What are the details of the dispute between Huey Lewis and Ray Parker Jr?

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Lewis/Parker Dispute Parker was accused of plagiarizing the melody from Huey Lewis & the News song "I Want A New Drug" for his 1984 #1 hit theme to Ghostbusters, released only six months after Lewis' hit reached #6 in the Billboard Hot 100. This ended with Lewis suing Parker, and the pair settled out of court in 1995. They returned to court once again in 2001, as Parker sued Lewis for breaching a confidentiality agreement forming part of their original out of court settlement which prohibited either side from speaking about it publicly. Lewis had revealed in a VH1 Behind The Music special that Parker had paid a financial settlement as part of the original agreement.
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Where is ray Parker jr?

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Which song was made famous by Ray Parker JR?

Ray Erskine Parker Jr didn't make any song famous per se, but he wrote and performed the theme songs to both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. There was some controversy invol