What Pokemon games can trade to each other like can sapphire trade with yellow?

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You can trade red, blue, and yellow with each other, and with gold, silver, and crystal once you have the ability to use the time machine trader (trades older pokemon with older moves/items). You can trade these games to ruby/sapphire/emerald with no problem up to my knowledge.

FireRed and LeafGreen can only trade to each other, and ruby/sapphire ONCE the Elite four are beaten and you retrieve the gems for Celio on the Sevii Islands.

You can only trade one way from ruby/sapphire/emerald to Diamond/Pearl.

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How do you trade Sapphire Pokemon with LeafGreen?

Answer After beating the elite four, you need atleast 60 Pokemon data inyou pokedex, prof. Oak gives you the national dex., and when youtlak to Celio he tells you to ge the Ruby and Sapphire. The ruby isin cave the 2 rocket guys are covering in Mt. Ember, make sure tofind one of the 2 passwords. Giv (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon from Sapphire to Emerald?

Trading Between Emerald and Sapphire If you're using a Wireless Adapter,it won't work because it wasn'tinvented when Ruby/Sapphire was. You have to use a GBA Cable Link. yes just don't use wireless adapter the wireless adapter only workswith Pokemon emerald, fire red, and leaf green maybe you need (MORE)

How do you trade with pokemon firered and Sapphire?

Answer . you can, the person with the fire red or leaf green needs to win the game then get the ruby and sapphire and give them to the professor that is building the machine to trade with ruby and sapphire games on island one

Can you trade pokemon from emerald to other games?

You can trade Pokémon from Emerald to Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, and Leaf Green, and you can transfer them to future generations by use of the Pal Park feature. However, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal are incompatible with Generations III and beyond.

Can you trade Pokemon from sapphire to diamond?

Yes. . Obtain the National Pokedex. . Load Pokemon Sapphire into the slot 2 in the DS. . Start Pokemon Diamond. . On the main menu, select "Migrate from Pokemon Sapphire". . Follow the on-screen instructions. Yeah, slot Sapphire into the bottom of the DS, and Diamond into the top. then c (MORE)

How do you trade from Pokemon XD to Pokemon Sapphire?

You have to get a GBA/GameCube Link Cable to trade Pokemon. You can only trade Pokemon that are not shadow Pokemon. To trade Pokemon from XD to Pokemon sapphire/Ruby etc, the Pokemon must be purified. From: Austin the Pokemon Master

Who do you trade your Seadra with in Pokemon Sapphire?

to evolve it into a kingdra you need to give it a dragon scale and trade it to another player, but you can only get dragon scales off horseas(i forgot how to spell it) and bagons if im correct at about a 5% chance of them holding it, so get a Pokemon with thief and try to get one then find a friend (MORE)

How can you trade Pokemon from sapphire to diamond?

you cant trade just migrate you can migrate from any gba Pokemon game you insert the game in the gameboy slot and go to the menu not the start menu and it will say migrate from diamond you have to go to pal park you have to have the national pokedex

How do you trade Pokemon from sapphire to ruby?

it's basically the same method for any trade. go to the Pokemon center's top floor and go to the trade stall. then link the two gbs together. you also need two or more Pokemon in your party. see http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trade for more info

Can you trade Pokemon from ruby to sapphire?

Of course you can! You can trade any Pokemon from your Ruby game to these games: Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Fire Red version, Pokemon Leaf Green version, Pokemon Emerald, and if you put any of these games in the bottom of you ds, and if you beat Diamond, Pearl or Platinum you can transfer 6 Pokemon f (MORE)

How do you trade pokemon in sapphire?

get a link cable or a wireless adapter & someone to trade with. (Either share the link cable with the person or both of you must have a wireless adapter) go to a Pokemon center top floor, talk to one of the ladies and you can go from there...

When can you start trading Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald to other games?

if u have ruby or sapphire u already can, only leaf green and fire red you'll need to get the gems first after u beat elite 4. Zeirafox - That's not true. I have both Fire Red and Leaf Green and I traded starter Pokemon to my Fire red at the very beginning of the Leaf Green game. I started with Squ (MORE)

How can you trade in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can either use GBA link cables to trade between ruby and emerald via the upstairs room in the Pokemon center or you can use a GBA to GCN cable to trade with colosseum and xd gale of darkness.

How do you Trade Colosseum Pokemon to sapphire?

To trade between Colosseum and Sapphire, you need a GBA-Game Cube link cable. One end plugs in to your Game Boy advance with sapphire cartridge and the other end plugs into slot two on the Game Cube with the Colosseum disk. Turn on the Colosseum game and go to the Phenac city Pokemon center basement (MORE)

Can Pokemon Emerald and LeafGreen trade between each other?

Yes they can but not until after some events including the defeating of the Elite 4. For Emerald, you just need to get the National Dex and it can trade with any compatible game but for Leaf Green, you need the National Dex plus you also have to complete Celio's Network Machine on One Island by givi (MORE)

How do you trade with other Pokemon games?

Plug the cable into both GBAs,and have both players go to the rightmost counter on the top floor of the Pokemon Center. Have one become the leader, and the other join group.

How do you trade Pokemon from the game Pokemon FireRed to sapphire?

Here is the scoop first you need to have beaten the elite four for both games and got the national dex in firered and have delivered the ruby and sapphire to celio if you did this great now all you need is a GBA to GBA link cable hook it up to two GBA's or GBASP's then head upstairs in any Pokemon c (MORE)

In Pokemon sapphire how do you trade?

Well, you can find NPC traders in a few cities throughout the game. But if you want to trade with your friends, you'll need a Game Link Cable. After you connect your cable, go to the top floor of any Pokemon Center, and speak to one of the representatives. She'll ask you to save your game, and then (MORE)

How can you trade Pokemon from ruby to sapphire?

you need a friend (or yourself) with their own copy of sapphire or ruby and attach a game link cable to both game boys. then you need to visit a poke center and talk to the people at the trading area, from there the game itself will lead you hope that helps :)

Can Pokemon emerald and sapphire trade?

Yes but only if you use a GBA link cable all you need to do is go upstairs in any Pokemon center talk to the lady behind the far right counter (in emerald) and in sapphire talk to the lady behind the middle counter, to enter the trade room you need at least 2 Pokemon also you need the GBA link cable (MORE)

Can You Trade Pokemon From Other games like LeafGreen FireRed Emerald Ruby sapphire Yes - No Why Not?

LeafGreen- UNLOCK KANTO REGION FireRed - UNLOCK KANTO REGION Emerald - UNLOCK HOENN REGION Saphire - UNLOCK HOENN REGION Ruby - UNLOCK HOENN REGION SoulSilver - WHY TRADE WITH YOUR SELF,(Yes You can always trade with SS/HG) HeartGold- WHY TRADE WITH YOUR SELF,(Yes You can always trade with SS/ (MORE)

What can trade with Pokemon Sapphire?

You can trade with another sapphire, ruby, emerald, firered, leafgreen, Pokemon colosseum, Pokemon xd gale of darkness and Pokemon box ruby and sapphire.

When can you start trading Pokemon from other games to Pokemon black?

You need the game completed. If so Fly to Nimbasa City. Go to Route 16 then to Marvelous Bridge (east of Route 16). Cross there, go to Poke Transfer Lab (the big building). Then a scientest will talk to you. After she does you'll need two DS systems. Do What it says on-screen, and choose your pokemo (MORE)

Where do you get to trade in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can trade at the top floor of any Pokemon Center just use the esculator to get up there. The trade center is the one in the middle speak to the lady behind the counter in order to activate the trade center link up. Link up the GBA's with the GBA Link Cable and start the link up by pressing the A (MORE)