What are the total record sales figures for Green Day?

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last I read in an American mag i picked up here in England, 1039 smoothed out slappy hours and kerplunk were 1.5 million combined, Dookie sold 7.9 million,, insomniac sold 2.1 million, nimrod sold 2.2 million, warning sold 1.1 million and American idiot 14 million. These are only USA figure though and don't take into account worldwide sales. I'm sure in the U.K., dookie sold 3 million and American idiot sold 4 million, so in total that's 35.8 million at least. sorry my answer couldn't be more specific or excact!


The official sales of all the albums, including Shenanigans, International Superhits, and all the singles, have added up to 87 million.
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If you have net sales total assets total liabilities and owners equity how do you figure out the net income?

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What are the total record sales figures for Britney Spears?

Britney Spears' record sales have always been quite a problematic question to solve, since there isn't that many official information . The only official information on the net stablishes the next: - She is in the US top sellers of all time with over 32 million records sold in the US only. - She is credited for having sold over 82 million records on her entire career with 6 studio albums and 3 compilations. The big problem has always been that fans tend to confuse her record sales with the money she has earned, or simply start inventing amounts. All the official information can be checked at the ARIAA homepage for the US top sellers, and her total record sales can be checked in respected sites as wikipedia (which has corrected Britney's information recently). PLEASE BRITNEY FANS DON'T INVENT RECORD SALES NUMBERS SHE HAS SOLD A LOT ANYWAY! these figures are simply for her album sales, record sales total her overall album sales and single sales. 82 million albums sold up to circus plus just under two million with femme fatale. so just under 84 million and she has always sold more albums than singles but her rough single sales add up to about 20 to 30 million depending on the source as they differ so about 100 million albums and singles to date.

How many records did green day sell?

Green Day has a total of 8 albums. 1,039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours(1991), Kerplunk(1992), Dookie(1994), Insomniac(1995), Nimrod(1997), Warning(2000), Shenanigans(2002), and American Idiot(2004). They also have a greatest hits album called International Superhits(2001) which also has the songs Maria, Poprocks And Coke, and JAR that are not on their other albums and have also released a DVD called Bullet In A Bible(2005). for a ton of other information on Green Day go to, www.greendayauthority.com it's a great site =) that is actaully wrong. insomniac sold 15 million copies alone. American idiot sold 10 million, nimrod sold 4 million and i am not sure about the others.

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What are the total record sales figures for Madonna?

Officially up until 2008 over 250 000 000 P.S I think that number now as of 2010 might me closer to 300 million. These are Worldwide album sales. I will post "claimed sales with a C and actual verified sales with a V. This will include legal MP3 downloads. #1 Best selling artist of all time......The Beatles C. 1 Billion V. 246 Million #2 Best selling artist of all time......Elvis C. 600 Million to 1 Billion V. 189 Million #3 Best selling artist of all time......Michael Jackson C. 700 Million V. 151 Million #4 Best selling artist of all time......ABBA C. 300 Million V. I believe this number to be between 55 and 60 million #5 Best selling artist of all time......Madonna C. 250-300 Million V. 160 Million Somrtimes record companies will add extra album sales to artists to boost more sales or to charge more for concert tickets. The method to this madness (before the internet was so popular) was because people would be more willing to pay $20 to see a good band that they think sold 10 million records, then $8 to see a great band that sold 2 million. Because of technology it will be easier to track and verify album sales as well as singles, MP3 singles, MP3 albums, and things like that. Most bands or artists that started around 1987 should be alot easier to track.

What are the total record sales figures for Christina Aguilera?

Multi-platinum, five time Grammy award winning artist Christina Aguilera is one of the most successful recording artists of the decade. She has sold over 46 million albums worldwide and is the only artist under 30 to be named by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

Britney Spears total record sales?

The total number of records that Britney Spears has sold in theUnited states is 38 million. The world wide sales figure is 90.8million records sold.

To figure out how many shares of stock you traded that day you multiply the figure in sales column by?

\nI am answering this question on the assumption that it may fairly be restated as:\n. \nGiven the name of the stock, the total sales price, and the date of sale, how do you determine how many shares were sold?\n. \n===\n. \nIgnoring commissions and fees, you can determine the number of shares sold by dividing the total sales price by the price of the stock on the date of sale as follows:\n. \n# of shares = total sales prices / stock price per share\n. \nTo determine the stock price on the day of sale, you can use any of a variety of resources on the web, for example finance.yahoo.com, where you would enter the ticker symbol in the quotes box, click on 'get quotes', click on 'historical prices', select the appropriate date range, and read the price. I believe you will be OK if you use the average of the high and low for the day, but you should be careful if the stock was particularly volatile that day.\n. \nFor a truly correct calculation you need to add the commission and fees back to the sales price to get the 'gross sales price' and use that in the calculation. (If you have a statement identifying the sales price as 'gross' then you are already set.)

Did green day set a world record?

Actually, yes. Their infamous drummer, Frank Edwin Wright III, a.k.a., Tre Cool, was the first person to climb the Universal Studios Ball in Orlando

When was Holiday by Green Day recorded and written?

After they had finished shenanigans, and started writing a new songs. However, about 20 of their new songs, were stolen on the master track, so instead of re- singing those in studio, they just made new songs. That happened around '02, '03 and was originally named "Cigarettes and Valentines".http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_day

What are the figurative language for the song Good Riddance Time of Your Life by Green Day?

A fork stuck in the road - metaphor for making a life-changing decision. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go - personification of time as a guiding force showing you the way, or possibly reconciling you to your decision. Photographs on a shelf - memories, keeping a piece of someone you love with you forever. Tattoos - again, memories. Indelibility = never forgetting. The whole song is a metaphor for taking a difficult decision and knowing that even if it hurts in the short term, eventually you will know that you have made the right choice.

What are total record sales fore Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga's total record sales (as of October 2010) are: 45 Million singles 37 Million albums Worldwide. The third most successsful female solo artist in history. This is from the first album alone. The album sales include the fame monster.

What are guns and roses total record sales figures?

1987 Appetite for Destruction Worldwide: 28,000,000+ 1988 G N' R Lies Worldwide: 10,000,000+ 1991 Use Your Illusion I Worldwide: 17,000,000+ 1991 Use Your Illusion II Worldwide: 18,000,000+ 1993 "The Spaghetti Incident?" Worldwide: 4,000,000+ 1999 Live Era: '87-'93 Worldwide: 2,500,000+ 2004 Greatest Hits Worldwide: 10,000,000+ 2008 Chinese Democracy Worldwide: 3,000,000+

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