The artist who sings the song on the new Sex and the city and Scrubs advert I know the song is Have Love Will Travel but Im having problems locating the correct artist?

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Which artist sings Torrie Wilsons new entrance theme song?

LIllian Garcia Answer NOT SURE BUT ITS CALLED 'NOT ENOUGH FOR ME'....I DONT THINK ITS LILIAN GARCIA-THAT WAS HER OLD ONE 'NEED A LITTLE TIME'and she also sings Candice Michelle theme as well and yeah lilian was the one who sang her old song cuz i got the CD

What Christian artist sings the song The Revelation Song?

"Revelation Song" was written by Jennie Lee Riddle, a housewife from East-Texas. The most popular version of the song is performed by Keri Jobe originally on the album Heaven , and the second most popular is performed by Phillips, Craig and Dean on their album Fearless Other popular versions ar (MORE)

Who is the artist for the song computer love?

it can either be 1.lil Kim 2.roger 3.zapp 4.roger and zapp 5.t-pain 6.t-pain and Lil Kim 7.charlie Wilson 8.charlie Wilson t-pain and Lil Kim 9.fabulous 10.yung berg u welcome again every one!

What artists sing the song trouble? ) . ) . ), a 1958 Leiber-Stoller song, covered by several artists . ), a 1975 song b (MORE)

Which artist sings a song called Love Me?

There are a couple different songs called Love Me. Collin Raye is the original artist of one, and Justin Bieber did a remake of it. There is another song called Love Me that was recorded by a group called the Gibbs.

Which artist sings the song 2 Stars?

"2 Stars" is a song featured in the 2008 Disney Channel original movie "Camp Rock", sung by Meaghan Jette Martin. She played the role of Tess Tyler in the film.

Which UK artist sings the song Heatwave?

The song, "Heatwave" was sung by the United Kingdom artist Wiley. The song Heatwave was released July 27, 2012. Heatwave was the lead single from the eighth album by Wiley.

What artist sings the song Foreground?

The song the goes by the title of Foreground was recorded by the band that goes by the name of Grizzly Bear. They were formed in 2002, and they are a rock band.

What artist sings the song I'm Real?

There are a few different songs with the title I'm Real. Jennifer Lopez recorded two songs with this title and a song titled I'm Real was also recorded by James Brown.

What artist sings the song 'Pjanoo'?

Pjanoo is a song written and performed on the keyboard by Eric Prydz. He is a Swedish DJ, writer, and producer of music. Pjanoo is a song belonging in the house music genre.

Which artist sings the song 'The Don'?

'The Don' is a song by the Scottish band from Dundee called 'The View'. They released the song in April 2007 and it was taken from their debut album 'Hats off to the Buskers'.

What artist sings the song My Maria?

The song My Maria is a rock song written by B.W. Stevenson and Daniel Moore. Larry Carlton played the piece with the guitar. The song was released in August 1973.

What artists sing the song Turn Out the Lights?

The song "Turn Out the Lights" is performed by many different artists. The songs are different but the titles are the same. Some artists that perform a song by this title include "Don Meredith" and "Willie Nelson."