What are the Alto Sax notes for Por Tu Amor from alacranes musical?

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Alto sax notes?

Lowest=Bb Highest= F# (palm key)* Bb,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#, A,Bb,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#,A, A#, B, C, C#, D(palm key), D#, E (palm key), F (palm key), (F# palm key) *Only newer saxophones have the palm F# key. :) Glad to be of assistance xD

In the end notes for alto sax?

i figured this out, so its DD E F# F# F# EE DEF# EF#EF# GF#E. U should be able to figure it out even though i didnt explain very well

What note does a Alto Sax tune with?

the base note of the saxophone is a normal G that's your 3 left fingers down index, middle and ring but this is for a symphonic band not orchestra i guess or other bands as far as i know

How many notes can you play on an alto sax?

Alto Saxophone can play 32 different notes A#-Bb B-Cb B#-C C#-Db D D#-Eb E-Fb E#-F F#-Gb G G#-Ab A A#-Bb B-Cb B#-C C#-Db D D#-Eb E-Fb E#-F F#-Gb G G#-Ab A A#-Bb B-Cb B#-C C#-Db D D#-Eb E-Fb E#-F

Alto sax sheet music?

A lot of free legal sheet music scored for alto sax is available at the Load.CD website. Good both for professional players and amateur musicians.

How many notes can a alto sax play?

The Eb alto saxophone can play from low Bb to high F. GOING UP.... Low Bb, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb,. ok, that's The FIRST OCTAVE plus these three connecting notes.... B, C, C#, ( HERE ARE THE NOTE'S WITH THE thumb OCTAVE KEY depressed) D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb, (the SECOND OC (MORE)

What are the notes for Tequila on the alto sax?

D G G F A F G D D G G F A F G D G G F A F G D D D D D D G G F A F G D F G Bb C# G (trill Bb to C#) D F G Bb C# G (trill Bb to C#) -------------------------------------- Eb Alto: ADDCECDA ADDCECD (Repeat pair x4) ABDFD x3 ADDCECDA ADDCECD DEEEEE A Backing (DDC DDCC repeats)

How do you translate tenor sax music to alto sax music?

The tenor saxophone sounds in Bb when playing in C (it goes a whole step lower). The alto saxophone sounds in Eb when playing in C (going 4.5 steps lower). Therefore, transpose the notes UP 3 steps to go from tenor sax music to alto sax music. Each sax is tuned 3 steps below the one above it or 3 (MORE)

Alto sax notes for the simpsons?

F___ A B D C___ A F D BBB C.... BBB C Eb__ FFFF F - 1 A - 12 B - 2 D - 1 C- Open A - 12 F - 1 D - 13 B - 2 B - 2 B - 2 C - Open B - 2 B - 2 B - 2 C - Open Eb - 23 F - 1 F - 1 F - 1 F - 1

What are the NUMBER of notes on the alto sax?

There are 12 notes that can be played on an instrument, they are: Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, Gb, and G. These can be played on any instrument and since there is an endless number of octaves, there is an endless number of notes to be played, however they are simply these notes only higher or l (MORE)

What are the notes to you are my sunshine on alto sax?

Hi Felicia,Actually, there are some things you can prcitcae while watching TV, like, making chord changes. You don't necessarily have to make any noise, just let your fingers of your left hand prcitcae moving from one chord to another chord. Maybe you and your Mom could come up with a compromise of (MORE)

Halo notes for alto sax?

Halo2(upper case letters with octave Key,all Bs are Flatted) g-a b a c b a- D E F- E c E D- g a b c b a- g b a g a f- g- l: dddD-D dddE-E dddF-F dddG-FED :l D D D F F F G G G F FED and that's all i know

What are the Alto Sax notes for How old are you?

What? If your question is "What notes can you reach for how old you are?", the answer is this: most younger players (elementary school level) can't play really high notes, like the high D above the staff, possibly the C right below it. As they get better at the saxophone, they can reach higher notes (MORE)

What are the notes for por tu amor for saxophone?

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How do you transpose music for Alto Sax?

It depends on what you are transposing. The Alto Sax plays a minor 3rd higher than concert pitch, so if you are transposing concert pitch music (piano, for instance), you play a third lower. If you see a C on the piano music, you play an A on the Alto Sax.

What are the notes to row your boat on alto sax?

G,G,G,A,B,B,A,B,C,D, G w/octave key, G w/ octave key, G w/ octave key, E w/octave key, E w/octave key, E w/octave key, D, D, D, C, C, C, G w/octave key, F w/ octave key, E w/ octave key, D, C. Hope it helps, I just sat here for like 10 minutes trying to figure it out playing by ear! :)

What are the alto sax notes for CRAZY 4?

EE BECEBEAGF# GAGF# D....HOPE IT HELPS...JUST REPEAT FOR 4 MEASURES( 4 / 4 TIMING) I Looked in on yahoo.. im sure it works :) For More Info... Contact me on kittycatclaudibear@myspace.com.. And I'll response soon as possible.. im Mostly ON EveryDAy so YUo Get to Good luck Finding The Answer (MORE)

What are all the notes on alto sax?

the notes on a alto saxophone are the same as the paino but arange like this 2 key from top is b 4 is c but only 4 246 keys together are c all the keys including 246 789 and the key that is above the left finger rest d 246789 f is 2 4 6 8 , e is 24678 and the key above the key that is above the left (MORE)

What are the Notes for who can it be now alto sax?

Alto sax: Intro/Chorus: Bb f f# c#... f# f x 4 (2:04) C#, C#, C# C# e, e f# e e, e C# C# C#, C# Bb, Ab, F, Eb, F, Ab, Bb, C# C# e ab ab f# f.. f# f C# e f# ab, ab ab bb b bb b bb ab f# ab... f# e eb C# B Ab F# Ab Bb Ab, Bb, C#. C# e., C# C# C# e e C#, e, f# e f# e C# e ab c#.... Outro: f#, f, Bb

How do you finger a F note on the alto sax?

Do you mean F sharp or natural? I will give you both. For F sharp, you press the thumb key, all three on your top hand, then your middle finger on the bottom. To drop that an octave, release the thumb key. For F natural, It's the exact same thing, except instead of the middle finger on your bottom h (MORE)

What note is Ab on alto sax?

If your fingers are in the right place, push down the pointer, middle and ring finger on the upper set of keys, or left hand keys. Also on the left hand, add the pinky finger on the top set of pinky keys.

How do you play d note on alto sax?

It depends. A lower D is played with all 6 finger keys down, while a D up the octave includes the octave key (located just above the thumbrest).

What are the notes to Rolling in the deep for alto sax?

i dont know but i do know the song i dont play sax but on my keyboard it can sound like a sax its a speshil keyboard . ok so if you want to sing rolling in the deep go to you tube and write rolling in the deep thank you and have a good night .

What are the notes for be prepared for alto sax?

"To be prepared"? I don't understand the question. To be prepared for what? Are you wondering what the highest note and lowest notes of its range are? There are numerous saxaphone questions on here. Are they all you? :-)

What are the alto sax notes for thrift shop?

I'm not exactly sure if these are the correct notes, but I played it by ear and I thought it sounded like it :) : Low E, High E, Low E, B, A, High E, High B, High G ... repeat..