What are Dolly Parton's songs?

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Dolly parton has over 3000 songs
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Who is Dolly Parton's husband?

Dolly Parton's husband is Carl Dean. She met Dean on her first day in Nashville, at age 18, at the Wishy-Washy Laundromat, an event she joked about, saying they've been "going around and around ever since." They married in Ringgold, GA in 1966, and they are still married. Dean, who runs an asphalt (MORE)

What is Dolly Parton's height and weight?

5'0 at her peak! She has stated this. I would estimate she is around 100 lbs, maybe even less. Her measurements are probably 40 bust (30J or 32H bra size)- 20 to 22 in waist - and 32 in hips. She's TINY!! Answer she is 5feet 2 inches sorry don't know the weight! No her bra size is 40DD

What was dolly parton's movie called?

Dolly Parton made many movies. Here's the ones that I found:. 9 to 5.......(1980). The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.........(1982). Rhinestone......(1984). Smoky Mountain Christmas......(1986) Steel Magnolias ,... (1987) . Straight Talk.........(1992) . Unlikely Angel.....(1996) (MORE)

What does Dolly Parton's husband look like?

Answer . Her husband is a truck driver and looks like a regular guy.. Carl Thomas Dean, aka Parton's 'Unknown Husband' is notoriously reclusive. There is a picture of Dolly and Carl on their wedding day in the Related Links below. Her autobiography My Life and Unfinished Business has large se (MORE)

Are Dolly Parton's breasts real?

No they are implants. When she crossed over into pop and became amedia superstar in the late 1970s, she was significantlyoverweight, although her small frame and costuming made her appearaverage in size everywhere except the breasts, which were verylarge and quickly became the target of late-night t (MORE)

What language is the 'Dolly Song' by 'Holly Dolly'?

Originally the song is in Finnish. A version of this old folk song was made by Loituma (Ievan polkka) and the intermezzo of Loituma's song was used in Dolly's song. That intermezzo part of the song is scat type singing and the words does not mean anything. That part of the song is gibberish in any l (MORE)

How old is Dolly Parton's husband Carl Dean?

Country singer and entertainer Dolly Parton has been married to husband Carl Dean since 1966. Dean keeps out of the limelight and hardly ever gives interviews. Various websites list Dean's year of birth as 1942.

How many songs did Dolly Parton write?

Dolly Parton has composed over 5000 songs and recorded and releasedover 350. She claims to have written over 3,000 songs, only some of which have been released.

What is Dolly Parton's wealth?

\nDolly Parton's wealth, counting own amusement park Dollywood, recording company, cosmetic- and hair company (she is believed to be the largest emloyer in the state of Tennessee), copyrigths and royalties made it in excess of 500 mill. $. She is estimated the 5th most wealthiest female entertainer (MORE)

What is Dollie Parton's real last name?

Dolly Parton's real last name is Parton. She was born Dolly Rebecca Parton. Had she taken her husband's name, she would be Dolly Dean, or Dolly Parton-Dean or however she chose to have it.

What happened to the real Jolene from the song Jolene by Dolly Parton?

Jolene was a women who worked at a bank that Dolly's husband went to. She still works there. Actually that's incorrect, Dolly has stated many times that Jolene was a little girl who asked for an autograph in her early years of performing. Finding the girl very pretty with green eyes, red hair and (MORE)

What is Dolly Parton's natural hair color?

I think that no one will find out what Dolly's real hair color is unless she tells someone and then that person tells the media. her real hair color is brown you can take a tour on her tour bus in dollywood and they will tell you that.

What are dolly parton's niece's names?

She has many, these are the ones I know: Donna and Deena Parton, the girls of her brother David. Dolly Christina aka Chris and Jennifer Parton, the daughters of her brother Denver. Danielle Parton, the daughter of her brother Bobby. Rebecca Seaver, the daughter of her sister Cassie. Tevor (MORE)

What is the name of Dolly Parton's first album?

Hello, I'm Dolly was Dolly Parton's 1967 debut album. It contained Parton's hits "Dumb Blonde" (written by Curly Putman) and "Something Fishy" (Parton-penned), both of which reached the top twenty on the U.S. country singles charts, and the album itself reached #11 on the country albums chart.

Who are Dolly Parton's brothers and sisters?

Robert Parton and Avie Owens gave birth to 12 children. Dolly was the 4th. The others were Willadeene Parton, David Parton, Denver Parton, Bobby Parton, Stella Parton, Cassie Parton, Larry Parton (who died shortly after being born), Randy Parton, Floyd and Freida Parton (twins), and Rachel Dennison. (MORE)

What does dolly parton's husband do?

He used to be an asphalt paver,he worked in the same business with is Dad called Dean and Dean Asphalt company,but he is now retired and just works on their farm and take care of the finances.

What are the words to the song When I get where I am going by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton?

When I get where I'm going on the far side of the sky. The first thing that I'm gonna do Is spread my wings and fly. I'm gonna land beside a lion, and run my fingers through his mane. Or I might find out what it's like To ride a drop of rain (Chorus:) Yeah when I get where I'm go (MORE)

Who are dolly parton's ex-husbands?

Dolly does not have any ex-husbands. She has been married only once, and she is still married to the same man, Carl Dean. They married in 1966.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnOU89u58L8

What songs did Dolly Parton write?

Dolly has written over 3,000 songs over the years, so compiling a list would be quite hard. Websites such as dollyon-line.com has extensive lists though that might help.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnOU89u58L8

How big are Dolly Parton's breasts?

DD's are all dependent on the band size, as the band size increasesso does the cup- so a 38DD is HUGE where as a 32DD is not, actuallyit is the same cup volume as a 38B! People often misquote Dolly as being a 40DD, but at 5'0 andprobably barely 100 lbs (maybe less!), I would estimate her to havea 40 (MORE)

Who are dolly parton's sisters?

Dolly has five sisters. There names are Willadeene, Stella, Cassie, Frieda, and Rachel. Willadeene writes poetry. Stella sings. Cassie helps manage Dolly's property. Frieda sings some as well but not as much as Stella. Rachel also does some singing and songwriting. She wrote the song I Am Ready that (MORE)

What is the message in the song coat of many colors by Dolly Parton?

It is about a young girl whose family is very poor in Tennessee, the setting is in the later months of the year. Her mother gets a box of old cloths that someone gave them to make the young girl a coat. These cloths were of many different colors, but her mother sewed the coat together with all the l (MORE)

Who are dolly parton's nieces and nephews?

What with having eleven siblings, Dolly has many nieces and nephews. First of all, her sister Wiladeene has a son, Mitchell Blalock. Her brother David has Donna and Deena Parton, her brother Denver has two girls, Jennifer and Dolly Christina (called Chris) Parton. Then there's her in the line of Par (MORE)

Is dolly parton's breast real?

Absolutely not! She had undergone breast augmentation surgery in the late '70s, when she crossed over into the pop genre.

What do Dolly Parton's nieces and nephews call her?

While most simply call her Aunt Dolly, there is a twist. When Dolly and her husband got their large house in Nashville, five of Dolly's younger siblings moved in with them. When those siblings had kids, everyone came up with the idea that they would call Dolly 'Aunt Granny' and her husband 'Uncle Pe (MORE)

What songs are in Hello Dolly?

"Call On Dolly" "I Put My Hand In" "It Takes a Woman" "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" "Ribbons Down My Back" "Motherhood March" "Dancing" "Love, Look in My Window" "Before the Parade Passes By" "Elegance" "The Waiters' Gallop" "Hello, Dolly" "Polka Contest" "It Only Takes a Moment" "So Long, Dearie"

What is the meaning behind the song hey dolly by Louis Armstrong?

First of all it is Hello, Dolly, not Hey Dolly! Hello Dolly was probably the most widely advertised broadway show ( various cast members) of all time and was all over the billboard scene in the mid to late sixties. Best known Dolly actress was Carol Channing, though there were many. The movie versio (MORE)

Where are Dolly Parton's siblings now?

Dolly's siblings are spread across Tennessee, some in Nashville, some in Sevier County and other places. Of her eleven siblings, ten are still living. Her younger brother, Larry Gail Parton, died the day he was born in July 1955.

Who else in dolly parton's family are singers?

mark edward smith [stage name smiley riphawk motley] singer an guitar player dollys gggrandma sarah dickson an my gggrandpaw joseph crockett dickson were brothers an sisters [put in smiley riphawk motley on myspace an check out smileys music

How is Dolly Parton's health today?

She is suffering from Biggus Tittus but has been coping with this unfortunate disease for many years now. She is currently the national spokeswoman for it.

Who are Dolly Parton's children?

As far as we know, Dolly Parton and her husband Carl Dean havenever had children. However, she is an "auntie" to a number of hernieces and nephews.And also she has Skyler,who she calls her babygirl,she said this in an interview in Australia!!