What happened to Mitch Guindon drummer for Nickelback?

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Mitch Guindon left Nickelback in 1998 being replaced by former drummer Ryan Vikedal, Mitch is in Vancouver, and as far as I know, he works for a car company, and still plays drums.
UPDATE Oct. 25, 2009.
Mitch Guindon has been living in Fort St. John, BC since 2008 and is working as an automotive mechanic at a Honda dealership.
He is also playing in a band called "Anytown" with Ryan Hennessey, Tyson Mowatt and Juno nominated singer songwriter Dayna Manning. Anytown is currently writing material for their first album.
update feb. 6 2011 ok the history of mitch guidon. Brandon kroeger the first drummmer of nickelback 1995-1997 in that time nickelback need a drummer so later in 1997 they found mitch guindon on 1998 he left the band why to work in a car company he thought it will be better if he doesnt work in a band so in 1998 he left without making no album. you cant hear his drums he doesnt appears in no nickelback albums tours or concerts. no pictures nothing at all later Ryan vikedal came and they start working in their new album the state
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Who is the drummer to The Who?

Keith Moon was the original drummer for the Who. After Moon died of an overdose he was replaced with Kenny Jones of The Faces. Most recently Zak Starkey.

How did Nickelback meet?

Chad and Mike Kroeger grew up together; they were brothers. Ryan Peake met the Kroeger brothers when they were in 6th grade; Ryan Vikedal was a friend of Peake's.

Is nickelback 34?

Yes. I have heard people say Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger is 33, but that was last year so I'm pretty sure he's 34. he is 33 he turned 33 in November EDIT: Chad Kroeger's birthdate is 15 November 1974 Mike Kroeger's birthdate is 25 June 1972 Ryan Peake's birthdate is 1 March 1973 (MORE)

What happen to Brandon Kroeger the drummer of Nickelback?

Brandon Kroeger is now a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst living in Alberta, Canada. He has since played on a variety on studio recordings with other bands but plays mostly Jazz/Fusion for fun. He continues to be close to his Nickelback family but enjoys the quieter life with his (MORE)

What is Nickelbacks nanes?

Lead singer, Rthymn Guitarist-Chad Kroeger Lead Guitarist- Ryan Peake Bassist- Mike Kroeger Drummer- Daniel Adair

What happened to Mitch Guindon?

Updated Oct 2012 with correct information by Mitch Guindon* Mitch Guindon played with Canadian rock band Nickelback from 1997-1998 while working at Ayotte Drums in Vancouver, BC which is also where Nickelback's first drummer Brandon Kroeger worked at the time. Other notable drummers working at A (MORE)

Where did Nickelback get there name from?

Nickelback's bass player, (Mike Kroeger) came up with the name.. He used to work in a coffee shop and was constantly saying, "here's a nickel back" when giving change.

How did Nickelback get discovered?

The created a self-launched record. Then, through the help of many advertisers, they came out with Curb. Propelled by the success of this album, they released Silver Side Up in 2001, which stayed at the top of the charts for 13 weeks.

Who are the singers from Nickelback?

The only singer in the band is Chad Kroeger. The others might do back up, but Chad is the singer. EDIT: . Chad sings lead, Ryan and Daniel sing back up.

Who are the members of nickelback?

Well Nickelback had a few different drummers actually the one they have the one now was from 3 Doors Down..... but the members of nickelback now are Chad Kroeger Ryan Peake Daniel Adiar And Mike Kroeger FYI. Chad And Mike Are step brothers bcuz ur probally wondering if they are related bcuz of their (MORE)

Who has been in Nickelback?

Chad Kroeger (lead vocalist & lead guitar) Ryan Peake (rhythm guitar & background vocals) Mike Kroeger (bass guitar) (THESE THREE HAVE BEEN IN THE BAND SINCE 1995 WHEN THE BAND STARTED) Brandon Kroeger (Drums) 1995-1997 Ryan Vikedal (Drums) 1997-2005 Daniel Adair (Drums) 2005- Present (MORE)

How Nickelback met?

they met in Ontario and decided that they wanted to form a band so they did a bunch of things and now there famous Um, no. They're from Hanna, Alberta. Chad and Mike are brothers and they met Ryan at school. They met Daniel, the current drummer, when he was with 3 Doors Down.

How did Nickelback get there name?

i wass watchingg the nickelbackk biographyy andd chad krogeur saidd thatt theyy went to thiss cafee all the timee and you payedd with nickels so he decided to call his bandd nickelbackk,,, nickellback is my favv band iiLOveTHem :D ... actually Mike (Bass) had worked at a cafe and he would always (MORE)

What happened to def leppards drummer?

Rick Allen crashed his car in the mid 80s, and the seatbelt lopped his arm off. Doctors tried to reattach it, but it became infected. The band commissioned a custom drumkit to compensate for his lack of an arm.

How many drummers has Nickelback had?

3: Brandon Kroeger, Ryan Vikedal, and Daniel Adair. 4 Brandon Kroeger 1995-1997 Mitch Guidon 1997-1998 Ryan Vikedal 1998-2005 Daniel Adair 2005 present

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What are facts about Nickelback?

Nickelback is an Canadian band they are from Hanna , Alberta , Canada . They started their career in 1995 , the members of Nickelback are : Chad Kroeger , Mike Kroeger , Daniel Adair and Ryan Peake . And after all they are very successful and they are an amazing band !! :) and they've sold more th (MORE)

Why have Nickelback had so many drummers?

well the first drummer there cousin got in an accident then the replaced him with Daniel Adair the drummer they have now because Brandon kroeger joined the band in 1995 and left in 1997 because he wanted to spent time with his family mitch guidon went to the band in 1997 and left in 1998 because he (MORE)

What happened to the drummer for BBKing Calep Emphrey?

date : April 24, 2010 8:00 am author : Abby Owen source :http://www.ameriblues.com/2010/04/24/calep-emphrey-interview-by-abby-owen/ . Abby Owen : - I Know you've beendrummer for B B King for 30-odd years… CalepEmphrey : - Thirty-one years Abby Owen : -You stopped last year, 2009? (MORE)

Who in Nickelback has children?

Chad Kroeger has no kids. Ryan Peake has a daughter named Acadia and a son named Dax. Mike Kroeger has a son named Dawson and a daughter named Avalon. Daniel Adair has some stepchildren, if I'm not mistaken...

Is nickelback bald?

If you're talking about Chad Kroeger, the group's lead singer, then no; he has blonde dreads.

Who sings for nickelback?

if you mean the lead singer of nickelback, the one with that amazing voice....it's chad kroegar.....a Canadian singer and the founder of the band.

How do you like Nickelback?

I love them because they are amazing! They are the best band in the world! They've got amazing songs and albums! They work really hard. Plus, they are all hotties!

Who are the musicians in Nickelback?

Nickelback consists of; . Chad Kroeger - lead vocals/co-lead & rhythm guitar . Ryan Peake - co-lead & rhythm guitar/backing vocals . Mike Kroeger - bass guitar . Daniel Adair - drums/backing vocals

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What happens to air particles when a drummer hits a large kettle drum?

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When will nickelback tour?

Nickelback Will be starting their "Here & Now" Tour in April of this year (2012). You can get tour dates on their site

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