What happened to Jon Sherrie Rivers?

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source: www.klove.com Sherry, Lexi, and I have been on quite a journey the past few months. All of the hardship that has come our way has been due to an addiction that I have had to prescription drugs for the last several years. Yes, this is completely my fault. Sherry, Lexi, or K-LOVE had nothing to do with the events that occurred. For seemingly impossible to treat headaches I was prescribed powerful pain medications a few years ago and for some time now I have slowly and gradually walked down a dark and deadly road. This road led me farther away from my family, my friends, my co-workers and even my faith. It led me further away than I ever realized was possible. But thanks to my brave wife who was willing to wake me up to the reality of who I had become, I was able to get the help I desperately needed. Real help. The kind of help where people tell you the truth about this illness called addiction and force you to look into the mirror and then give you the tools to recover.
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