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if you are wondering about other music programs to download music there is "Ares", Limewire, ect.. but if you want to listen to music most computers come with "Window Media Player"
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What is iTunes?

A program you download over the enternet and you use it to put songs, or videos on your ipod, iphone, mp3 player, ect... itunes is a program that lets u buy music, videos, and games for your ipod..

How do you download iTunes?

You go onto Apple.com. Click on downloads, and somewhere on there, there should be a button saying, download iTunes. Click that and follow the instructions.

What is the alterneator?

The alternator is the device in a vehicle's engine compartment that generates electricity. It is commonly found bolted to the engine block and driven by the belt assembly.

How do you get an iTunes disk to install iTunes?

You must download Itunes from apple You should have the two discs that came with your computer,and on one of the discs is iTunes,along with the other applications. Then just select it and it should install,but if you are just looking for an iTunes disc there is none. Then you do what the person sa (MORE)

What does an alternator do?

An alternator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy to alternating currant electrical energy.

What is an alternator for?

The alternator generates power to run the car and charge thebattery. An alternator in a vehicle generates Alternate Current (AC) insteadof Direct Current (DC) electricity to power the vehicle.

What is iTunes U and what is iTunes Latino?

iTunes U is a place for anyone to download audio lectures in podcast form from a university. This is useful especially if someone is not in college yet would like to study college material. iTunes Latino is a collection of Latin music.

Why do you get duplicates in iTunes?

1)Open Itunes 2)Go to "Edit" 3)Preference 4)ADVANCE 5)and UNCHECK THE BOX that says "Copy Music Files to Itunes Folder when adding to Librabry" What ends up happening is that Most likely your Files our from another source like your CD's, lime wire. so the files are saved onto 1 folder,so when y (MORE)

What is alternator?

It is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy on a car. It works by:the alternator creates an electric field by spinning a magnetic rotor with direct current inside stator windings. an ac voltage is developed and rectified dc. this voltage is compared to the battery voltage and (MORE)

How do you get to iTunes?

http:/www.apple.com/itunes/overview/?cid=OAS-US-DOMAINS-itunes.com . download it there. I don't have an account yet so there may be other ways

What alternatives are there for iTunes?

Amazon sells mp3s for 99 cents but the best would be youtube music downloader you just pay a 1 time fee and you can convert music vedio into mp3 and then put it on your ipod

What are alternatives?

You have alternatives when there is more than one possibility and you can choose between at least two things.

How do you put your iTunes card on iTunes?

There is a Quick Links box in the top right corner of the iTunes Home page. In there is a Redeem link. Click on the Redeem link and then enter the card number into the box and click the Redeem button. Then in the top right hand corner it will have to the amount of what you bought.

What is alternator do?

This is an easy answer. The alternator is hooked (through wires blue and black) to the battery. So every time you start an engine the alternator kicks on and charges the battery. That's practically how it works. To add a bit to the above- an alternator produces an alternating electrical curre (MORE)

How do you get iTunes?

Go to Apple's website (www.apple.com) and do you see the list of buttons at the top of the home page? Find the one that says iTunes. Then click on the left hand side of the iTunes page (download for free now button) And there you go!

What is a alternator?

The devices that develop electric power are a generator (for direct current), or an alternator (alternating current). In a car, an alternator is used, with a rectifier, because of size and weight considerations.

Are there any iTunes alternatives that are compatible with the iPod Touch 2nd Gen?

no there isn't. i just got one and i tried for at least four hours and i couldn't find anything. just download the songs to your computer off of like limewire or something and make a CD. when you are done go on itunes and make an account then put the CD in and click on the word that starts with an i (MORE)

ITunes Do you have to download music from iTunes?

I'm not expert in this but be fed up with music transfer betweeniTunes and iPhone. So my suggestion is that do not use iTunes. Instead find a brilliant way to put and transfer music from toiPod, iPhone, iPad without iTunes. You can get the full idea from: http://www.kiwigeeker.com/music-transfer-wik (MORE)

How do you get on to iTunes?

If you're serious about selling your music, check out Nimbit (nimbit.com). We enable you to sell your music wherever your fans are. Facebook, MySpace, your website, your shows, wherever. We do distribute to iTunes, but they take 30% of your sales as a commission. For sales through Nimbit, we onl (MORE)

Can you do iTunes?

I'm not sure if this exactly answers your question, but if you're serious about selling your music, check out Nimbit (nimbit.com). We enable you to sell your music wherever your fans are. Facebook, MySpace, your website, your shows, wherever. We do distribute to iTunes, but they take 30% of your (MORE)

Where is your iPod on iTunes?

When you open iTunes on the left side of the screen there is a sidebar. If your iPod is already plugged in to the computer there is a tab called whatever you named your iPod. (only if you already synced your iPod with itunes!)If you click on that on the on the main screen there is a menu with tabs o (MORE)

How do you get iTunes working?

It depends on what problem you are having. You can go to apple.com/support/itunes and try to get help from there or call 1-800-APL-CARE.

Where is iTunes in Windows?

Wherever you put it when it was loaded onto the computer. Try the 'Start' menu, under 'iTunes' or look for a shortcut to iTunes; if you can't find it then use the search tool.

Where to get free iTunes?

Hey man, I'm glad that your interested interested in getting freeiTunes Codes. There are many scams and viruses on the internetwhich claim to give you if you complete some survey scam. Instead Iuse this safe site called Rewards1, which allows you to get prizesby completing free and simple tasks such (MORE)

What is on iTunes?

itunes is a music library for ipod. There is music, photos, movies, podcasts, apps, itunes store, playlists, and genius (a kind of automated dj for music) You can buy music, check stuff out on the itunes store. You can load Cds onto your itunes and have the music to put on your ipod. Hope this helpe (MORE)

What is iTunes dj?

itunes dj is like a computer dj. You click on it and songs will come up, random, from your library. You can change it to take songs from library, or any playlist. hope this helped! :)

How do you get a iTunes?

You need to have an Apple Product (iShuffle, Mac, iPod (Any generation), iPhone (any generation), or iPad (any generation) to work iTunes. iTunes is also downloadable on PC from apple.com, filehippo.com, or thepiratebay.se, but thepiratebay is not a good place to go, there is a lot of spyware in it (MORE)

ITunes is not working?

I want to change the itunes from my home computer to my laptop. When i went to sync my ipod to my laptop, it said to either transfer all the data to my ipod to this computer or delete and start new. I clicked transfer and it said i needed to authorize the computer. I did so and it said i successfull (MORE)

How do you get someones music from there iTunes to your iTunes?

Music is supplied for the use of an individual. Unless the other person owns the distribution rights for the music they are not allowed to pass it on to others. Both they and you are acting illegally. I don't believe that this answer is correct. It has always been legal to give music that you have (MORE)

How do you get an itunes?

The answer to this question is very simple. All you do is first, go to apple.com. At the top of the page , you click on itunes. Then, you click on the spot that says,"Download itunes." Good luck!

Is there an iPhone app alternative to the iTunes store using cydia?

Lots of folks have become totally annoyed with iTunes software. iTunes works ok with regard to connecting you to the Apple iTunes Store, it is somewhat restrictive in its ability to organize and manage music files on your PC which are not related to iTune store purchases. Like burned CDs and other d (MORE)

How do you get artwork on iTunes?

right click the album and select "get album artwork". If that doesn't work, go onto Google images, search the name of the album, find an image, select 'view full size' (you need to do that or the image will be blurry when you put it on itunes) right click and select copy, then go back on to itunes, (MORE)

How do you get photos on to your iTunes?

Step 1: Switch on your laptop/computer and open up My Documents. Create a folder and call it 'iPod pics' (or whatever you want to call it) then go to My Pictures and Copy all the pictures that you want to go onto your iPod. Once you have copied all your pictures, open up the folder that you have pr (MORE)

How do you get iTunes account?

If you Have iTunes downloaded on your computer, open the iTunes store, if you don't, you need to download it so go to apple.com and download it. In the top, right hand corner of the iTunes store screen it says "sign in", click on that. A pop up will appear that says "Sign in to.....", click on the o (MORE)

Will hetalia be on iTunes?

My friend told me that it's gonna be on iTunes in September. They already have it on iTunes in Japan, they're lucky. XD

What is an alternative answer?

A second answer, perfectly proper, to a question. "is light a wave?". Well, "yes". But also, "yes and no". It implies that the question needs refining.

How do you use a iTunes card on iTunes?

look at the back of the card and there a bar that says scratch. Then scratch it with a coin and there will be letters and numbers. Next go to the itunes store. In the top right hand corner there is a list, at the top of the list it says redeem. CLICK on that and then type in the letters or numbers o (MORE)

What is iTunes U in iTunes?

iTunes U is a section of the iTunes Store where users can download educational content from many universities.

How do you get iTunes files to iTunes library?

1. Open up iTunes program. 2. When the main screen pops up, click the "music", "movies" or "TV shows" to select the right library. 3. Directly drag & drop your media files to the corrosponding library. Done!

How do you old iTunes to new iTunes?

If you're a Mac user, Click on the Apple in the upper-left handcorner, and then click Software Update. If you're a PC user,download the latest iTunes program from its official site, thenuninstall the old version and install the new one to your computer.