What are the different types of events?

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First of all, there are three separate main markets on the event industry:
  • Charitable and Fund raising Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Events.

Under the first category, the most known types are:

  • Society balls
  • Sports Events
  • Charitable Auctions

For corporate events, there are many events, and a short taxonomy must include:
  • Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums - these are also the most frequently booked services by most of the companies
  • Brands, Concepts or Products Launches
  • Team Buildings
  • Anniversaries and other time specific events (like Christmas Parties)
  • Sports Events for Companies etc.

For the private events, these types are coming from special days from the life of every person. We can quickly identify:
  • Weddings
  • Baptize and other baby related events, specific for each culture and religion
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor/ ette Parties
  • Anniversary Parties (from x years of marriage, for example)
  • Sweet Sixteens
  • Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs
  • Other special days celebrated with the love and dear ones.
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