What actors and actresses appeared in Hold That Blonde - 1945?

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The cast of Hold That Blonde - 1945 includes: Norman Ainsley as Meek Man Willie Best as Willie Shelley Eddie Bracken as Ogden Spencer Trulow III Jack Clifford as Cop Kernan Cripps as Murphy Mary Currier as Mrs. Van Gelder Boyd Davis as Mr. Sedgemore Albert Dekker as Insp. Callahan Ralph Dunn as Radio Cop Edward Fielding as J.W. Kellogg James Flavin as Laundry Truck Driver Bess Flowers as Dinner Guest William Frambes as Elevator Boy Jody Gilbert as Matron Arthur Gravel as Puppet Man Grayce Hampton as Mrs. Case Tommy Hawkins as Little Boy Harry Hays Morgan as Bit Part Jayne Hazard as Apartment Tenant Kenneth Hunter as Mr. Van Gelder Olaf Hytten as Charles Veronica Lake as Sally Martin Lyle Latell as Tony Eddie Laughton as Man in Bed George Lloyd as Cop Donald MacBride as Mr. Kratz Edmund MacDonald as Slasher Mira McKinney as Mrs. Sedgemore Robert Middlemass as Police Captain Jack Norton as Drunk Ralph Peters as Mr. Reddy Shimen Ruskin as Russian Waiter Fred Santley as Waiter Lee Shumway as Detective Jim Toney as Kent Norma Varden as Flora Carteret Bobby Watson as Edwards (butler) Crane Whitley as Newspaper Reporter George Zucco as Dr. Pavel Storasky
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What are the release dates for Hold That Blonde - 1945?

Hold That Blonde - 1945 was released on: USA: 7 November 1945 (New York City, New York) USA: 23 November 1945 Portugal: 7 May 1948 Finland: 2 September 1949 Sweden: