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As of 2012, there are over 201 million accounts created since launch. There's approximately 18 million active players per month; around 15 million free players, 3 million members. That number is rapidly increasing, as Jagex received over 1 million new accounts since they hit 200 million within months. There are approximately 500,000 to 1 million unique logins per day, with the ability, at any time, to find 80,000-150,000 players logged in, even on slow points in the day. Bots are at an all-time low, so most of the players in the statistics are completely legitimate. The statistics will decrease a bit after Jagex implements their final anti-bot software that will permanently disable all bots. Jagex is also banning over 1,000 bots every day.

Jagex has estimated that they may reach 300 million accounts in the next 5 to 10 years, and they've stated they're building a game to last 10, 20, 30+ years in the future, which means that it's likely the numbers will become MUCH larger in that time. The game's playerbase is increasing, and is estimated to potentially double or triple in 2013 due to coming updates.
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Who is the best player in Runescape?

Gertjaars is the best player on RuneScape because he is the top on the Highscores. Lmao actually gertjaars is ranked at like 1000 something so yeah.... gertjaars is fail. E L I A S

How do you become a player moderator on RuneScape?

Please see the related links for a link to the RuneScape Knowledge Base article about moderators, which outlines key information about moderators and how they are chosen. There is a small chance that you will become one, most players tend not to bother with trying to become a moderator because of (MORE)

Who is the greatest player on RuneScape?

of courece its easy to tell that the best player on runescape is most definelty gfage noob and the worst is Cody duncan i don't know what he is talking about but if you mean number 1 on the high scores sheet the now is E L I A S i belive

Who is the richest player on RuneScape?

Many think of Chessy018 to be the richest but a recent video uploaded by a long time player of runescape known as Pker Tdm, shows otherwise. He shows his bank which holds 82 crackers and many party hats and other rares. There are also a couple videos of him trading people crackers. Pker Tdm is th (MORE)

Can you player kill in RuneScape?

As of October 15, 2008 you may now player kill again. Jagex introduced PvP worlds so that you can PK any where except a few zones eg. banks, Grand Exchange, ect. Many minigames also involve PvP combat such as Castle Wars and Bounty Hunter. In early 2011, Jagex also returned the wilderness and (MORE)

Who is the richest Runescape player?

Many think of Chessy018 to be the richest but a recent video uploaded by a long time player of runescape known as Pker Tdm, shows otherwise. He shows his bank which holds 82 crackers and many party hats and other rares. There are also a couple videos of him trading people crackers. Pker Tdm is the (MORE)

How do you become a player moderator in RuneScape?

Jagex will contact you if they are interested in you becoming a player moderator. You cannot request to become a player moderator. You have to be a very trustworthy person and a good reporter. Additionally, it helps to have a very low amount of blackmarks!

Who is the most powerful player on runescape?

The most powerful player will change all the time due to new stats and updates that may disadvantage one and advance another. Currently it's S U O M I with 3875 million experience. (As of 7 february 2012)

Who are the best players in RuneScape?

The top five players in RuneScape as of November 2008 are:. 1.Gertjaarr 2.Kingduff 3.yogosun 4.Green098 5.Madgamer2 These guys all don't have lives though:p

What are player moderators on runescape?

they're the specially chosen people that keep everything under control. I suggest you do what they want you to do, because they havent shown the extent of what they can do yet

Who is the oldest runescape player?

The Old Nite, he was the most respected as well even more than Zezima ever could be, In-fact The Old Nite made Zezima look like a bot, but a while back he passed away with cancer, that's where Zezima took his place as champion for a short while. You need to be older than 63 to claim to be the oldes (MORE)

Who is the best runescape player in the word?

looklook win is one of the best players known in runescape.his a real life gangster(latin king) gets along well with all lvs. and respects others and his one of the best pkers in w57 f2p at the moment also watch his videos there not well edited but he owns at youtube.com.(2009)

Who is the best player in RuneScape ever?

That depends what criteria you use to define who is "best". One criterium is the hi-scores, which you can access on the RuneScape site. Actually this is the only criterium that can be easily verified; the information for many other criteria (for example, who made the most money) is not publicly avai (MORE)

How do you freeze players with magic on RuneScape?

Ancient magicks; the standard spellbook offers minor / lower-leveled spells with which to freeze targets for a short period of time, however these are not particularly as effective as Ancients. With Ancient Magicks, spells such as Ice Barrage (most powerful Ice spell) allow you to freeze an opponent (MORE)

Who is the most popular runescape player?

Well, if by most popular player, you mean best player, the answer would be: Gertjaars. He is ranked the number one player in of all Runescape. Here are his current stats. Overall12,3761,840,350,174Attack3999137,781,784Defence4,3029923,686,244Strength5599949,065,156Hitpoints399181,551,609Ranged89920 (MORE)

How can you block all players on runescape?

There are two ways of doing this. Ones hard, ones easy . Hard one is to add everyone to your ignore list. . Easy way is to turn all your chat tabs to "off" not "friends" or "on"

How can you Make your runescape player better?

By training. You get the combat level up by fighting. You get other skills up by training that specific skill. Ask again for specific skills, or search online guides, such as runescape.wikia.com, for specific skills.

On runescape where can players fight?

Players can fight each other doing the following things: . Castle Wars . Soul Wars . Bounty Hunter/worlds . Pvp Worlds . Clan Wars . Fight Pits . Fist of Guthix . Stealing Creation . Duel Arena . Player Owned House's dungeon challenge

Who is the first best player in RuneScape?

Currently Elvis (weird name I know) is the best player with all his XP (points you get to increase you levels with once you've done something that will give you XP for a certain level you are trying to boost) added up comes to a total of 1,950,567,642.Pretty Good! (MORE)

Who are the RuneScape player gods?

The DVPH sign are the four gods named after the four player gods. Doombadger99 (D) Void lord gf (V) Pianohero9 (P) Hugo62531 (H) Those are the runescape main player gods. They each own a city such as Falador, Camelot, Varrock. Doombadger99 is Bandos. Void lord gf is Saradomin, Pianohero9 is Zamar (MORE)

Who is the most improved player on RuneScape?

Since this changes over time, better get the most up-to-date information yourself. Go to the RuneScape Web site. There is a type of menu on the top; select "Community", then "Hiscores". There you can find the best players in different skills.

How can you become a RuneScape player moderator?

You may get invited to be one. This is more likely to happen if you behave yourself (don't disobey rules), and keep your account safe. Note that player moderators don't get any special privileges, except for their moderating functions (e.g., they can temporarily mute players who misbehave).

What are the number of players on runescape?

There are usually around 200,000 players playing at any one moment. Wikipedia mentions "approximately 10 million active accounts per month, over 156 million registered accounts".

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