What episode on Jersey Shore does jenni punch mike?

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Mike Tyson's punch out?

He doesn't generally punch anymore does old mike, he's taken to biting off his opponents ears. Which is rather frightening and somewhat illegal.

How do you super punch for Mike Tyson punch out?

You can't! Tyson can not be compared to any boxer. His style was unique. He was ruthless, ferocious, fast, skill ful, powerful fighter, not a boxer, a fighter. That's why he was the best! His a real KO king of all times. If Lewis had fought him in his prime, he himself knows for sure, that he would (MORE)

What is jennys number from jersey shore?

Come on, celebrities keep their identity and information a secret. In the Jersey house, They give their number to people they know and have to sign a paper saying they are not allowed to give out the number to access them to the public. Otherwise , they are not to be allowed to be seen on the show o (MORE)

What is ''Jersey Shore''?

Jorsey Shore is a reality TV show with guidos (Italian Americans) staying at a beach house in the Jersey Shore.

Is Jersey Shore fake?

Nope, Jersey Shore is a reality show about 4 guys, Pauly D, the Situation, Ronnie, and Vinny, and 4 girls, Snooki, J-WOWW, Sammi "Sweetheart", and Deena living together in one house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Its 100% real.

Jersey shore cast members?

Paul DelVecchio Nicole Polizzi Michael Sorrentino Jennifer Farley Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Samantha Giancola Vinny Guadagnino Deena Nicole Cortese

How old is the cast of Jersey Shore?

Snooki - 24 years old (birthday: November 23, 1987) JWOWW - 26 years old (birthday: February 27, 1986) Vinny - 24 years old (birthday: November 11, 1987) Sammi - 25 years old (birthday: March 14, 1987) Ronnie - 26 years old (birthday: December 4, 1985) Pauly - 32 years old (birthday: (MORE)

Watch Jersey Shore unrated?

I don't think there is a place to watch them unrated. Your best bet is to just go on MTV.com and watch them off of there. It's almost unrated on there.

What is a grenade in Jersey Shore?

They say grenades and landmines a lot. In season 1 Pauly explains what they are and how they differ. A grenade is a girl that quite frankly is not hot. Not to say that the girl is ugly, but she just doesn't match up to their qualifications of attractiveness. Basically this girl is a bomb about to go (MORE)

How old is the Jersey Shore cast?

Snooki - 24 years old (birthday: November 23, 1987) JWOWW - 26 years old (birthday: February 27, 1986) Vinny - 24 years old (birthday: November 11, 1987) Sammi - 25 years old (birthday: March 14, 1987) Ronnie - 26 years old (birthday: December 4, 1985) Pauly - 32 years old (birthday: July (MORE)

What is the birthdays to the Jersey Shore cast?

Snooki - November 23, 1987 JWOWW - February 27, 1986 Vinny - November 11, 1987 Sammi - March 14, 1987 Ronnie - December 4, 1985 Pauly - July 5, 1980 Mike - July 4, 1982 Deena - January 12, 1987

Is jersey shore a bad show?

This question is hard to answer. because the jersey shore is good and bad in different ways. It's bad because of the behavior and language and associations.Its good because its very entertaining and filled with drama.

What happens on episode 26 of Jersey Shore?

Snooki is released from jail but faces her father's voice on the phone which is not happy. Jenni continues to meet with Roger and quickly grows feelings for him. Tom continues to call the house and cause problems with Jenni escalating into a heated argument on the phone and a destroyed relationship. (MORE)

Are the jersey boys involved with the Jersey Shore?

Jersey Boys is a musical about the Four Seasons. Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino, Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Vinny Guadagnino are the boys from Jersey Shore. They are not involved in any current production of the Jersey Boys.

Is Geordie shore better then jersey shore?

it depends on what your into really. for example i am a geordie myself but i prefer jersey shore. jersey has more fights and drama and geordie shore has more sexual scenes xoxo

Do people go to the Jersey Shore new jersey just to see Mikes The Situations abs?

It's assumed you're asking if people go to Seaside Heights, New Jersey, which is known as one of the New Jersey communities that composes what's referred to as "The Jersey Shore" region. It can be assumed that there are at least some people who find Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino so utterly capt (MORE)