What actors and actresses appeared in Hoboken Lou - 2002?

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The cast of Hoboken Lou - 2002 includes: Wendy Allyn as Rosa Christopher Bath as Fred Rebecca Beltran as Exotic Dancer One Mark Bogdanos as Lupino Lisandra Cicalese as Marcia Paul Cosimano as Bartender Dean Dabroski as Bachelor Party-goer David Dancyger as Sabastian Justinian DeFazio as Gee Sandra DeFazio as Girl on Boardwalk Charles DeFazio as Lou LaCascia Angela DeFazio as Ma Christian DeFazio as Nino Anthony DeGiglio as Bachelor Two Dean Fiore as Shapiro Suzanne Furey as Girl on Beach Norm Golden as Wright Todd Goldenberg as Weight-Lifter Frank Greco as Waiter Pastor Klein as Priest Nicolas Landry as John Adria Lekic as Exotic Dancer Two John Lueders as Silent Stoner Marc Manara as Danny Joy Manara as Shannon Anthony Mancuso as Arrogant Actor Seth Neiman as Rude Yuppie Carolyn Pasquantonio as Casting Director Angelo Pira as Bachelor One Brandee Sanders as Chrissy Art Seville as Ted Emily Sproch as Samantha Carl Turso as Curious Actor Jason Winger as Lawrence the Best Man
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