What if your HDTV does not have an HDMI cable input?

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Use the component input.
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Can a Mac Mini that has a DVI output be connected to an HDTV with an HDMI input?

I have a Sony KDL-52XBR4 connected to my Mac-Mini via a DVI to HDMI cable and it works fine. All I did was change the resolution to get it working. I'm pretty sure is in the 1

Can I watch HD-DVD movies on a Sony HDTV without HDMI inputs?

Answer . Yes. Your HD-DVD player should also have the five different colored cables, that can be plugged into almost any television set. This is an acceptable alternative,

Can you play PS3 on a HDTV without a HDMI cable?

Yes. You can. You can also use optional PS3 component cables for the same results if the HDTV does not have HDMI and can have 480i picture resolution with the A/V cable that c

Can a hdtv with dvi in work with sony playstation3 using dvi HDMI HDMI cable?

Yes, a DVI input will usually accept an HDMI signal via an adapter cable but make sure the TV input is HDCP compliant otherwise protected content, such as Blu-ray movies, will

What do you do if your HDTV is so old it does not have HDMI cable input?

As HDTV made its entrance to the market, HDMI was not available. Because of this, there are a handful of HD televisions that have only analog HD inputs or perhaps RGB inputs.

How do you connect your laptop to your hdtv with your vga to HDMI cable?

VGA to HDMI won't happen unfortunately. VGA is an analog signal whereas HDMI is digital. There is no VGA to HDMI connector that supports the conversion. Note that DVI is both

What kind of HDMI cable would you need for a Toshiba laptop and a vizio HDTV?

Any HDMI cable that has an HDMI logo will work. All HDMI products need to be tested and licensed by the HDMI organization. If a cable passes the test, it works. If HDMI cable

What is the best HDMI cable to connect a PS3 to a LCD 1080p LED HDTV?

The best HDMI cable is not necessary or recommended. Walmart sells Sony PS3 HDMI cables and you to even upgrade to a higher cost and quality Sony HDMI Cable. That is what I di

What is HDTV and HDMI?

HDTV - High definition television. HD television is any signal that conforms to the HD standards. That means any signal of 720 lines, 1080 lines or (now obsolete) 1035 lines.

Is a HDMI cable necessary to view hdtv?

To view something in HD you must use a HDMI cable. _____________________________ A 1080i signal, which is the highest video quality of HDTV in North America, can be trans