What are the most popular Nintendo icons?

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The character Mario from the Mario Bros. Nintendo game is probably the most easily recognizable symbol of Nintendo's widespread video game success.

Other Nintendo characters such as Yoshi, Luigi, Link, Kirby and many more from several other games of the time period are also staples of the Nintendo industry.

Who is the most popular sports icon in the world?

For 2009 As of 2009, the top 5 most popular sports icons in the world are as follows: . Tiger Woods . Roger Federer . Yao Ming . Michael Phelps . David Beckham The list is made from an average of many lists (basically, the average for most popular athlete in the world). Obviously, popularity changes very often. Thus, this list will change from year to year, possibly even month to month depending on how the athletes are doing. The below answer is based from before 2009, and will not be as up-to-date. . David Beckham (World Soccer) - 4 votes Without doubt, England captain David Beckham. He is the most searched for sports personality on the Internet and the most recognized non-politician in the world. Ask anyone in any soccer-playing country in the world - ie 99.9% of countries - for their heroes, and Beckham comes close to the top (especially with women...) . Michael Jordan (Basketball, USA) - 3 votes; spokesman for Nike and McDonald's, worldwide brands. . Tiger Woods (Golf, USA) - 2 votes :: George Foreman (Boxing, USA) - owns grilling machine brand. :: Muhammed Ali (Boxing, USA) . Ronaldo (World Soccer) . Michael Schumacher (Formula One) :: Roger Federder (Tennis) :: Wayne Gretzky (Hockey) - "the great one" . Usain Bolt (Track and Field) . I think it has to be Muhammad Ali. Beckham's fame and popularity is fading. I doubt if many people in the States would pick Schumacher out of a lineup.

Why was the Nintendo popular?

it was the only system really out at the time and they had started a monopoly but lost it when sony and Microsoft started

What is an icon?

In the Broadest Sense . Typically when someone refers to an icon it will refer to apicture or a representation of some kind. Meanings behind icons areusually highly figurative. In computers . An icon is a image or a small picture that may let you open afile. You will often find these icons on the desktop of yourcomputer. . Usually desktop icons will represent something about theapplication you are opening. For example, the "Recycle Bin" icon isa trash can, meaning you are going to throw away a file. Anotherexample is the Itunes icon. It is a CD with a musical note on it,representing music and other entertainment media that can be boughtand played. In people . An icon can be a person famous, usually for something inparticular. For example, Elvis could be seen as an icon of rock androll music and Michael Jackson can be seen as an icon of popmusic. . Nowadays you will hear the term "gay icon." This is a personthat represents or advocates the gay community. Examples of gayicons include Cher and Madonna. In religion . Found prevalently in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches an iconis a representation of some religious figure. Often times in thelatter churches it is of Mary or Jesus. For example, the icon"Theotokos of Vladimir" clearly represents Mary and Jesus thoughthe name literally means "Virgin of Vladimir." Often times peoplewill add their own culture to paintings, meaning they will changenames to reflect their own cultural names and they will also changethe likeness of figures to represent what they themselves look likeall the while they keep the same figurative meaning. . (for k-12; a religious piece of art depicting holy people and/orevents.)

What does icon do?

An icon represents an object in the operations system - an application, a folder, a file etc. Clicking it initiates some action on this object (running an application, opening a file and so on).

Which is more popular the Nintendo Wii or the PlayStations of Sony?

As I write this (Nov 30, 2007)... According to Wikipedia, The Nintendo Wii has sold 13.17 million units, worldwide, up through Sept 30, 2007. In comparison, the PlayStation III has sold 5.59 million units, worldwide, up through Sept 30, 2007. Yes, though . . . the ps3 is pricey and does not have that many games yet, though the ps2 is still selling like hot cakes, as the ps2 is the arguably the most popular video game console of all time. Therefore, Sony beats Nintendo as the gamecube died out while the ps2 is still going strong, as the comparison between the latest incarnations is weak. This is a company versus company thing and not what is the most popular console right now of the newest 3 systems. ---------- Sony doesn't win... If you wish to make a COMPLETE company to company comparison of console hardware sales... (Source: Wikipedia) Nintendo - Home Consoles Nintendo Entertainment System: 60 million Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 49 million Nintendo 64: 32.93 million Nintendo Gamecube: 21.66 million Nintendo Wii: 13.7 million (as of Sept 30, 2007) Nintendo - Portable Systems Gameboy / Gameboy Color: 118.69 million Virtual Boy: 0.77 million (770,000 units) Gameboy Advance: 80.48 million Nintendo DS: 53.64 million (as of Sept 30, 2007) Sony - Home Consoles PlayStation: 102.49 million PlayStation 2: 120 million (as of Sept 20, 2007) PlayStation 3: 5.59 million (as of Sept 30, 2007) Sony - Portable Systems PlayStation Portable: 14.9 million (as of Sept 30, 2007) TOTALS Nintendo: 430.87 million Sony: 242.98 million

What are icons?

They are symbols on a computer screen or they can be like little god statues like the Buddha, go on Google type in buddha icon (click images first) go to the third page and click the very first pitchure you see. (in the center left hand corner ^

What were the most popular movies of 2001?

The three most popular movies in 2001 were Harry Potter and theSorcerer's Stone, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of theRing, and Shrek. Other popular films that year included Monsters,Inc., and Rush Hour 2.

Most popular toys in 1996?

There were several popular toys for kids in 1996. A few of the toyswere Tickle Me Elmo, Cookie Baby Alive, and Marvel Super HeroesCollector Pack.

What is an 'icon'?

An icon is a pictogram used in a graphical user interface. The can represent applications, files, folders, devices etc. in an operations system (Windows, MacOS, Linux or other). Clicking an icon performs an action on the object it represents.

Who's the most rebellious icon of style?

In recent years, Stefani Germanotta, known by her stage name LadyGaga, is considered the most rebellious icon of style. Sheattracted controversy for wearing a dress made of meat andgenerally fore rejecting what American society considers pretty.

Why are Nintendo DS's so popular?

The Nintendo DS is so popular because it's a handheld game that costs around 100 and 200 and it can do awesome things! It is like a Handheld Wii. But,The DS has a little improvement then the Wii like: -you can hack the ds - you can go on the internet with homebrews - you can download games and send it to a flashcart with a sd micro card ALSO,The DS is like 2 systems,A GBA and a DS. If you cannot get DS Games,thats still ok. Because GBA Games will work also THAT is why the DS is popular rofl.

How do you become a fashion icon if most fashion trends are reveled?

To become a fashion icon you have to be ahead of the trends. You have to know the latest fashion trends and know what is coming.. You can check Fashion/trends websites on a regular basis like. Style.com - http://www.style.com InStyle - http://www.instyle.com Select2gether - http://www.select2gether.com

When was goth most popular and Least popular?

Goth was never exactly popular Act-ally it was a bit popular when in the early 20 centenary when new Goth songs where out with black roses death and witches like a Goth rock people where starting to get used to it but now the only people who like Goth are sad people who feel like the life has been crushed (The right word for it is sados)

What is the most popular number in popular culture?

Do you mean in particular cultures/religions or in "popular culture"? Talking about popular culture, there are two different numbers. 23 can't be said as popular, but it is one of the most discussed number, as "Enigma 23". The most popular number in popular culture is 42 without any doubt. Enter the following term in google (from a computer, without any quotes, or simply copy-paste it), and you'll get the results, and understand why is it so much popular. ;-) PS: Its a google trick, like "do a barrel roll". ;-)

How popular is Nintendo in japan?

Nintendo is one of the largest companies in japan but i don't think its better than sony probably the 2nd largest in japan( maybe im not certain but i think so)

What are the most popular Nintendo games?

You can have many answers but in my opinion I would say Mario carts because you can race as all the characters that you want to race against. But that is not always true because Mario Galexy is also fun and you can have WAY more fun with it.

Who is the most the most popular WWE wrestler?

The most popular superstar as of last month- Brock Lesnar. The most popular superstar as of Over The Limit- John Cena The most popular current superstar would probably be Sin Cara because he's coming back THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. After Friday it will be John Cena and The Big Show

What are the most popular riding horses?

Tennessee Walking horses are very popular, as are older Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses are the most common. Younger children tend to ride smaller, miniature horses such as the American Pony, Shetlands, etc.

What is Togo's most popular music?

Togo has more than forty ethnic groups, each with their own musical styles. The official language is French and German and artist there basically sing the same genre as performed in the United States except in their native language.

Who is the most popular in Tokio Hotel?

Bill is the one getting the most attention so I would say him but today the pics from their vacay came out and in just swimshorts Tom is def the one getting most attention!^^

Is the Nintendo DS still popular?

All I can say is yes.The DS is a home for Pokemon and harvest moon game s which cannot be found in other gadgets like Wii and PSP

What time and period was Nintendo ds was popular for?

Depends which one... The original one was popular up to DS lite coming out, there were a few bugs with it, and Nintendo wanted to change something so they would get more cash... Anyone who had a Gameboy Advance sp and bought the original realized they could use the same chargers for each... The DS lite is still popular, because: a) it is cheaper (b) it can play gameboy advance games (c) it can play every DS game, too. the DSi, which came out more recently, is probably going to be popular for a while. it has everything, basically, cameras, software to edit pics, check relationship between pics, edit sound, record sound, pictochat and ds download (of course), the pictochat doesn't always have to have black ink, DS games, dsi shop, and others i cant name off the top of my head. And a slot for an sd card. But, on the negatives, there wasnt room for a gameboy game slot. There is also something called a DSi XL, which is basclly a giant dsi, there have been rumors that at this years E3, Nintendo is going to introduce a prototype of something called a 3DS, a 3D DS. So, DS lite, DSi, and DSi XL are the current populars. The original, not so much anymore...

What is nintendos most purchised video game?

It used to be Super Mario Bros. for the NES ( N intendo E ntertainment S ystem) and it used to be the most bestselling game in the world, but now it is Wii Sports, which is now the most purchased video game in the world.

Who is the most popular?

Usually popularity is something that students are concerned about. With that in mind, the most popular are usually cheerleaders and athletes.

When I turn on my GBA with Pokemon gold in it the Nintendo screen pops up and then just goes to white screen or sometimes the little black Nintendo icon is all messed up what do i do?

Remove the game, blow into the bottom of the cartridge, then blow into the GBA. Insert the cartridge back into the GBA, and turn it on again. If it still doesn't work, repeat the above steps. If it doesn't work after a few tries, the game may be corrupt, or defective. Make sure your GBA isn't corrupt or defective too.

Why are the iconic boys popular?

Because they are popular and some girls find them attractive in some way, and some people think that they can dance the whole USA sees them and every body has a different opinion

Who is the most famous icon in Australia?

It could be; The Sydney Opera House The Sydney Harbour Bridge The Kangaroo The Koala Bear The outback Sir Donald Bradman (famous cricketer) Paul Hogan (famous larikin)

What are some popular Nintendo DS games for girls?

There are several My Little Pony DS games targeted towards girls. Other games include Tinkerbell, SimAnimals, and the games in the Nintendogs series. Super Princess Peach and Yoshi's Island are also suitable for girls.

What are the most downloaded Nintendo 64 roms?

The most downloaded Nintendo 64 roms go hand in hand with the popularity of the Mario Brothers and Super Mario suite. The number one most downloaded rom is of course everyones fan favorite, Super Mario 64. The second most downloaded rom, to no ones surprise is Mario Kart 64. Those are by far the most popular and most successful games of the late 1990's and early 2000's.

What are the most popular Nintendo games for the NES?

The most popular games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as 'NES", include The Legend of Zelda, several Mario games and the game Duckhunt. Other popular games include Excitebike, Tetris and Mike Tyson's Punch Out.

What is the most famous Nintendo franchise?

The Mario series is, by far, Nintendo's biggest franchise. The series includes Super Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Sports, MarioParty and others. Not only that, Mario himself is found in manydifferent games and makes a lot of appearances in videos, cartoons,and mangas.