What do violent video games do to kids?

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Video games don't do anything to kids. I've been playing mortal combat since I was 6 years old, I'm not slamming anybody on the ground or ripping anybody's head off. If you think games are going to make your child act violent, you mind as well stop them from watching TV and take them outta school. They're sure to see violence at school and on TV. Violence has been all around the world way before video games. Like before World War 1 there was violence.

So violent video games don't do anything to your child.

More proof- I played GTA when I was three. Now I'm 12 and I haven't hijacked a car or killed anyone. The moral of the story is video games do nothing to the kid except make them happier (unless it's a horrible game. In that case they will either be sad, disappointed, or angry).
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Are violent video games good for kids?

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