What Wii guns can you use on quantum of solace?

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Wii Zapper
You can use any.
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How do you use grenades in Quantum of Solace for the Wii?

Before I tell you how to use gernades, you'll have to know which control sheme you're using. You can always go to the options menu to change the control sheme to the Wii Zappe

What martial art is used in the quantum of solace?

Whereas the Bourne films' fight coordinator Jeff Imada explicitly drew from the Filipino art of Kali and the Chinese art of Wing Chun in order to give a realistic presentation

Quantum of solace gun?

You may be asking about the H&K UMP-9, but the movie is full of different guns. See link below for more information.

What planes are use in quantum of solace?

If you are referring to the canyon scenes... This information was taken from: http://airplanepilot.blogspot.com/2008/12/quantum-of-solace.html "I can't complain about

Cheats for quantum of solace on Wii?

in your name you put a "^ " then number 0-9 (0 is green, 1 is red i think and stuff like that) then put the name you want to change color. if you want to be half and half like

Golden guns on Quantum of solace?

If you have a ps3 well go online and go to weapon store and press the square botton and there go you might have to get this thing on psn store you can buy the hand gun and the