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Calliope was the first and most respectable of all Muses. She was the Muse of Epic Poetry and Eloquence. Her symbols were the abacus and the pen. More often than not she was also pictured with a tablet or a scroll. She is represented as a stately young woman, whose brow is crowned with gold. Clio was the Muse of History. She inspired those who spoke, wrote and sang history. Her symbols were the trumpet, the clepsydra (hour-glass) and most of all the manuscript that unfolds. Erato also carried a Lyre and she was a deity of a different kind of poetry. She was the Muse of marriage and Love lyrics. She was a fine, merry girl crowned with roses. In the beginning Euterpe was just an escort to Dionysus. However she later became the Muse of Lyric Poetry. Her symbol was the flute and she was pictured playing it, as all Muses were pictured along with their symbols. Melpomene was the Muse of Tragedy. It is said that she was involved with Dionysus who was sometimes called Melpomenus. Her symbols were the tragic mask and club of Heracles. She often pictured wearing a garland of grapevine leaves, like Dionysus and she carried a sword. Another possibility was that her grave attitude led to her being the Muse of Tragedy. At first it was said that Polymnia inspired hymns and songs for the Gods and the heroes. Later people said she was a deity of knowledge and memory and finally the Muse of "small art". She was presented in a thoughtful mood and sometimes talking with her fingers as though people could express their will with gestures, without speech. Terpsihore was a young and lively fair maiden who prevailed in dances and drama at the beginning. Finally she became the Muse of Dancing and she is often represented in a dancing position with the Lyre and Plectrum (a kind of musical triangle). At the beginning Thalia was an agricultural deity and was the Muse of Pastoral Poetry. She supervised outdoor feasts. She had a bright and playful look so it is not surprising that she finally became the Muse of Comedy. The comic mask she carried with her left hand and the shepherd crook she held with her right, were her symbols. She was crowned with grapevine or ivy leaves. Urania is the Muse of Astronomy. A pair of compasses and a celestial globe were her symbols and with those she wanted to define the position of the stars upon the globe.
Taken from http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/7490/muses.htm
  1. Caliope (music),
  2. Terpsichore (dance),
  3. Clio (history),
  4. Euterpe (cheer),
  5. Erato (love),
  6. Polyhymnia (religion),
  7. Melpomene (drama),
  8. Thalia (comedy), and
  9. Urania (stars/heavens).
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What is a muse?

A muse is an ancient Greek mythological figure that represents the arts of drama and music. There are nine muses. Also, Muse is also the name of an awesome band.

Are muses real?

No. The Muses were nine goddesses in Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

Who were the muses?

They were the 9 Greek goddesses of the arts and science. They included: . Calliope - Goddess of Poetry (eldest of the Muses, she was a lover of Apollo, and gave birth to Orpheus and Linus, two of his sons. . Clio - Goddess of Historical Epics. . Erato - Goddess of Love Songs and Erotic Poetry (MORE)

What does Muse mean?

In common language it means inspiration. What inspires you to do something? -One of the Muses. In classical language it refers to goddesses from ancient Greece which had power over inspiration especially in art, poetry, drama, storytelling, etc. However, muse can also mean that you were pondering (MORE)

How do you find your muse?

Answer . This is poetic shorthand for "I am finding what inspires me". In early Greek times a Muse was a goddess of inspiration in poetry, art, drama, prose and other creative activities. So the Muse would work through physical things like people, places or situations. Say you are a writer and (MORE)

How did the band muse get its name?

The members of Muse, namely the front-man Matthew Bellamy, havestated that their name was mainly chosen because it lookedprofessional on posters and the like. However, Bellamy has alsostated that the name could possibly have stemmed from his interestin spirits, ghosts etc and that his experiences in (MORE)

What did the muses do?

The muses were goddesses of the arts, including: choral dance and song, history, astronomy, epic poetry, love poetry, lyric poetry, tragedy, sacred poetry, and comedy.

Who inspired Muse?

Radiohead, Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Tom Morello, Jimi Hendrix, Pavement, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, dEUS, The Smashing Pumpkins, Primus and most of all Rage against the machine!

Who is the muse with wreath?

It would be Thalia, the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. Erato, the muse of lyric and erotic poetry, is also often seen with a wreath of myrtle and roses

What does it mean to muse?

"Muse" is not a verb. A "Muse" is a kind of person/spiritual person who can inspire you into something? A Muse can for instense inspire an artist for a painting, music etc. Sorry foy my choice of words. Hope it helped you!. it could also be like pondering about something!

What are the names of the Muses?

Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania. Click link below to learn more about them!

Is muse Christian?

It was quite unclear if the whole band has a religion, but the lead singer Matthew Bellamy has said to be an Atheist but in later interviews there has been signs that he is a Agnostic or a Deist. So it seems he is quite open minded about this matter.

What does muse means?

a muse is an inspiration. the reason is that in greek mythology people needed a reason for why sometimes you get inspirations and sometimes you don't, so they said that little sprite-like creatures called muses whispered in your ear to get you inspired. muse is also an awesome rock band with singer (MORE)

Who is the muse of poets?

The Greeks had more than one type of poetry. The muses were: Calliope - Epic Poetry Erato - Love Poetry Euterpe - Elegiac Poetry

Name one famous painting in the musee d' orsayne?

Gustave Courbet - The Artist's Studio , Young Man Sitting , L'Origine du monde . Jean-François Millet - Spring , The Gleaners . Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot - A Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs . Alexandre Cabanel - The Birth of Venus , The Death of Francesca da Rimini and (MORE)

What is the name of Frost's muse?

There is no such muse. Muses were the goddesses of art and science and had nothing to do with meteorological occurrences such as frost.

What is musing?

To "muse" is to think or concentrate on something in silence. A synonym would be "ponder". If used as a noun, a "muse" can be considered an inspiration.

What is the name of the people in MUSE?

MUSE are: Mathew Bellamy - vocals, guitar and piano/keys Christopher Wolstenholme - bass and backing vocals Dominic Howard - drums, synths and backing vocals

Are muse British?

MUSE is a band that originated in Teignmouth, Devon, England, UK. So... yes they are.

Where did the muses live?

It is believed that the Muses lived on Mount Helicon. They livedfar away from their father Zeus who resided on Mount Olympus.

What was the band muse name before they changed it?

When it was just Matt, Dom and some other people (no Chris) they had three different names which were 'Carnage Mayhem' then 'Youngblood' then 'Gothic Plague'. After they split, Matt and Dom mad a band called 'Rocket Baby Dolls' after a porn film they'd seen. Then they changed it to the currently use (MORE)

Who likes muse?

Me my whole family everybody at their concerts!!!!! I went to one a couple of days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Were Muses Powers?

In Greek mythology, the Muses had the power to inspire artists of various sorts - they each specialized in a different art form.

What is the symbol for the Muses?

The muses' symbol is either the book or a writing tablet. Answer 2: No, it is more complicated. Click link below to find a table of emblems.

What are the band members names in muse?

Matthew James Bellamy (or just Matt Bellamy) is the Singer / Guitarist / Pianist Domonic James Howard (or just Dom Howard) is the drummer Christopher Tony Wolstenolme (or just Chiris Wolstenholme) is the Bassist / Backing singer Hope this helps :)

What is the basketball muse?

Muses were patrons of the arts, not athletics. That said, Basketball has only been a sport for the last 122 years, so there wouldn't be a mythological patron for it anyway.

Who were the 3 muses?

They were 9 Muses. [ Maybe you mean the 3 fates (Moirae) Clotho ,Lachesis, Atropos] The muses were :Calliope for epic poetry, Clio for history, Erato for lyric poetry, Euterpe for music, Melpomene for tragedy, Polyhymnia for chorus, Terpsichore for dance, Thalia for comedy and Urania for astrology/a (MORE)

Does a person have a Muse?

Yes, everybody can have a Muse. A Muse is an inspiration. You could be inspired by anything. So, if you don't have a Muse, your just not inspired by anything. Hope this helped! :) ;) :( ;( :D >:) ;/ `,:0 Hehe!

Are Muse atheists?

None is really sure, but Matt Bellamy has said he is an atheist in an interview. The rest oof the band is unknown

What were the names of all the muses greek mythology?

The Titan Muses: Mnemosyne/ Mneme "Memory" Melete (Practise) Aiode (Song), The Olympian Muses (Nine Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne): Kalliope, epic poetry Kleio, history Ourania, astronomy Thaleia, comedy Melpomene, tragedy Polyhymnia, religious hymns Erato, erotic poetry E (MORE)

What are the roman names of the Greek mythology muses?

The Roman did not change the names of the Greek Muses, they had their own goddesses associated with them. The Camenae: Carmenta Egeria Antevorte/Antevorta also known as Porrima Postverta or Postvorta (also Prorsa or Prorsa Postverta)

What is the greek muse of dance's roman name?

in Greek her name is Terpsichore and in Roman it is the same here is some back round TERPSIKHORE (or Terpsichore) was one of the nine Mousai, the goddesses of music, song and dance. In late classical times--when the Muses were assigned specific literary and artistic spheres--Terpsikhore was named (MORE)

What are the nine names of the Muses in classical mythology?

The Nine Goddesses of Art - the Muses - were, according to ancient Greek mythology, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They ruled the arts and sciences and offered inspiration in those areas. Calliope was the Muse of epic poetry, Clio was the Muse of history, Erato was the Muse of love poetry, Euter (MORE)

Is Muse in the Illuminati?

No, since around 1785 (when they broke up), the (real) Illuminati group has been fictional. Today, it exists only in the imagination of conspiracy theorists.

What were the muses of the goddesses?

According to the earliest Greek writers, the Muses were the inspiring goddesses of song, as well the divinities presiding over the arts, poetry and science. With regard to their number, we're told that originally 3 were worshipped on Mount Helicon and their names were Melete (meditation), Mneme (mem (MORE)

What is muse first actual band name?

No, originally when they first started their band, they were called The Baby Rocket Dolls. But they dicided that they hated the name, so they changed it to Muse.

Why did muse name there self muse?

The Muses didn't name themselves, they were named by the Greeks. In Greek, they were called Mousai. Muse may have meaning in * men- "think": or inspiration, for they were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets. Muse may also refer to their mother: Mn (MORE)

What are the names of rock muse Geraldine Edwards family?

Geraldine Edwards has been married since February of 2006, and her husband's name is Anthony Flemming-Mueller. Her mother and fathers names are Tamara and Samuel Edwards, both are deceased, her father passing away in 1999 and her mother passing away in 2000. She has four brothers and sisters, Willia (MORE)

What is Just A Muse?

It's a website that promotes hip hop, rock, r&b and pop. The site also has news, including music and movie reviews. Just A Muse is influential in launching artists careers and giving maximum exposure internationally. They even throw exclusive parties in the St. Louis and St. Charles area. The compan (MORE)

What were the Nine Muses' names?

The Nine Muses were Clio, Thalia, Erato, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Calliope, Terpsichore, Urania, and Melpomene. Orpheus was one of Clio's sons with Apollo, and Orpheus had amazing musical talent as well. .

What actors and actresses appeared in Random Musings of a Girl Named Daphna - 2006?

The cast of Random Musings of a Girl Named Daphna - 2006 includes: Teghan Beaudette as Daphna Hartford Melanie Dahling as Daphna Kingston Dani Duffy as Daphna Toronto Meghan Duffy as Dr. Gossard Leigh Enns as Daphna - Vancouver Damien Ferland as Oswald Francis - Corrections Officer Leah Fraser as Da (MORE)

Who was the muse?

The Muses were inspirational goddesses of literature, science and the arts. Tradition dictated that there were three in number although nine is also thought to be more realistic. Calliope for epic poetry. Clio for history. Euterpe for music, song and lyric poetry. Erato for love poetry. Melpome (MORE)