What does Justin Bieber mean by shawty?

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shawty means girl or baby
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What does shawty mean?

when a guy says that what he means is either a cute girl or it can mean a girl not quite a girlfriend but she is a hoe fo sho in Chicago it mean the same thing but it's also

Who is shawty in Justin Bieber songs?

shawty is the current girlfriend he is with in his songs he just doesnt say her name instead he replaces her name with the word shawty That's his nickname for Keasly. Watch t

Who is Shawty to Justin Bieber?

A shawty is just a slang term for a girl or woman especially a good looking one lol. ... it means cute girl , girlfriend,hunny,babe,hot chick

Why does Justin Bieber like the word shawty?

Yea. He uses this word in his songs. It just means good looking girl in American I think but it's probably because other male songwriters in America and probably his mentor Us

Why is Justin Bieber called Shawty Mane?

Shawty - this is because 1. He is known for being short, even got bullied because of it but now he takes it in his stride and 2. It sounds like a typical rapper name like Lil