What are the notes for vande mataram on the piano?

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The notes for Vande Mataram by Lata Mangeshkar are:
vandemaataram vandemaataram s r mp m p m p nS n S
sujalaam suphalaam S R n2 dp p d m gr
malayaja sheetalaam r p m m grg n s

shyaamalaam maaataram s r m p m p rn2 d p

vandemaataram m p nS n S

shubhra jyotsna pulakita yaaminim rm p n n n n S n S n S

pulla kusumita drumadala shoobhinim n n n S n S S R n2d n2d n2 dpdp

suhaasinim sumadhura bhaashinim r p m gr r n2d n2 pd m p

sukhadaam varadaam maataram r m p n n n nS n S

vande mataram vande maataram m p nSn S m p nS n S
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What is the lowest note on the piano?

On most all pianos it an A often referred to as A0. It vibrates at approximately 27.5 Hz and this note was chosen because the fundamental tone becomes so weak that the average human ear will find it hard to differentiate between notes going lower than this. Some exceptions to this note being the l (MORE)

What are the piano notes for my heart will go on?

My Heart Will Go On First Verse verse 1)C,C,C,C,B,C,C,B,C,D,E,D 2)C,C,C,C,B,C,C,G (Low) 3) C,C,C,C,B,C,C,B,C,D,E,D 4)C,C,C,C,B,C,C,G (Low) chorus 5)C,D,G (Low),G (High),F,E,D 6)E,F,E,D,C,B,C,B,A,B 7)C,D,G (Low),G (High),F,E,D 8)E,F,E,D,C,B,C,B,C,D *Reminder: 3 repeats (MORE)

Are guitar notes and piano notes the same?

Yes and no. Piano and Guitar notes can be written on sheet music as notes on the staff, but guitar notes are written differently as well. These are called tabs . Tabs are usually a demostarion of a chord for guitar and it can also be used to write notes on for guitar.

How do you transpose piano notes to guitar notes?

Any note on piano is the same as it will be on guitar. To play a note on guitar, take the piano note and find what it would be on guitar using the following method: Find the guitar string that is closest to the note you want to play, but lower. Count the semitones up to the note you want to play, r (MORE)

What are the notes on the piano?

If you look at a keyboard such as on here:\nhttp://www.infovisual.info/04/041_en.html\nYou will find that C is to the left of the two black notes. Then it carries on along the white notes. C, D, E, F, G, A, B, then starts again. C,D,E,F,G,A,B In between those white notes there are black notes. Look (MORE)

What are the notes on piano for bad day?

just the chorus to get you guys started :D . A A F A F D cause you had a bad day, A F A E D you're tak-ing one down, B F A E D B B F G F E you sing a sad song just to turn it a- round, A F A E D you say you don't know, A F A E D you tell me don't lie A F A F D D D F G F E you (MORE)

Piano notes to heart and soul?

the first part is (this is the duet version) middle c then one step higher c e g . next, middle a higher a c e . middle f higher f a c . middle g higher g b d the second part of the duet ( the other person plays) is..... high c c c a b c d e e e c d e f g c 2x (all of it 2x) ENJOY!!!!!! (MORE)

What are the notes for mission impossible on piano?

Mission Impossible: Theme from A| B| capitals are sharps N| A| (trill) B| 5|dDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDd-dDg--- B| E| 4|----------------------c-----|---------------------------- R| 3|g-------g-------A-----------|g-------g-------f-----F----- .| C| repeat O| M| -| 6|A-g-d-d--------------------- (MORE)

How does the piano produce notes?

When the key is pressed, a felt covered wooden hammer for that note pivots forward and strikes the string or strings. That why the piano can be called a string instrument or a percussion instrument. The lower notes are singe strings, the middle strings have unison pairs, and the higher strings have (MORE)

Notes to Harry Potter on piano?

For Hedwig's Theme, left hand playing 'D, B, F' continuously, right hand starts on a b, the key is in E minor, so there is an F sharp to watch out for , although I don't think the f in the left hand is a sharp. Right hand: b, e, g, f sharp, e, a, g, f...and just make it up from there, try and find t (MORE)

What are the notes on the piano when you read it?

Normally, the empty spaces, from bottom to top, are F, A, C, E. The lines are the notes in between, and the black notes have a '#' or 'b' next to the note. The length of the note depends on what sticks out of the dot, you would understand it more easily with a diagram or example.

What are the piano notes for Shontelles Impossible?

Try checking on google it might help, I checked it up and I am still chcking so Good luck to you!! From Mystery Girl Who You Don't Know At All. P.S. am a twelve year old girl P.P.S. I am a great fan of Meg Cabot the writr of princess diaries and more

How do you change piano notes to trumpet notes?

The piano is a C instrument. The trumpet is a B flat instrument. Thus, to transpose piano notes to trumpet notes, you have to put each note up one whole step. If piano -> trumpet: A -> B B flat -> C B -> C sharp C -> D C sharp -> D sharp D -> E E flat -> F E -> F sharp F -> G F sharp -> G sharp G (MORE)

How do you convert piano notes to trumpet notes?

Piano music is in thekey of C, and your trumpet is in Bb. Thus, you need to raise thepitch of your instrument to make it sound in the same key as thepiano. So you take the note that is on the piano and raise it onewhole step (two half steps.) But it gets a little bit more complicated than that. Fir (MORE)

Can you get piano notes for Malayalam songs?

Vande Ma taram! .A#C~ D#F D#F Vande Ma taram! D#F AA# AA# Sujalam suphalam, malayaja shitalam, A#cG#~GF FGD#~ DC CFD#D# DC~D.A# Shasyashyamalam, Mataram! .A#C D#FD#F FG#GF~ Vande Ma taram! D#F AA# AA# Shubhrajyotsna pulakita yaminim, D#F A~A AA A#A A#~AA# Phullakusumita drumadala shobhinim, A~ (MORE)

What is the first note on the piano?

On a standard 88 key keyboard (there are many different kinds) the lowest note is A, with a (theoretical) frequency of 27.5 Hz, or 27.5 cycles per second.

What are the letter notes for airplanes piano?

cc gg aa g ff ee dd c gg ff ee d gg ff ee d cc gg aa g ff ee dd c __________________________ l_c__l__d_l_e__l_f__l_g__l_a__l thats like your keys you only need 1 set...(i know that image was wrong but i tried) :P

What are the piano notes for the nutcracker in letters?

I am trying to figure that out, too! OMG! I can't find the LETTERS for it. I'm a beginner and right now the chords/real music notes aren't really my thing until I get more complex. All these sites have SHEET MUSIC. I don't want that people, I wan't actually letter-notes! G! hahahahhah lol=]

What are the piano notes to pink panther?

Right Hand X3 C# D Eb E. E Eb D C# C C# D Eb E D Eb E F C# D Eb E Eb D C# C C# D Eb E EB. I don't know the left hand but could someone else please tell me the left hand ???

What is notes on piano?

Basically the notes you'll mainly encounter on the piano is A,B,C,D,E,F and G. But in reading them in the notes and the piano is different. These piano notes can either be a flat and a sharp notes. And piano notes doesn't just end with these letters. There are also the G-clef and Bass Clef an (MORE)

What is Vande Mataram means?

Sanskrit me vande ka means "vandan karna" hota hai matlab salam karna,prarthana karna & mataram means apni bharat bhumi, apna india. So,vande mataram means bharat mata ko salam

What exactly does vande mataram mean?

The term "vande mataram" translated literally means "Mother I bow to thee" or "hail motherland". It is quite significant in India, because it is the national song of India.

How do you convert viola notes to piano notes?

A viola requires no transposition because it's already in concertpitch; however, the viola uses a different cleff than the pianocalled an Alto clef. In this clef, the middle line of the staff ismiddle C.