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The Beatles are the #1 recording act of all time. In 8 short years they accomplished more than any other artists. They have the most pop/rock #1 hits with 20 on the Billboard charts and 22 on the Cashbox charts in the US. They have the most #1 hits in most countries too. The Beatles have 19 #1 albums more than any other artists. They also have sold more records than any other artist at 1.3 billion plus. Their songs are the most covered by other artists. The Beatles are in the rock 'n roll hall of fame as are John, Paul and George solo. They are in the song writers hall of fame and the vocal group hall of fame. They were voted #1 all time by their peers in Rolling Stone magazine, Entertainment Weekly, VH-1 and Variety magazine named them the Icons of the 20th century. 31 years after they broke up they had a #1 album that to date has sold over 36 million records and was #1 in 35 countries. They are the only artists to have the top 5 positions in the charts on the same week. If you read or watch any rock history book or film you will find that not only did they change music but the world too.
20#1 hits
19 #1 albums
123 weeks at number one spot on Billboard

After 40 years the Beatles still hold many records, here is a partial list:
-The Beatles are the best-selling musical act of all time, estimated by EMI to have over 1.3 billion discs and tapes sold worldwide.
-The Beatles have notched up the most multi-platinum selling albums for any artist or musical group (thirteen in the U.S. alone).
-The Beatles have a record six diamond-selling albums (10 million copies)
-The Beatles have had more number one albums than any other act (19 in the U.S. and 15 in the United Kingdom).
-The Beatles spent the highest number of weeks at number one in the albums chart (174 in the UK and 132 in the U.S.).
-The most successful first week of sales for a double album (The Beatles Anthology Volume 1, which sold 855,473 copies in the U.S.)
-The Beatles have the fastest selling CD of all time with 1. It sold over 13 million copies in four weeks.

--Their greatest accomplishments however are not seen but heard. They virtually invented every musical idea in popular music. Whether not wanting to or not being aware of it..........every artist since has not escaped their musical landscape. Of course this is just my opinion.
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Paul is the one with the very small mouth and general baby face John is the one who sings most of the songs George plays huge guitars Ringo has a big nose
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They were a famous band in the 60's that changed history forever
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The Beatles are a British Band From Liverpool !
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