What age did Samantha become in Sex and the City?

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At the End of the movie she was 50
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What is an appropriate age for sex?

The following answers are from various contributors, speaking about their opinions and experiences. WikiAnswers does not condone underage sexual relationships, and advises against it. Here are contributors comments, personal experiences, and opinions: To be honest there is no way anyone can ans (MORE)

What is the maximum age for sex?

There is none ! sex can be performed at any age over the age of consent. It all depends on whether or not the person still feels the urge.

How many guys has Samantha Jones from sex and the city slept with?

No exact number appears anywhere. But in the show's press kit, it is said. "She believes that she has had "hundreds" of soulmates." According to the website Hollywoodbackwash.com the girls have slept with 94 men and 1 woman over the 6 seasons. Samantha leads with 41 men and 1 woman, Carrie and Charl (MORE)

When the perfect age for sex?

Most ppl loose their virginity around 15-17yo and it's how you feel that matters. It's individual. But not younger then 15 I think. Anyone can do it but it's not worth it if it's not enjoyable and you regeret it.

At what age does sex become part of a teenage boy's life?

I am 14 years old of course i have Sexual thoughts but, i couldn't care less about it. Is it normal at age 14 to not care about sexual parts in a relationship? I can easily say " i don't want the sexual part of the relationship." Please Answer this with your heart and don't spam or make fun of it. h (MORE)

Legal age for sex in China?

the answer is nine!!!!. the answer is nine!!!!. its really any age but you cant get pregnet till you have your period so have sex before that happens or you will be in trouble trust me i know i got pregnet at the age of 12. . .

What is the legal age for gay sex?

The same as the age for heterosexual sex. The age of sexual consent varies from place to place. Here's a list of a couple nations' age of sexual conscent: -Argentina: 13 -Bolivia: as soon as puberty arrives -Chile: 14 -China: 14 -Colombia: 14 -Costa Rica: 15 -Ecuador: 14 -India: 16 (MORE)

What age do you loose your desire for sex?

Never. People never lose there desire for sex, just sometimes they get tired of doing it, or they feel it is awkward to make love at an older age.. But your sex hormones never die, so there is no "age" when you lose desire for sex.

How did Samantha become a saint?

Saint Samantha (better known by her Irish name Samthann) is anIrish saint. She was set to be wedded to a nobleman but he saw avision of heavenly light around her as she slept the night beforeher wedding and he called it off. She was then allowed to join anabbey, eventually becoming abbess. There hav (MORE)

Is 13 a good age for sex?

Most adults would'nt approve of a 13 year old having sex , but nobody can really stop you. If you want to have sex first ask your self how mature you are and if you really care about the person you are having sex with!!!! No adult can tell you how you feel about your mate that's something you have t (MORE)

Is there a right age for sex?

Eighteen. Technically that's considered the legal age, do people follow it? Not particularly. It really depends on how far you think you are in that relationship, if you think you are ready for that sort of thing, just wait and see... If you're the guy ESPECIALLY wait... never force that kind of thi (MORE)

Emily is 3 times as old as Samantha and In six years she will be twice as old as Samantha and in Three years ago she was five times Samanthas age?

Turning this into equations we get : E = current age of Emily S = current age of Samantha E = 3S (Currently, Emily is 3 times as old as Samantha) E + 6 = 2*(S + 6) (In 6 years, Emily will be twice as old as Samantha) Solving for E and S, we get that cuurently, Samantha is 6 and (MORE)

What age do you have to be to get a sex change?

it depends you can have it done early if you pat privatly like kim petras but it would cost yo like $50.000 but average age is 18 in England but in America you could be 16 look up what 16 year old kim petras did hoped that helped from martin4488

Does sex hurt at age 14?

Well if your 14 which i am 14, when i first had sex, it hurt just about 5 minutes then you will enjoy it, but if the man is going fast it hurts but if the man goes slow it feels good but just GO SLOW AND IT WILL FEEL AMAZING.(PROTECTION) USE IT. HAVE FUN. --Courtney-- . Courtney baby.. i want you (MORE)

At what age can you sex a leopard gecko?

Leopard geckos can grow at very different rates. To reliably sex the animal should be around 15 grams. At this size the femoral pores are prominant in males and the gonads are becoming enlarged.

What is the age to have legal sex?

16 in the UK.16 in Canada.16,17,18,21 in different US state's.15 in France.14 in Germany.16 in Russia.Australia varies by state/province/region/territory but 16+.16+ in New Zealand.17 in Ireland.13 in Spain.14 in Portugal.14 in China.16 in India.Mexico varies by state/province/region/territory.14 in (MORE)

What is the legal age for sex in japan?

It is a Major offense against the government to have sex in any Asian cultural countries, no matter the age. Pregnancies only happen through rapes and offenders of the law.

What age is right for sex?

any age older than 18 and no younger than 17 but if to children want to have it they could but shouldn't at 10 a boy gets sperm and a girl can get pregnant so at 10 they could be father and mother

Where can you get sex at age 12?

My House :)\n\n. Another reply: At that age, you should not try to get sex. Do you really want to risk to become pregnant? Or, if you are a boy, to get a girl pregnant? Are you aware that you can catch dangerous diseases? - I would suggest you postpone it - ideally until you are married, but at lea (MORE)

Is sex is good at the age of 18?

It should be if you do it right. You will find it gets better as you age and become more comfortable with it and yourself. Biggest thing to realize is that at 18 you can become a parent very easily and you are responsible for what you do. Male or female, it is your responsibility.

What is the best age 4 sex?

Around 20. But sex is great at any age. With every age period, something new comes with it, so that sex is always great.

At what age can a man have penetrative sex?

The man is doing the penetrating? The term man implies over the age of 18. A male can have it as soon as he can have an erection. At what age should he have it? That is always the question. He is not ready for it before the age of 18 to 20. He will probably get it between the age of 14 and 16.

Why is sex unhealthy at a young age?

it is not unhealthy, that is what adult say just so that girls won't get pregnant and so that boys won't make kids at a young age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At what age is sex education taught?

You would normally learn about sexin high school. But most of the time you learn about it in 8th grade. So from ages 14 to 16 years of age. It depends on where you live. Starting at the beginning of puberty by telling how the bodies work is important since the kids are entering puberty. Repetitio (MORE)

What should be the right age for sex?

There is no right age for sex. Every one is different physically and mentally. Hopefully you will wait until you are ready for a long term comitment and can handle all of the mental and financial strains of children and family before you have sex. So what age is that?:

What is becoming of age?

Become of age means that you are now officaly an adult and it means that u are now officaly resonsible for any actions you may partake during your life and everything you do will have either good or bad effects depending on what you have done.

What age do you produce sex hormones?

Sex hormones are continually produced and even developing babies have them as they have a role to play in defining a persons sex at birth. At puberty however sex hormone levels will rise how far i couldn't say. Puberty starts in a range of years from quite early in girls sometimes 9 I think to later (MORE)

What age can you have your sex changed?

You need permission from a psychologist and get evaluated and live like the desired gender for some years before they approve you for the operation. That is to make sure you are sure and wont change your mind afterwards. So at least be an adult.

How does age IV become aged?

شكرا لأخذ كلمات لطيفة كثيرة بالنسبة لك ... صحيح أن من العصور القديمة حتى الآن أنه من الناد (MORE)

Is sex right at age of 15?

Probably not. While you probably feel the urges, you still have some growing up to do. Wait. Really- wait.