What colour is birthday bear out of the care bear?

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He is golden yellow and has a cupcake on his stomach
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What are the Care Bears about?

The Care Bear's are about spreading love, caring, tolerance, patience, love-for-self, self-esteem, confidence, and all other positive emotions around the earth. They also teach children good life-lessons and certain morals.

How do you care for a bear hamster?

Answer . if you are just getting one make sure you have a cage ready at home make sure the cage has anough space for activites and bedding for the bed then make sure you have a water bottle water is so important to life then buy some animal food they need to eat and for fun have a hamster wheel (MORE)

Who invented the Care Bears?

i am sorry but my mom did make this but them just took the money 4 their self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how rude

What are the Care Bears?

they are colorful stuffed teddy bears Answer . Care Bears are the cutest stuffed animals. They are found in many toy stores. They come in many sizes, for instance small ones cost around $5 and big ones cost $20. There are also coloring books, folders, book covers, pencil cases, stickes, etc....

How many Care Bears are there?

In the original series (aired in the late 1970's, early 1980's), there were only 10: Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Tender Heart Bear, and Wish Bear Later in the 1980's and 1990's, more Care Bear's were added: Baby Hugs Bear, (MORE)

How do black bears care for their young?

Cubs are usually born in January or February while the mother is in hibernation. Cubs are nursed through out this time. The cubs are weened in late summer and stay with their mother until the next summer when they are mature enough to live on their own. While the cubs are with their mother, she t (MORE)

How many different care bears are there?

about.. 10 original Care Bears 37 were added later 11 cousin's they were all added after the 1980s - 1990s care bears were added . bed time bear. birthday bear. cheer bear. friend bear. funshine bear. good luck bear. grumpy bear. love -a-lot bear. tenderheart bear. wish bear. added (MORE)

When were care bears invented?

I am not so sure about this but i guess its 2008. or perhaps 2006 or 2007, plus it may be 2009. i guess the latest ones were in 2010. this year... if this did help make me vip in Barbie girls here::::Mermalade501

Where can you find a real care bear?

When you are up in an air plane in the clouds. I was up in an air plane when I was little and I think that I got a glimse of the back of one in a cloud car. So look up in the clouds or out the window in an airplane to find a real care bear.

How old are care bears?

The Care Bears are a set of characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards

Origin of the care bears?

One day two rare breeds of bears decided to "get it on" and they had a very stupid baby bear. One day the baby bear walked into a nuclear power plant and BOOM the care bear was created.

What are the names of the care bears?

Original . Bedtime Bear . Birthday Bear . Cheer Bear . Friend Bear . Funshine Bear . Good Luck Bear . Grumpy Bear . Love-a-Lot Bear . Tenderheart Bear . Wish Bear

Are care bears real?

yes i have wish bear held hostage under my floorboards. i bet he wishes he was in the magical cloud world now!

Who created care bears?

The Care Bears are a set of characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. The original artwork for the cards was painted by artist Elena Kucharik. In 1983, Kenner turned the Care Bears into plush teddy bears.

Honey bear hamster care?

They are certainly not evil. I have a honey bear hamster and she is so lovable. Honey bears' are just a type of hamster and should be treated the same. You don't need any special treatment of any kind. Hope I helped!

Why were Care Bears popular?

The answer to that question is hard to discern, but upon speculation, it is possibly because the Care Bear's promoted caring amongst children, and taught them how to love others and themselves. Plus the cartoons and movies were entertaining and thrilling, and the character designs were found to be e (MORE)

What is the name of all care bears?

Poof, Foop, Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, Dinkleburg, Francis, AJ, Vicky, Chester, Trixie, Crocker, Turner, Jorgan ~thats stupid... everyone knows that those are the names of the people off of the fairy godparents... duh!!!! well if you want to know what the names of the care bears are... you can look here - (MORE)

How many care bears are in all?

60, this includes the Care Bears, Cousins, and villains. All My Heart Bear Always There Bear America Cares Bear Amigo Bear Baby Hugs Bear Baby Tugs Bear Bashful Heart Bear Bedtime Bear Best Friend Bear Birthday Bear Brave Heart Lion Bright Heart Raccoon Champ Bear Cheer Bear Cozy Heart Penguin Dayd (MORE)

What is the rarest care bear?

If you are asking "what is the rarest plush 13" vintage Care Bear" (which are generally considered to be THE collecting standard in the vintage-circles, although there are also 6" minis and 18" giants) then the Rarest one is a genuine Treat Heart Pig plush . Second would likely be Noble Heart Hor (MORE)

What are all the names of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins?

Care Bears . Original . Bedtime Bear . Birthday Bear . Cheer Bear . Friend Bear . Funshine Bear . Good Luck Bear . Grumpy Bear . Love-a-Lot Bear . Tenderheart Bear . Wish Bear . Added in the 1980s and 1990s . Baby Hugs Bear . Baby Tugs Bear . Champ Bear . Daydream Bear . Forest Fr (MORE)

On Care Bears who is the Care Bear's enemy?

In Care Bears, there are multiple enemies. 1)Dark Heart, from Care Bears II: A New Generation 2)Professor Coldheart, with his assistant Frostbite, and Frostbite's aunt - Auntie Freeze from the newer series 3)The Evil Spirit, from the first Care Bears Movie 4)No Heart, his assistant Beastly, and No H (MORE)

On Care Bears who is the Care Bears' enemy?

It depends. Which time frame are you talking about (ex. 80's, 90's or 2000's) and in what form (book, movies or television series) because the Care Bears have had quite a few adversaries over the years. The Care Bears first main nemesis was called Professor Coldheart, assisted by his side-kick F (MORE)

Is Care Bear gay?

No. It's for kids, its supposed to be happy and "gay" for kids, so it may seem "gay" to adults.

How do you care for a baby bear?

its a bad idea my opinon but i will anwser you should get theanimals food like a seal and the seal will come to you by youcatching a fish go to the seal show it the food and it will followyou probaly and the polar bear will eat it thats if u want to feedit thats one thing by the way i am a 10 year o (MORE)

What about the parental care in polar bears?

Only the mother bear is involved in raising the cubs. When she is pregnant, she digs a den in a snowdrift or in the permafrost and enters a state similar to hibernation until the cubs are born and developed enough to travel with her while she hunts. Before she even wakes, the cubs begin to nurse. On (MORE)

What are all the care bears?

Not a very well worded question, so I am not entirely sure what you are asking... If you would like to know what a Care Bear is, they a group of characters created by the U.S. greeting card company, American Greetings, in 1981. The title characters originally appeared in card artwork before branchi (MORE)

How do you take care of a teddy bear?

Well first you have to take him/her every where you go and you have to feed them and make them backpacks and have a pretend school with them you can make them fake food and make fake homework and pretend to help them with it and if they get sick you can give them soup and a sippy cup and you can buy (MORE)

Are the care bears real?


What are the original care bears?

Name: Bedtime Bear Gender: Male Tummy Symbol: Info: Bedtime Bear likes to stay up all night. He's the special bear who helps people get a good night's sleep and makes sure they have sweet dreams. There's no better bear for a goodnight hug. . Name: Birthday Bear Gender: Male Tummy (MORE)

Who created the Care Bear franchise?

Care Bears was created by American Greetings in 1981. They were created for a line of greeting cards, then Kenner turned the characters into teddy bears.

When was the Care Bear franchise established?

Care Bears were created in 1981 by American Greetings and used for characters on greeting cards. In 1983 they were turned into plush teddy bears and started as a cartoon for kids.

Are care bears only for children?

Like with any cartoon, Care Bears are not only for children. Many adults, teenagers, and old people alike love the Care Bears and watch their show, buy their merchandise, and are fans.

Can care bears fart rainbows?

No. God made rainbows as a promise to Noah that he wouldn't ever again flood the whole earth. We see rainbows after it rains because God is reminding us of his promise.

What do care bears eat?

Love and Caring, humans are just their slaves to provide them with an unending buffet of love and caring. They force it on us!

Why do people like care bears?

Because for some kids it makes them feel happy and secure. When you watch the movies, it teaches you how to act : kind and caring.

What was the original purpose of Care Bears?

The now wildly popular childrens' bears, featured in their own TV show were not originally intended for their modern use. Care Bears were invented for the purpose of being used on greeting cards in 1981. They were meant to be a cute and welcoming figure to see on a card.

What is the name of the Care Bear game?

There are a number of different Care Bear games that can be played through a computer, These Care Bear games include: Summer Daze Maze, Care Bears Dress Up, and Bubble Bumpers.