What happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin?

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Jon and Kate Gosselin are still talking about the pressures of planning the show, and their various indiscretions. They are probably trying to work it out.
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Where do Jon and Kate Gosselin live?

Jon and Kate Gosselin still live in Berks County Pennsylvania in a town called Wyomissing. Kate lives in the home the couple purchased for the kids prior to the divorce, while Jon lives in the area in order to be close to his children. While this question is legitimate, Answers.com refrains from (MORE)

Where are Jon and Kate Gosselins parents?

Answer Jon's father is deceased. His mom is remarried. According to Jon she has moved far away and isn't able to be in the children's immediate life.. Kates parents are "Out of the picture". Lets just say its personal.. Kate's father has his Masters Degree in Education. He is a Teacher, a Minist (MORE)

Who are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon and Kate Gosselin are reality television personalities. They intially captured the public's attention as two of ten stars on the reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which was broadcast on The Learning Channel (TLC) from 2007 until November 23, 2009. Re-runs of the show are a regular part of t (MORE)

What are opinions of Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin According to professionals that organize events where Kate Gosselinhas appeared. Gosselin is far from the ordinary mom she waspresented as on her reality show. There are reports and opinionsabout Kate Gosselin from all sides... and by all reports, [Kate]Gosselin's reputation for being (MORE)

How old are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon Gosselin is 40 years old (born April 1, 1977) Kate Gosselin is 42 years old (born March 28, 1975) They got married at the age of [Kate] 24, and [Jon] 22. They filed for divorce June 22, 2009. When the divorce was finalized Kate was 34 and Jon was 32.

Do Jon or Kate Gosselin smoke?

Jon smoked in High School, and continues to occasionally smoke. See related links. As far as we can tell, Kate does not smoke.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin married?

No, Jon and Kate Gosselin's marriage ended in divorce. Kate Gosselin filed for divorce on June 22, 2009 - and the divorce was finalized in late 2009. Although they were separated most of 2009, their divorce was not official until December.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin grandparents?

No. Jon and Kate Gosselin are not grandparents. Their children are all under the age of 12, so it should be a few years before their children start getting into serious romantic relationships and having children of their own.

What religion are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon and Kate Gosselin are Christians, at one time they attend Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Reading, PA. There is not current information on what church, if any the Gosselins have attended since their divorce in 2009.

Where did Jon and Kate Gosselin get married?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were married June 12, 1999, in a friend's back yard in Wyomissing, Berks County, Pennsylvania. In 2008, Jon and Kate renewed their wedding vows in Hawaii, on the grounds of the grounds of the Grand Wailea Resort, Maui.

How can you meet Jon or Kate Gosselin?

You can meet the Gosselins by attending a speaking event or personal appearance, or maybe running into them while they are on a family trip. Of course, they will be filming... so you probably can see them.. but won't get to speak with them. If you are in South Bend, Indiana around March 13, 2010 (MORE)

Were Jon and Kate Gosselin remarried?

Yes, Jon and Kate Gosselin renewed their wedding vows during a Summer 2008 trip to Hawaii. The episode For Better or Worse originally aired November 17, 2008..

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin in love?

Well, at the beginning of the show's apperance, they were. But now in 2009, they are getting a divorce. They have recently filed divorce papers on June 22, 2009.

Who helps Jon and Kate Gosselin?

There are many people who help Jon and Kate.. Jon and Kate Gosselin sometimes get help from family and friends when needed. On their show, you'll frequently see people such as: Aunt Jodi, Beth Carson, Jenny, Carla, Carla's daughter, and other family, friends, and neighbors. However, there are rumor (MORE)

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin have favorites?

Opinions . No, they don't. They love all their children equally. . Yes they do. It's quite obvious. Kate's favorite is Hannah and Jon's favorite is Joel. Kate never hugs Aaden either. . Seriously Kate doesn't like Aaden at all. I feel bad for the kid. Also, Kate is always holding Hannah in her la (MORE)

When did Jon and Kate Gosselin get married?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were married June 12, 1999 in a friend's back yard in Wyomissing, Berks County, Pennsylvania. They were married on June 12, 1999\nTen years ago, June 12 1999.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin rich?

Opinions from Various Wikianswerers . I do not think so. The Gosselins do the show and get some money from that. I heard they are living in a 1.5 million dollar house. . Yes, the Gosselins are pretty rich. They allegedly make up to $75,000 per episode. Their show it in its 5th season.

Did Jon Gosselin cheat on Kate?

According to Jon Gosselin, their relationship was over in October 2008. However the couple was still married when he started dating other women. So, according to the law... he cheated. By the laws of relationships... they were already 'broken up." Kate Gosselin did not cite infidelity as a r (MORE)

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin Christians?

Opinions from various WikiAnswerers . I believe that Jon and Kate may have professed that they are Christians in their book, Multiple Blessings. From the content of the book and on their official website, one could assume that they are Christians, or at least have knowledge of Scripture. . Yes, J (MORE)

Did Kate Gosselin cheat on Jon?

According to Kate, no. According to Jon, yes.. Unsubstantiated Rumors . Stories that Kate Gosselin cheated on Jon, that they are separated, or getting a divorce, are unsubstantiated rumors .. Opinions from contributors Yes, Kate Gosselin is cheating on Jon with her bodyguard they did have an (MORE)

What are opinions about what happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin?

One Opinion Kate's greed and Jon's apathy. She has always been somewhat of a shrew but in the last couple of years she is just nasty to him. However, he never stands up for himself nor does he ever bite back. Man up Jon!!!! Shut up Kate!!!!. If you two split the kids are the ones who will suffer. (MORE)

Why are Jon and Kate Gosselin fightings?

Jon and Kate are going through a rough patch because of the stress of being in the spotlight, and the ongoing demands of raising 8 happy, healthy children.. Allegedly, Jon was caught out with another woman. Jon admits he was out at night with a friend, but denies an impropriety.

What is the truth about Jon and Kate Gosselin?

That is a good question I like how you added TRUTH but anyways I just think that they are going through some tough times you know no one really knows anything because it is all gossip. Kate did not turn into a mom from monster as one of the headlines claimed. She is a good and loyal mom like she sai (MORE)

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate?

While there are many rumors about both Jon and Kate Gosselin, there is one thing that Jon and Kate agree upon: in the time after their separation and before their divorce was finalized Jon started stepping out with other women. Since that time, Jon Gosselin has committed himself to a life outside (MORE)

What has happen between Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Several things have happened between them. It is a case of a stronger dominant partner downplaying the other partner and demanding that their needs are constantly met. In this case, Kate is the domineering one, belitting Jon and constantly talking over him and making fun of him. She is the one that (MORE)

Why did Kate Gosselin marry Jon?

She loved Jon. She probably still does. 8 kids will bring on a lot of stress and they became parents fairly young. I think Jon is having a mid-life crisis, as maybe he didn't get to do all the things he wanted before the kids were born. This is likely putting a great strain on their marriage.

Why are Jon and Kate Gosselin divorcing?

They have both discussed the reasons for their marriage problems on the show, and in conflicting interviews with People Magazine. Jon would like more flexibility, and Kate would like more things to go "her way." There are rumors that both Jon and Kate cheated during the marriage. Technically, Jon d (MORE)

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin have iPhones?

Yes, Both Jon and Kate have iphones. If you look in magiznes they're always on them! If you really want to know Kate's is Hot pink, and Jon's is light blue!

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin together?

No. Jon and Kate got divorced in 2009. After a year of tabloid covers and rumors, they were officially divorced... and now their post-divorce lives are the frequent topic of tabloid stories. While the initial years after the divorce were strained both Jon and Kate Gosselin have agreed that things (MORE)

Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce?

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced because they grew apart and had different ambitions and goals for their family, they weren't able to reconcile those views -- and it hurt their marriage. Jon Gosselin has stated in several interviews that despite his party-ing ways, he never cheated on Kate Gosseli (MORE)

Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin get divorced?

Opinions from various WikiAnswerers: To bring them and the kids some peace Because Kate thinks Jon is cheating on her. Same reason why most people get divorced- they do not get along Since the divorce, Jon Gosselin has repeatedly denied allegations that he cheated on Kate. Kate mentioned (MORE)

Did Jon and Kate Gosselin breakup?

Yes, they announced their separation in June 22, 2009 episode of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'. On the same day Kate Gosselin filed papers to initiate divorce proceedings.

When did Kate and Jon Gosselin separate?

Well, it was at the end of this past month. They decided that it wasn't working out and they didn't want to be together; the papers were filed on the 22nd of June, 2009.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin in a fight?

Yes. Jon and Kate Gosselin's disputes have been regular fodder for the tabloids over the first half of 2009. Without and end to the public squabbling in sight, Jon and Kate appear to be determined to air out their grievances in the media.

Will Kate Gosselin divorce Jon Gosselin?

Yes. Kate Gosselin filed for divorce June 22, 2009 and the divorce was finalized in December of the same year. In the final days of her family reality show 'Kate Plus 8" - Kate continued to tweet and talk about her failed marriage. Citing lack of respect, and many things that she and the kids had t (MORE)

Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin separate?

Jon and Kate have stated in several interviews that they separated because they had grown apart and had different goals. While there is a lot of speculation about the details of the Gosselins marriage, there is little information on exactly which events led to their separation.

What will Jon and Kate Gosselin do in 2010?

Jon and Kate Gosselin will continue to negotiate the difficult path of being divorced and co-parenting their two sets of multiples: twins and sextuplets. Both Jon and Kate say they cannot go back to their previous lives, so they will both follow their own plans for generating income to raise their (MORE)

Why are Jon and Kate Gosselin famous?

The Gosselin's are famous for their high profile sextuplet pregnancy and the subsequent healthy birth of their offspring. Their fame grew as the continued to capture the imagination (and eventually the ire) of people in their community. All this attention led to their much publicized specials, and (MORE)

Did Jon or Kate Gosselin get the house?

In the episode announcing their divorce, Kate stated that the house would remain "The Kids' House". But, I think that Kate is more or less the owner because she has primary custody of the kids.

Where did Jon and Kate Gosselin go?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, the couple featured on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' along with their children are no longer filming their popular reality television show. The couple divorced in 2009, and since that time Kate Gosselin continues to pursue a career in front of the cameras while Jon Gosselin maintains (MORE)

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate Gosselin?

This depends on what you mean by the meaning I think your talking about is cheating - that is a subject of great speculation.. Jon has maintained that he never cheated on kate Gosselin, and in emails with one of Jon's girlfriends Kate Gosselin has admitted the two were never involved until a year a (MORE)