What equipment is used to make video games?

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Hardware wise you would need a good computer and Programming software. If you are looking to make Console games then you would have to have a license to do so from the make of the console, you would also need to have a good understanding of the console that you are making games for.
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What math skills are used to make video games?

Making video games requires several key skills, all of which require some knowledge of math. Occupations in the video game field are divided into several professions. One of these skills or professions is a game programmer/programming. The following is an example of the Programming Language used in (MORE)

How do you make a video game script?

Most often a program is used to create video games. Many of these programs have built in functions that will write the script for you. However, for the ones that don't, the way you make the script is dependent on the program you are using. basic ideas of video game scripts: key detect: a line (MORE)

Are video games hard to make?

They can be. It really depends on the type and complexity of thegame. However, the hardest part of writing any game is simply incoming up with an original concept that will engage players. Onceyou have that, writing the actual code is easy.

How do you make a video game for the web?

First you have to have a special game making software such as "gamemaker" and others. Next you make the game. Then if you have a website, you can post it on. There are free website creaters such as "freewebs", and "zoomshare."

How do you make a video game and your a kid?

I'm a kid 2 and I'm making 3 in my own video game company. Making video games can be complicated and confusing, but if ur willing 2 commit, the rest is easy. Just go to Yoyogames.com and download Gamemaker. If you get the free version you can make 2-D games w/ a couple limits, but remember, many 2 (MORE)

How do you make your own video games?

Firstly, u should install a record program, i recommend PChand Screen Capture, it could record anything on the screen and any audio you hear. even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings. see the link below: http://www.screen-capture- (MORE)

Why did they make glitches in video games?

A glitch is an unplanned computer error that causes a program to act in ways that it was not supposed to act. An "easter egg" is a planned surprise that you can find in some games or websites by clicking on different places.

How old do you have to be to make a video game?

To make one professionally, it depends on the labour laws of the jurisdiction where the company is located. To make one as a hobby, there is no minimum age, as long as you are old enough to use a computer and know how to program a video game or use software to automate the process.

How do you make a video game for free?

Making video games can be complicated and confusing, but if ur willing 2 commit, the rest is easy. Just go to Yoyogames.com and download Gamemaker. If you get the free version you can make 2-D games w/ a couple limits, but remember, many 2-D games r proffesional. If u get the Pro version, you can ma (MORE)

Are they making a Twilight video game?

i love the books and the movie but i don't think that it would make a very good video game so i say that their wont be one in the near future p.s. i wish every one would stop asking this question because their will be no such game and another thing most of the sites i have went to focus more on g (MORE)

How do they make video game cheats?

Cheat codes are actually exploits included for a reason. What for? The game developers need a way of testing their product, so they include these little 'backdoor' codes to be able to jump around or quickly set the game to a certain state and test a level or area. Just FYI, you can RUIN (i.e. cor (MORE)

What software do you use to make video games with?

There are many kinds of software out there but some free ones are "UDK"(Unreal Development Kit), and the "Unity" game engine. But if you're creating the 3-D mold and sculptures, then you'd need something like "3-D Coat" which is available on "Steam" for about 80.00 USD or more. Hope this helped!

What equipment is used to make videos?

Cameras, studios, sound makers, green screens, actors, animations, props, moving machines, robots, film, microphones, headsets, music, different wires and connections, computers and many other stuff.

What equipment is used to make chopsticks?

Hi thre the equipment to make chopstick are slicers which cut the wood into thin strips on the production line.They are then fed into another machine what cuts them to size, they are then shaped in a final machine that rotates the sticks.

How do you make video game videos?

Easy man! Just get a camera and video tape or you can use a digitalcam that attaches to the computer. This allows you to upload tosocial graph sites at world wide locations. Kiwanis members do thisoften. I like to use Answers™ namespace. What? If you read comments of people's vids on youtube t (MORE)

How do you make a video game disk?

Making video games can be complicated and confusing, but if ur willing 2 commit, the rest is easy. Just go to Yoyogames.com and download Gamemaker. If you get the free version you can make 2-D games w/ a couple limits, but remember, many 2-D games r professional. If u get the Pro version, you can ma (MORE)

What company makes video games?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mean the companies (game publishers) that make the consoles and a lot of the games? In that case it's Sony-Playstation Microsoft-Xbox Nintendo-Wii,Ds,Dsi,3Ds Or video game developers like: Capcom, Atari, Sega, Activision, Neversoft, Electronic Arts (EA), an (MORE)

Does Canada make video games?

EA is a Canadian game company. most of the people at the top of the company (C.E.O, Directors e.t.c) are all Canadian

Is it legal to make video game videos?

Unless you have permission from the game's copyright holder, it's technically probably a violation of copyright. You'd have to have a compelling "fair use" exception to the copyright protection for it to be, strictly speaking, legal.

Where do you make a Video Game?

it depends what you're making it for... if its for windows and xbox360 then youll want to use Microsoft visual c++, tutorials are available on that or check out my youtube DCSsoftware... if its for apple products then use one of their tools and look up tutorials on youtube... for anything else, you (MORE)

Where can you make your own video game?

Well, there are alot of way. Either by creating a new Game from Scratch, by coding etc. but this is only for very skilled Coder. The best way to make your own game is by using a 'MAKER' just google it

How do you make video games at home?

There are many programs you can get to make your own video games. Game Maker is a popular program by YoYo Games that is very accessible for new programmers. The Games Factory 2 is another popular option by Clickteam.

What equipment is used in a baseball game?

The equipment used in baseball varies by position. A universalpiece is a mitt. Baseball mitts are used to catch the ball andprotect the player. However, there are different mitts fordifferent positions. For example, here are pitcher mitts, firstbasemen mitts, catcher mitts, infield mitts, and outfie (MORE)

What equipment is used in making a still?

If you mean by a still an artform , a still can be made with many different ways, and the selected media dictates the equipment one needs. A camera, for example, or set of paints and brushes and canvas. A still is basicly any form of art that does not move. But if you mean by a still a disti (MORE)

How do video games make you happy?


How do video games make you mad?

They can be frustrating sometimes because a level is hard, or the game speeds up so that you can't keep up, or the game presents a problem that you can't solve immediately. However, games can't "make" you mad. We choose to be mad because we want things immediately, and don't have any patience. I thi (MORE)

What equipment was used to make strawberries?

Strawberries aren't made , they're grown . So you need fairly standard farming equipment. A tractor, a plough, something to spread fertilizer, something to spray with insecticides, a harvester.

Will they make The Lorax video game?

There is no official word concerning the video game release. Dr Seusses wife currently holds the rights to The Lorax. It is unknown if an official video game of The Lorax will be made into a video game.

What type of equipment do you need to make a video?

If you are making a video of yourself ( for reasons such as vlogs, video tuts, etc), a webcam is highly recommended. You can also do without a webcam by using a normal camcorder, video camera, or even a cell phone with video camera features. If you want to add effects to the video, you can use video (MORE)

How can video games make you dumb?

If you play violent video games, they can influence what you do in the day- to -day lifestyle. The person who shot the kids in Connecticut was influenced by his mother's gun collection.

Do video games make you antisocial?

No, the only way they could is if you keep yourself away frompeople. I've made many friends just by striking up a conversationabout games.