most ancient history. People have always preserved lineage in some form from the time when there were only tribal leaders. The earliest would have been in spoken form passed down by tradition.

When did genealogy start?

Genealogy has been around as long as humans have been on this earth. Every family has told stories about their ancestors since time began. The formalized study of genealogy has its roots in the history of European royal families where bloodlines and people were tracked. In the United States, the f (MORE)

What is the paradox of genealogy?

One observation that has been called a "paradox of genealogy" is that the more information is known, the more (unknown) information there is to find. . ANSWER >That depends upon whether one is an evolutionist or an Intelligent designer. If of intelligent design then theoretically one would have t (MORE)

What is a Genealogy forum?

A genealogy forum is a message board where participants can have online discussions about ancestry through the use of posted messages. For instance, you could initiate a thread by posting a question about your ancestral surname and others with pertinent information could respond.

When does your genealogy end?

NEVER! You will never be able to track down and find the names of all of your ancestors, but you will keep trying.

How do you start genealogy?

The best way to start in genealogy is with yourself. Write down your full name, your birth date and place, and, if you're married, your husband's or wife's full name, birth date and place, and the date and place of your marriage. Then continue by listing your parents names, birth dates and places, m (MORE)

What is the genealogy of Hades?

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What is the genealogy of Moses?

According to The Bible, the genealogy of Moses, back as far as Abraham is: Abraham - lived 175 years Isaac - lived 180 years Jacob - lived 147 years Levi - lived 137 years Kohath -lived 133 years Amram - lived 137 years Moses - lived 120 years Assuming that Moses is literally the grandson of Koha (MORE)

What is the Genealogy of Saturn?

There is no "Genealogy" of Saturn. Genealogy is the study anddocumentation of a specific direct ancestral lineage within abiological Family.

Who s Cher's husband?

Cher was married to Sonny Bono from October 27, 1964 to June 26, 1975. After her divorce from Sonny, she married Gregg Allman on June 30, 1975 and divorced January 16, 1979. She is not currently married to anyone.

What is a genealogy record?

Genealogy is the study of a person's family history, so a genealogyrecord would be anything that relates to that study or providesinformation about a person. Genealogists use records like birthcertificates, wills, family Bibles, yearbooks, newspapers,headstones, and a variety of other sources. If it (MORE)

Is cher's moonstruck steal live?

Moonstruck is a movie that was made in the year 1987. This star ofthis movie was Cher, Nicolas Cage, Danny Aiello which all are stillalive.